The Best Nail Polish For Winter (Buying Guide)

The Best Nail Polish For Winter

Need help finding the trendiest winter nail polish? Seasonal beauty trends are something we all look forward to, and when it comes to trendy winter nail polish, there is always a shade for you.

Whether you prefer flecks of glitter or a coat of vampy color, all you need are the right nail polish to help you achieve any look. A chic winter nail polish will have you forgoing your gloves while you show off your beautiful nails.

If you love neutral colors then a winter nail polish might be exactly what you need. It doesn’t matter if the holiday is over or not, winter nail polish is something worth keeping.

The idea of having a nail polish at hand is not just for nail painting during winter but all year round. However, you shouldn’t keep just one nail polish. To ensure you have a rotation all year long, we have rounded up the 7 best winter nail colors to elevate your look.

7 Best Nail Polish For Winter

Winter is that time of the year, you love not just for the weather but the cool neutral colors the flowers are sure to turn into. While there is the usual mix of the holiday red, glitters and dark berries, there are also some unexpected shapes that light up your nails even more. Check out some of the best winter nail colors we will be reaching out for this year.

1. OPI Nail Lacquer

OPI Nail Polish, Nail Lacquer, Malaga Wine, Red, 0.5 Fl Oz


  • Adds shine and depths
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Dries fast
  • Not too bright or too dark


  • Too thick

A classic not so dark nail polish is one of the most sought after nail color. OPI nail lacquer comes with a rich intoxicating wine red nail polish and the juicy polish is one that is sure to complete any look. The nail polish is perfect if you love a mix of neutral and bright, just right enough to look great on all skin tones.

Convincing Reviews: Absolutely in love with this color. It’s a cross between red, pink, and orange. I saw a similar color on a woman at my son’s school and loved it so much I searched for something similar. I found this color through Pinterest pics then found it on Amazon. Checked it against the woman I originally saw with it…same color! She has dark, Olive toned skin & I am very fair-skinned so the color seems to work for anyone! Highly recommend! MrsGoe Via Amazon.

2. Essie Glossy Nail Polish

essie Nail Polish, Glossy Shine Finish, Chinchilly, 0.46 Ounces (Packaging May Vary)


  • Durability
  • Easy-glide brush
  • Quick-dry
  • Long-lasting
  • Leaves no bubbles


  • Expensive

This is a shade that is definitely going to remind you of winter every time you stare at it. The shade is quite neutral and distinctive even after winter is long gone. This glossy nail polish has outstanding durability and great coverage as well which makes it an ideal nail polish if your nails are going to be touching the surface a lot.

Convincing Review: Essie is by far my favorite brand when it comes to nail polish. The durability makes it worth the few extra dollars you spend in my opinion! The color “Go Ginza” says it’s a light pink, I feel it looked more like lavender. The color is neutral and light which makes it perfect for the summertime. I am definitely happy with my purchase! Jessica H.

3. Zoya Nail Polish

ZOYA Nail Polish, Sailor, 0.5 fl. oz.


  • Goes with anything neutral
  • Great color
  • Easy to apply


  • Strong smell

A winter nail color is not just meant to stand out but looks really dashing on your nails. Zoya nail polish comes in really cool nail colors and pairs nicely with other neutral colors as well. This lasts reasonably well too.

Convincing Reviews: Perfect! Just the level of almost black navy blue that I wanted! It’s the perfect shade! Easy appliance, drys fast, great color, great look, lasted longer than most of my polishes! The smell is VERY strong though, not that big of a downside, all polishes are. Mary Mcnabb Via Amazon

4. Smith And Cut Nail Color

Smith & Cult Nail Polish, Stockholm Syndrome, 0.5 Fl Oz


  • Brilliant shine
  • Chip resistance
  • Smooth coverage
  • Long-lasting


  • Takes too long to dry

Smith and cut nail polish is a combination of shimmer and bold composition but quite soft as well. There are lots of color selections to choose from. When compared to other nail polish, this tends to last longer and it doesn’t have a strong chemical smell.

Convincing Review: I’m reliably informed that this is great nail varnish. The neutral soft color is very opaque; only one layer is needed without any top-coat or base coat. The polish is much shinier and longer-lasting when compared to cheaper nail varnishes. It doesn’t have the strong chemical smell either. Two more colors are on the way a few days after the first, it’s that good! Alan D Via Amazon.

