43 Natural Hair Braids Styles

Natural Hair Braids Styles

As a natural hair girlie, your hair needs special care and attention. After providing the hair with all the necessary nutrients and treatments, the next best thing to do to ensure that the hair is not subjected to breakage is to have a protective hairstyle done.

However, it can sometimes be draining trying to figure out what natural hair braid style to go for next. This is because aiming to protect your hair and at the same time trying to promote your hair while looking classy and fashionable is the ultimate goal.

To limit the stress and help provide a solution to this issue, we have prepared a list of voguish and beautiful braid hairstyles perfect for all hair types.

43 Natural Hair Braids Styles

When it comes to having natural hair, wearing protective braids is a must. But it doesn’t have to look boring or out of vogue you can own up to the look and make it look jazzy with the following hair braid styles;

1. Dollar Sign Braid

Dollar Sign Braid
Image: arrisdollhouse//instagram

These dollar sign braids are a popular trend and can be a creative and stylish choice for all types of natural hair.

2. Alicia Keys Braids

Alicia Keys Braids
Image: finesse.hair_//instagram

These simple yet beautiful braids will make you feel confident and comfortable with your everyday look.

3. Knotless Boho Bob Braids

Knotless Boho Bob Braids
Image: braids_heaven//instagram

This hairstyle combines the trendy knotless braiding technique with a bohemian-inspired bob length, creating a stylish and contemporary look.

4. Four Stitch Braids With Pony Tail

Four Stitch Braids With Pony Tail
Image: manuelsbeautty_gh//instagram

There is no reason why you wouldn’t love this simple and trendy look especially if you hate sitting for long hours just to get your hair done.

5. Kinky Curls Pony Tail

Kinky Curls Pony Tail
Image: zumbahairbeauty//instagram

The kinky curls extension adds a chic and fashionable touch to the entire look of this beautiful protective hairstyle.

6. Jumbo Chanel Box Braids

Jumbo Chanel Braids
Image: ceci_braidsoficial//instagram

If you love to keep it short and classy, this jumbo Chanel box braids is certainly for you.

7. Swirly Cornrows

Swirly Cornrows
Image: manuelsbeautty_gh//instagram

The swirly patterns of this chic hairstyle are what make it exceptionally cute and stunning.

8. Big Gypsy Braids

Big Gypsy Braids
Image: nikolas.trancas//instagram

We find the boldness and unique style of these big Gypsy braids really lovely and pretty.

9. Fulani Baby Doll Braids

 Fulani Baby Doll Braids
Image: candycanecreations1//instagram

There is no doubt about the fact that this hairstyle will aligns with your personality and elevate your style.

10. Loose Jumbo Braids

Loose Jumbo Braids
Image: celebritytouchowerri//Instagram

When it comes to braids it is always great to do what makes you feel confident and comfortable and these loose jumbo braids will surely deliver.

11. Medusa Feed In Braids

Medusa Feed In Braids
Image: braidsambassador//instagram

Let’s say you are in the mood for a hairstyle that screams class and rarity, then this is a great option for you.

12. Medium Chanel Braids

Medium Chanel Braids
Image: unickict_//instagram

There are natural hairstyles that do not need too much introduction as their beauty and neatness speak for them, here is one of them.

13. Jumbo Invincible Locs With Knotted Tips

Jumbo Invincible Locs With Knotted Tips
Image: hair_by_lryne//instagram

These large, voluminous braids that are styled in an eye-catching way are what you need to bring your beauty to the spotlight.

14. Traditional Straight Backs

Traditional Straight Backs
Image: melaninhairstyles//instagram

You can choose to get some traditional all-back braids and still look exceptionally gorgeous.

15. Freestyle Ponytail Braids

Freestyle Pontytail Braid
Image: braidsambassador//instagram

This particular option is perfect for ladies who love beautiful and trendy hairstyles.

16. Six Freestyle Feed In Braids

Six Freestyle Feed In Braids
Image: touchedbythebrat //instagram

If you want to look pretty and breathtaking without spending so much time at the hair salon, this freestyle braids is just perfect for you.

17. Jumbo Twist Braids

Jumbo Twist Braids
Image: glamlookconnectshairstudio//instagram

Twisted from the roots up, the pretty braids are certainly an outstanding choice for everyone.

18. Large Boho Knotless Braids

Large Boho Knotless Braids
Image: liyah.inc_//instagram

Calling on all large braid lovers, this boho knotless braid is certainly a classy and chic choice.

19. Koroba Braids

Koroba Braids
Image: i_got_fresh//instagram

Hop on the current hair trend is so dramatic and unique and we love every bit of it.

20. Half And Half Zig Zag Braids

Half And Half Zig Zag Braids
Image: justbraidsinfo//instagram

Zig Zag braids have been around for a long time now and, certainly, they aren’t going out of vogue any time soon.

21. Stitch Braids Updo

Stitch Braids Updo
Image: infinity_beautylounge//Instagram

If you are gunning something out of the ordinary, this dramatic and beautiful braid style is the best choice for you.

