Will Using A Toner Change My Natural Hair?

Will Using A Toner Change My Natural Hair?

If you’re wondering whether using a hair toner will have any effect on your natural hair, the answer is yes. It will however not be a negative effect, a hair toner gives you shiny, luscious, and healthier-looking hair but it changes the color of your hair neither does it damage it.

You have seen the topic and I guess you might be wondering why talk about a hair toner? Why not just talk about hair dyes? Well, first of all, they do different things even though they seem to be very similar.

Hair toners are a lovely and safe hair additive that everyone should consider making use of now and then, they are great at making your hair look full of life and even at correcting some hair issues you must have freaked out about once in a while.

What Is A Hair Toner?

Hair toners are simply hair products that contain little to no ammonium in them and which when applied to the hair help one achieve a bolder, glossy, healthier, and more natural hair tone. Hair toners can also serve as corrective products for brassy hair or a bad hair dye job.

While a hair dye will change the color of your hair completely, a hair toner on the other hand would not do this, it just helps in boosting already existing color. A toner allows a hairdresser to adjust the tone of your hair color, but it cannot change your hair color, rather it just helps in fixing or enhancing the undertone of the hair.

The work of the hair toner is quite a crystal clear and needs no big introduction. What it does is correct your natural hair color to control brassiness and keep your hair looking lush and healthy.

The interesting thing about this is that as simple as it sounds, there is still general confusion as to how it works.

Will Using A Toner Change My Natural Hair?

How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light
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It is completely understandable that you worry about a toner changing the color of your natural hair, a lot of hard work goes into maintaining natural hair and you wouldn’t want one bad air decision to ruin all your hardwood and progress, so of course, you would ask questions before jumping into it.

Some persons that have made use of hair toners and are well aware of how it works liken hair toners to topcoats as used on the nails, we know that topcoats only enhance whatever color has been used to paint the nails instead of altering it.

Think of it as though you were gold plating an iron spoon, as against making a completely golden spoon.

With regards to this instance, the hair toner can be likened to the gold plate applied on the iron spoon, and your hair is the iron spoon, so whenever the gold plate wears off, you still have your iron spoon intact and untainted just as you would have your hair bolder with hair toner and still looking the same, and when the hair toner fades there will be no damage or unwanted change visible in your hair.

Some of the most common examples of toners for the hair are; Demi-permanent colors, tinted shampoos, conditioners, and glosses. This is because toners because they all contain pigments that adjust the tone in your hair.

Pigment delivered in toners usually comes in a gel or gloss-like formula and works to emphasize or deemphasize certain tones in your hair. They generally last about three to four weeks.

Toner Types And How Their Effects On Your Hair

The hair toners that are just glossed are inarguably the best for natural hair, they are just a great way to get your hair color shiny and bold without causing any damage or awkward change to it.

The glosses in these types of hair toners simply deposit a natural color on the hair without lightening it or altering it, and they also just fade away within 5 – 9 weeks after application. This is just perfect if you are the kind of person who likes to try something new without any overwhelming need to commit.

With Glossy toners, you have that perfect friend with benefits relationship you have always wanted -at least in terms of protecting your natural hair while trying something new, and the best part is, you do not have to worry about it turning into a permanent relationship because the toner is temporary and you can always repeat use whenever the need arises and if you like one results from your first try, a win-win, and no hair damage?

Blue Hair Highlights
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For the purple and blue toners, you have a helping hand for fixing hair dye that goes wrong. These types of hair toners are effective when you need to remove the unwanted colors in your colored hair.

These unwanted colors are generally referred to as brassiness. Brassiness is known to typically occur in dark hair that has been dyed to either blonde or platinum, but it can also occur in hair that has been lightened to brown or highlighted.

An example of this type of hair toner product is the commonly used purple shampoo. It is important to note that while the blue hair toning products are perfect for correcting the shade of dark or brunette hairs, the purple hair toners on the other hand work perfectly for correcting the shade for blonde dyed hairs.

Consider A Professional When Considering Toners

The beautiful thing about using hair toners is that if you are careful enough, you can do it on your own, from the comfort of your home. But for best results, especially if it’s your first time trying it out, it would be best to visit a professional at a salon.

As much as it must seem disappointing, you need to understand that hair toning is a rather complicated, and calculated process you cannot just up and tone your hair whenever you want.

Your hair must be at the right shade before you tone, this is one of the reasons why it is important to visit a professional to check and determine if your hair is ready to be toned or needs to be toned.

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Another reason why you should visit a professional instead of trying to tone your hair by yourself at home is that you’re likely to pick the wrong shade of hair toner and things could completely go south if this mistake is made and your hair would turn out a wrong shade, which is what you want to avoid like the plague itself.

If you end up using a hair toner that is the wrong shade, you will not be getting the results you had set out hoping for, to save yourself the frustration and confusion you should simply book an appointment with a professional.

Also, for the best results, it is advisable that you use a hair toner after bleaching. Surprisingly, the best results are gotten from toning previously bleached hair.

However this does not mean that if your hair is not bleached it won’t turn out great after toning, this is just an extra tip for whoever was wondering if it was safe to tone their bleached hair. So, go for it!

Toning Your Hair

Toning also works out great when you dye your hair, and you do not like how it turns out.

So, if you ever experience a bad hair dye job, using a hair toner can come to your rescue and help tone things down a notch to suit your taste.

If you realize that your hair has too much red or is too brassy, you can simply get a professional to use a hair toner to even out your dye job or adjust the color as you would prefer it. Note that it cannot change your hair color after getting a dye job, it can only help to even out the shade of the hair dye.

You should always listen to your professional as regards achieving the best tone of the hair, bearing in mind that you might never achieve it at the first trial.

That’s okay though, you can always try again, do not give up, especially if you are in need of a tone.

Understanding your color wheels and color combination will also aid your advancement in the success of your hair toning journey, this way your professional hairdresser will understand your needs when you explain how you want your hair toned, and it will make achieving your desired results easier.


Hair toners as we have established earlier will only succeed in changing the shade of your hair, and not the hair color, it does not manipulate the texture of your natural hair and it does not cause any damage.

It will simply help you achieve a more even and balanced look for your natural hair color. That is to say that if you do not see the need, you do not necessarily have to apply the toner on all parts of your hair, even though that’s also an option, the ball is in your court.

Just make sure you visit a professional when you need to tone your hair and they will walk you through the process for you to get the best results.

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