5. Sally Hensen Therapy Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish, Nail Color, Blushed Petal 0.5 fl oz


  • Vibrant colors
  • Instant moisture for healthy nails
  • Chip resistant
  • Contains argan oil to strengthen your nails


  • Lack of top coat makes it hard to get rid of

Sally Hensen nail polish is formulated with argan oil to nourish your hands and prevent chemicals from seeping into them. You can find the perfect color for any occasion with Sally Hensen nail polish and a glossy finish, don’t forget to color therapy to coat for an instant boost of nourishment.

Convincing Review: Sally Hansen #190 Blushed Petal Color Therapy Nail Polish – My nails are short and my fingers arthritic and bent so this color looks pretty but does not draw undue attention to my hands. My nails are stronger due to the use of this product! I Will buy it again! 😍. CarolNikkie Via Amazon.

6. Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish

essie gel couture nail polish pre show jitters 0.46 fl oz


  • Long-lasting wear
  • Salon and home use
  • Combines well with other colors
  • Smooth texture


  • Takes too long to dry

This is absolutely gorgeous nail polish, perfect for you if you like to wear one nail color. Essie gel couture nail polish comes with an angled brush that allows you to apply smoothly with no bubbles. Perfect for professional manicurists and amateurs. This is an impeccable nail polish that shines in just a two-step system.

Convincing Review: I love Essie gel couture polish! It is the only polish I have tried that has stayed nice for an entire week. The color ‘First Fitting’ was a nice glossy true white. I usually put on three coats just to minimize the opaqueness of the white, but it’s not too thick and covered well! Maddy Raven Via Amazon

7. SOPHi Non-Toxic Nail Polish

SOPHi Non-Toxic Nail Polish, Eiffel of Love


  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Durable finish
  • No strong chemical smell
  • Pleasing color


  • Has no chip resistance

This is quite versatile enough to be worn all holiday long but it comes with no chip resistance and might need to be touched constantly. It is a captivating and timeless color worth showing off with. This is the nail color you need to have your nails transition to during winter and it has just the right amount of shimmer.

Convincing Review: Very great nail polish, which is not toxic. The smell is hardly noticeable which is very pleasant. It does not last quite as long, but definitely longer than other “non-toxic” nail polishes I tested:)


There is just something fun about having your nail polish at hand for all kinds of seasons and this just sounds basic. However, to compliment your vibe and confidence, just go ahead and wear whatever color your heart desires, and here are questions and answers to help you add a few classic winter polish to your lists.

What Are Winter Colors?

Unlike summer, winter colors are high contrast neutral colors. True winter colors are often high contrast colors such as emerald green, holly berry red, cobalt blue, stark black, and white. Some cool winter colors also include icy pink, royal purple, and other high intense colors.

What Is The Most Flattering Winter Nail Color?

The most flattering nail color to try this winter is the rose gold to freshly fallen snow. The trendiest shade worth giving a try also includes jewel tone and sparkly glitter red. A good burgundy is also a magical color to wear in fall or winter.

Does Toenails Have To Match Fingernails?

No, your toenails do not have to match your fingernails although this should be a trend back in the days. But Women do not have to follow any guidelines when it comes to matching nail polish. If you are going for a French manicure on your fingertips, you should opt for other shades like red, orange, or dark colors on your toenails.

Do You Paint Your Toes In Winter?

No, you should keep your toenails as polish free as possible. Toenails might look hard but they become more permeable during winter hence you should refrain from having them painted regularly and go for only needed basis like before parties or vacations.

What Is A Good Neutral Nail Polish Color?

Picking a neutral color might sound easy enough but a good neutral color should be able to stand out. A good neutral nail polish color should be an easy tone to work with.

  • If you are fair, opt for pink beige
  • Medium skin tone, go with creamy beige.
  • Olive skin tones, peach nudes will help make a perfect statement.
  • Caramel skin tones, your skin can handle a varieties of neutral colors from dusty pinks to pink latte tones
  • Pale skin with cool undertones should try a sheer baby pink that won’t be too yellow on the skin.


The trick to wearing winter nail polish is to combine your colors and not hesitate to practice interesting winter nail arts. No matter the vibe or the season’s beauty trend, nail polish is always going to be fascinating. If you are on the hunt for winter nail polish then the above are definitely the nail polish you should transition to.

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