22. Ghana Jumbo Braids

Ghana Jumbo Braids
Image: sthe_braids//instagram

What is better than the almighty jumbo Ghana braids? This style variation has been around for years and they remain a very trendy natural braid style.

23. Curved Cornrow Braids

Curved Cornrow Braids
Image: touchedbythebrats//Instagram

Say no to mediocrity by getting these beautiful braids done. Rather than the usual straight cornrows ask for yours to be curved.

24. Fulani Braids With Beads

Fulani Braids With Beads
Image: oulfabeauty//instagram

Fulani Braids has never done anyone wrong. Every time it keeps proving why it is a popular hairstyle. This braid can be accented with beautiful beads and it is one sure way to enhance your beauty.

25. Feed In Braids With Knots

Feed In Braids With Knots
Image: braidsambassador//instagram

If you love the concept of Fulani braids, then this braid style might be able to sync with your style and personal taste.

26. Diva Tribal Knotless Braids

Diva Tribal Knotless Braids
Image: toptierhairuk//instagram

This braided hairstyle has always been a major hit since it was invented. One obvious reason why it is loved and cherished by many is because of its flexibility and versatility.

27. Goddess Locs Protective Braids

Goddess Locs Protective Braids
Image: gladzbraidhouse//instagram

The patterns of the cute braids and the goddess locs altogether make this hairstyle an astonishing choice.

28. Afro Ponytail With Mini Cornrows

Afro Ponytail With Mini Cornrows
Image: supremehairsa_durban//instagram

The style features very tiny cornrows and this ensures the longevity and uniqueness of the braids.

29. Short Tribal Cornrows With Beads

Short Tribal Cornrows With Beads
Image: zumbahairbeauty_//instagram

This natural hair braid style is a quick fix, however, this doesn’t stop it from being an amazing choice. Adorned with beautiful braids, you will feel like an African princess when you get this braid done.

30. Marley Twist With Boho Ends

Marley Twist With Boho Ends
Image: hairteeez_//instagram

If you want to give the main character a vibe, then this hairstyle is the one for you.

31. Passion Twist With Wrapped Base

Passion Twist With Wrapped Base
Image: finesse.hair_//instagram

When it comes to giving beautiful and alluring energy, this hairstyle understands the assignment perfectly. It is a passion twist with a little twist as the roots of the hair are wrapped beautifully.

32. Boho-Goddess Pony Knotless Braids

Boho-Goddess Pony Knotless Braids
Image: bkh_styles_//Instagram

Why choose between goddess braids and boho braids when you can just throw both braids in the mix? This hairstyle is a perfect representation of how beautiful this combination can be.

33. Natural Twisted Hairstyle

Natural Twisted Hairstyle
Image: farida_makeup_artist//Instagram

Using your natural hair without any hair extension, you can seamlessly pull of this hairstyle.

34. Flat Twist Stitch Braids

Flat Twist Stitch Braids
Image: katahlia.blue_//Instagram

In case you didn’t know, rope twists can also be done neatly on natural hair without any hassle. You can step into any room looking dashing with this simple natural hair braid.

35. Beautiful Natural Ponytail With Cornrow

Beautiful Natural Ponytail With Cornrow
Image: 4chairafrica_//instagram

If you have voluminous natural hair, this hair might just be the perfect choice for you.

36. Braided Updo Without Extensions

Braided Updo Without Extensions
Image: aw_l.hairs//Instagram

This updo natural hair braid is one of the coolest styles you will find especially if your hair is long and full just like this.

37. Shoulder Length Knotless Braids With Knotted Tips

Shoulder Length Knotless Braids With Knotted Tips
Image: gladzbraidhouse_//instagram

Depending on your current mood, this could just be the best hair choice for you. Braided in triangular shapes from the base and tightly knotted in the base, this hairstyle is an outstanding pick.

38. Side Cornrow Stitch Braids

Side Cornrow Stitch Braids
Image: cutelooksdar//instagram

This is a half-up half-down hairstyle and it is a trendy and simple hairstyle for those who want to look elegant without doing too much.

39. Butterfly Pineapple Braids

Butterfly Pineapple Braids
Image: candycanecreations//instagram

Are you an avid lover of butterfly braids? Why not switch it up a bit with this updo pineapple braids and love every bit of your new look?

40. Sew In Braids With Ponytail

Sew In Braids With Ponytail
Image: candycanecreations1//instagram

This ponytail style comes with a stylish twist that we absolutely love.

41. Mini Knotless Braid With Blonde Mix

Mini Knotless Braid With Blonde Mix
Image: houstonbraidstyle_//instagram

Colored braids have always been trendy and lovely and you can also do no wrong with these mini knotless braids.

42. Bob Box Braids With Boho Curls

Bob Box Braids With Boho Curls
Image: justbraidsinfo_//instagram

If you love bob hair you can easily incorporate it into your natural hair braids and look like a goddess.

43. Bob Passion Twist

Bob Passion Twist
Image: shansway_and_boutique-//instagram

This hairdo is a beauty to behold every time. The twists are very unique and astonishing.

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