7 Daisy Nails Art Ideas For 2021

daisy nail art ideas

Daisy nail arts are trending and there are definitely worth trying. Daisy nail arts are one of the most popular nail types and this is because they are practical and when done right can be classy and fitting for occasions. Nail art is a really creative way to enhance and embellish the nails and daisy nail arts is one of the easiest nail art designs that can be done at home.

You can easily pull off a simple nail art design at home but anything dramatic might have to be done by a professional. Although there is only one daisy nail technique they are tons of ways they can be designed and while the look is simple, you can step it up a notch with colour combinations.

How you combine your colours can help add a whimsical and playful element to the entire design however to give you some inspiration, we have rounded up some of the best daisy nail art ideas for 2021.

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7 Daisy Nails Art Ideas For 2021

A bouquet of flowers and a fresh manicure are two things that could really inspire happiness so it’s no wonder the daisy nail art design is every ladies favourite. Whether you make flowers your main design or features in one nail, you are sure to get compliments when done right. So, here are 7 daisy nail art ideas blooming in 2021.

1. Petals Daisy Art Design

Petals Daisy Art Design
Source: refinery29

The simplest form of nail art design is the petals nail art design. You can get creative with the colorways and use whatever colors you can find suitable. You can go ahead have the petals design on all the nails or leave extra bare nail space that is not big enough for the petals flower.

2. Black Oval Nails With Daisy

Black Oval Nails With Daisy
Source: Decoration

Here is a pretty summer or spring nails art design you are definitely going to love. This nail art design is created to give you a chic daisy manicure with black used as the base, you can get craetive by using any coloura s your base.

3. Floral Manicure

Floral Art Design
Source: Design Sponge

If you are in search of a floral art manicure but can’t be bothered with using polish and a dotter then you can easily get the sticker. This is the perfect nail art for short nails, it is simple and won’t take forever to design.

4. Spring Daisy Nails

Spring Daisy Nail Design
Source: Fictionnail-Blogger

Short and long nails alike can try this simple daisy nail trend. The spring daisy is the perfect nail art for summer or spring, it doesn’t take much time and they are great when you can’t figure out if you want it cool or bold.

5. Trendy Summer Daisy Nail Art

Trendy Summer Daisy Nail Art
Source: Allure

To pull off a daisy nail art, it is important to have what you want in mind and above is a cool nail art design for summer. To create this daisy design with multicolored flowers and vine, you can go for several shades of colour to help find your preference.

6. Awesome Nail Art

Awesome Daisy Nail Art
Source: Designtrends

Here is a simple but yet appealing daisy nail art design for everyone. This design portrays really fun colours without being too loud or explicit.

7. Pink Daisy Design

Pink Daisy Nail Art
Source: Trends

For girls who love their nails perfect from the shape to the coloursw then here is the right daisy nail art design to try. This might be a bit tough to get yourself due to the glitters and design but not to worry, with the proper manicure kit, you can have your nails looking pretty in no time.


Daisy nail art design is not a new concept in the nail art industry. While it happens to be quite simple, it looks really exotic on manicured French tips and it can be made meticulously by oneself or bought as stickers depending on which you find easier. So, give your nails an interesting twist with any of the daisy nail art designs above.

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