7 Cutest Smiley Face Nails Of 2021

smiley face nails

Nail design is one of the most creative ways you can paint, enhance and decorate your nails and there are so many nail arts out there, it can be confusing which one to go for however if you are looking to keep your nails cute and simple then the smiley face nail art might come in handy.

A lot of women take pride in their nails and you will definitely feel a lot better when your nails look happy as well.

Smiley face nails are a way to seamlessly combine all forms of fashion into one, plus they are easily customizable and you can have them done at home yourself from the shade, shape to the cute smiley face as well.

It takes a lot of talent to get a cute smiley face on your nails but worth every effort. Whether you plant on hitting your local salon to get it done or planning on painting them at home yourself, here are 7 cute smiley face nails in 2021.

1. Press On Nails With Cute Faces

Press On Nails With Cute Faces
Source: Pinterest

Press on nails are one of the common nail types and smiley face definitely look great on them. This is a really cute and simple way to keep your nails looking great and those smiley little faces can be a great option if you are just starting with nail art experimentation.

2. Marble Meltdown With Cute Smilies

Marble Meltdown With Cute Smilies
Source: Byrdie

Marble nails are charming and a melting smiley face on those adorable nails going to be around in 2021 and beyond. There are times when you want to keep things minimal and quicker, peel some stickers and pop them on your nails.

3. Springtime Smileys

Springtime Smileys
Source: Byrdie

The springtime smiley nails are the perfect nail type you want when the temperature warms up. Pastel polish works well with a subtle smiley face and for something fancy, add bright colors.

4. Cute Yellow Smiley Nails

Cute Yellow Smiley Nails
Source: Pinterest

For a more classy and unique nail, opt for a short press on nails. A short press on nails are great for making a bold statements and all you need is to choose the right color and have a smiley sticker on one of the nails.

5. Classic Smiley Nail Design

Classic Smiley Nair Design
Source: TopKnot

Why stick to one smiley on one of your nails when you can have it on all the nails. Mix colors and patterns to add some fun to it.

6. Cute Smiley Nail

Cute Smiley Nail
Source: Pinterest

Cute smiley on one of mismatched nails keeps your nails design simple and cute.

7. Smiley Emoji Nails

Smiley Emoji Nails
Source; W Heart It

Smiley emojis are having a moment this year and the perfect way to re-create this trend is by keeping it colorful and simple. To get the most of smiley nail design, mix patterns in unexpected color combinations and you can also throw in some background shades o make the emoji pop even more.


Smiley face nails are a way to add a happy personality to your nails and these cheerful nails are also part of the ”indie beauty trend”. Smiley faces are simply amazing and not overly dramatic which is why they are regarded as real mood lifter.

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