32 Cute Acrylic Nail Designs You’ll Love

Cute Acrylic Nail Designs

Acrylic nails are out and very hot on the beauty market, this is a clear sign that they’ve come to stay. There is an endless list of designs you can choose from when it comes to acrylic nails, that’s what makes them so desirable and in constant demand.

How could you possibly go wrong with acrylic nails? It lasts longer than other artificial nail types, and it is a blank canvas where you can recreate anything you wish.

As long as your nail artist is trained and knows just how to recreate whichever look you choose, you’re going to get hooked on acrylic nails.

32 Cute Acrylic Nail Designs We Love

The decision on which cute acrylic nail design you would like to try next does not have to be a one-person thing, let’s give you a hand by providing these gorgeous acrylic nail designs you’re sure to fall in love with.

1. 3D Flower Set

3D Flower Set
Image: tipsbyval//instagram

If you are a huge fan of long acrylic nail design then there is no reason why you wouldn’t love this acrylic nail idea.

2. Lengthy Fairy Acrylic Nails

Lengthy Fairy Acrylic Nails
Image: nailporn//instagram

There is no way this nail design won’t suit you perfectly and elevate your everyday look. We adore the nail pearls and butterfly charms used to give the nail design a fairytale appearance.

3. Red French Tips With Heart Shapes

Red French Tips With Heart Shapes
Image: nailssbyyangel //instagram

This red French tips nail design adorned with heart shapes can be fun and festive, however, it can also fit into all aesthetics irrespective of your style.

4. Long Bling Acrylic Nail

Long Bling Acrylic Nail
Image: nailzbynatalia//instagram

Take your nail glam game from basic to a drop-dead gorgeous baddie with this acrylic nail set with bling.

5. Ombre Nails With 3D Gel

Ombre Nails With 3D Gel
Image: thenailbox.a//instagram

The beautiful nail set is just what you need when you want to make a lasting and bold statement.

6. Pretty Pink Acrylic Nails

Pretty Pink Acrylic Nails
Image: kikinails_ebeauty//instagram

Let’s say you have a very special date to go to and you have no clue on what nail design to go with, well this could just be exactly what you need.

7. Soft Pink Acrylic Nail

Soft Pink Acyrlic Nail
Image: kikinails_ebeauty//instagram

The combination of a classic French tip in this soft pink color and cute heart shapes adds a trendy twist to this amazing look.

8. Hello Kitty Coquette Nails With Bling

Hello Kitty Coquette Nails With Bling
Image: nailzbyelsa//instagram

This Hello Kitty coquette nail is a playful and adorable nail idea for those who are fans of the character and love doing cute nail designs.

9. Pink Glam Acrylic Nail Set

Pink Glam Acrylic Nail Set
Image: nailsbythegrace//instagram

Rest assure that this is a bold and creative choice that can showcase your personality and style.

10. Gren Marble Acrylic set

Green Marble Acrylic Set
Image: milleniascraft//instagram

The green marble design on these nails add a fun and eye-catching element to the entire nail set.

11. Nude And White Acrylic Set

Nude And White Acrylic Set
Image: kikiinails_ebeauty//instagram

One thing for sure is that nails are also a form of self-expression and style, and you most certainly express yourself with this nail set.

12. Cute Cyber Acrylic Nails

Cute Cyber Acrylic Nails
Image: nailedbymele//instagram

The unique combination of cyber-inspired elements and french tips can create a lovely and eye-catching look.

13. Purple Coquette Nails

Purple Coquette Nails
Image: kikinails_ebeauty//instagram

Coquette nail sets are always stylish and bold choice and this particular design is not an exception. So if you are looking for a pretty and edgy nail design, this one is for you.

14. Black Acrylic Nails

Black Acrylic Nails
Image: kikinails_ebeauty//instagram

The color black for nails is a classic and goes well with any outfit or occasion.

15. Freestyle Medium Acrylic Nails

Freestyle Medium Acrylic Nails
Image: kikinails_ebeauty//instagram

This acrylic nail design would give you a sleek and chic look that is both understated and very stylish.

16. Golden Chrome Acrylic Nails Set

Golden Chrome Acrylic Nails Set
Image: nailedbyclaudie//instagram

This pretty acrylic nails is a timeless and versatile nail design that exudes sophistication and elegance all day long.

17. Extra Long Acrylic Nail With Love Design

 Extra Long Acrylic Nail With Love Design
Image: @acrylicnailsideas // Instagram

This is often known as the Cardi B nail and if you are a fan then you know why. This nail is extremely long and fancy for all occasions, it can be designed whichever way you want but that length stays. However, if you are not into long nails, go for short and go with the design.

18. Pink And White Acrylic Nail Design

Source: Pinterest

This set is exceptionally beautiful because it manages to combine different designs and still not look too busy. It shows perfectly that you can’t go wrong with pink, the little smile on the index finger is a genius move.

19. Nude And Brown With Petals Design

Source: Pinterest

With the calm shades of brown and nude, this acrylic nail set is nothing short of lovely. The doodles of pretty little flowers in the middle and index finger are the stars of the design, it goes ahead to prove that nude doesn’t have to look plain or boring.

20. Cute Valentine Themed Acrylic Nails.

Source: Instagram

This is a simple yet adorable set, it has pretty little red hearts resting on the tip of each acrylic nail that makes it give off the valentine vibe. The tips are either a deep red or pretty pink, and despite being short, this nail set fits the cute description perfectly.

21. Nude Acrylic Nails With Cute Heart Tips

Source: Instagram

The first thing that catches your eye when you look at this set is the pretty little nude-colored hearts scattered on the tips of each nail, and you should be captivated by such a simply marveling design. This nail set is simple and goes with any outfit because of its nude and brown colors.

22. Neutral Acrylic Nail Polish With Heart Designs

Source: Pinterest

This set is the kind you never want to part with when you get it done, it reaches right above the bar for anything nude and adorable. The nails are a calm and alluring nude with pretty colored hearts in the middle and index fingers, these cute hearts even have eyes as well.

23. Swirly Green Nail Art

Source: Pinterest

Your nails do not have to be wild to be cute, this set is proof of that. It has random yet matching green swirls that are artistically lined across each finger, there’s no way you’re not falling in love with this.

24. Blue Lovely Abstract Nail Art

Source: Pinterest

If you’ve ever battled with getting cool nails or cute nails, this set pretty much sums it up. With these, your nails can look cool and cute at the same time. The lovely abstract designs take you out of this world, we’re sure you’ll love them.

25. Black Acrylic Nails With Blue Heart Swirl

Source: Pinterest

Don’t just keep staring, do yourself a favor and get in line with this unique nail set. This set has pretty hearts in a bigger heart on the ring fingers and beautiful swirls on the other nails as well, it’s love at first sight.

26. Rainbow And Goofy Faces Nail Design

Source: Pinterest

This one is an easy favorite, it’s simply captivating, at first sight, especially those goofy faces drawn on the ring fingers. The rainbow swirls also show that you can have it all, you can use all your favorite colors and get an amazing design that’s not too busy.

27. Snowflakes Acrylic Nail

Source: Pinterest

Did someone say icy? Yeah, we all heard it. If you love the entire icy vibe going on here, you are going to love having this one. The snowflakes resting on the base of the ring finger and index finger are eye-catching and beautiful.

The tips of each nail look like ice on the brink of breaking, yet it makes so much sense, it’s a nail set to die for.

28. “XO” Acrylic Nails With Golden Heart And Gems

Source: Pinterest

If you want pretty princess vibes, you should be setting your sight on this nail set because it is a winner in that aspect. The “XO” is drawn out using pink decorative stones on the middle finger and ring finger, while the pinky and index finger are decorated with some pink stones as well as pretty gold hearts.

29. Cute Pink Acrylic Nails With Gem

Source: Pinterest

This is a simple pink adorable acrylic nail set. I’m not sure what does it for you but we can all agree that the three pretty stones on the ring finger are the stars of this design. If you want to look glammed up with a minimal design, this is definitely for you.

30. Acrylic Nails With Flowers

Source: Pinterest

This is a “YES!” if you’re on the lookout for simple and cute nail designs. There’s no way you’ve not already fallen in love with the pretty pink flowers scattered on all the fingers, it seals the deal when it comes to anything cute you have in mind.

31. White And Pink Acrylic Nails Crown Design

Source: Pinterest

We’re all thinking the same thing, I promise. This nail set would go so well with a little pink princess dress, it is so princess perfect. The beautiful princess crown charm on the middle finger is what makes your heart melt, let’s not get started on the pretty pink hearts, this set is truly perfect.

32. Kitty Themed Nail Design

Source: Pinterest

“Hello, Kitty” nails are a lovely theme to go with when you want to try a cute acrylic nail set. This set is simple, painted baby pink to go with the “Hello Kitty” theme, and adorned with pink stars and kitty charms to finish off the look. You can’t possibly go wrong with this set.


Why would you go basic when you can choose any of these adorable designs, you can unlock whichever part of you appeals to cute and talented nail art like the 15 lovely acrylic nail choices we’ve provided.

Here’s some amazing inspiration and a little push in hopes of getting you hyped up and ready to get a new cute acrylic nail set.

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