37 Feed-In Cornrows Hairstyle Ideas

Feed-In Cornrows Hairstyles

Feed-in Cornrow hairstyles are everywhere, and it happens to be one of the most sizzling hot hairstyles out there.

The Feed-in cornrow hairstyle has been around for a very long time, and it’s even trendier than box braids, however, people believe there is only one style for cornrows, but this is not true.

Feed-in cornrows can be just as interesting as box braids. Even though the feed-in cornrow braid is not a new hairstyle, it has continued to stay in trend and stylists find new ways to make it interesting.

Feed-in cornrow is also known as feed-in braids and the name is derived from the method of feeding in increasing pieces of hair to create cornrows.

While you can make feed-in cornrows with your natural hair, the regular one involves feeding in synthetic hair beyond the start of your hairline. It is used to create an illusion of naturally thick hair which has your natural hair tucked inside hence why it’s also a great protective hairstyle.

37 Feed-In Cornrows Hairstyles

The Feed-in cornrow hairstyle is everywhere on IG lately, and we must admit, this hairstyle does have lots of history backing it up.

This hairstyle has lots of meaning historically and if you are looking to make a statement or simply have fun with this hair. Then, here are feed-in cornrow hairstyles we want you to see.

1. Freestyle Feed-In Cornrows

Freestyle Feed-In Cornrows
Image: friostyles//instagram

These freestyle feed-in cornrows are cute and pretty.

2. Spiral Feed In Braids

Spiral Feed In Braids
Image: braidsby.malia//instagram

Stylish and extremely creative feed-in braids are just what anyone needs to elevate your style.

3. Curvy Stitch Braid

Curvy Stitch Braid
Image: bkh_styles//instagram

We find this hairstyle attractive fashionable and a great choice for every woman.

4. Burgundy Feed In Cornrows

Red Feed In Cornrows
Image: braidsambassador//instagram

If you are in the mood for fierce hair color to go with your baddie vibe, this simple feed-in cornrow is your best bet.

5. Swirly Feed In Braid

Swirly feed in braids

Whether you have a special occasion or simply want to make a statement with your hair, this style ensures you will receive numerous compliments.

6. Zig Zag Feed in Cornrows With Curly Ends

Zig Zag Feed in Cornrows With Curly Ends
Image: ghanaianhairstyles//instagram

This zig-zag feed in cornrow is a fantastic choice for girls who want a stunning and unique hairstyle.

7. Medium Freestyle Feed-In Braids

medium freestyle feedin braids
Image: savsstyles//instagram

You will undoubtedly leave the hair salon feeling confident and stylish with these medium freestyle feed-in braids.

Butterfly Stitch-Link
Image: thebraidedxperience//instagram

The butterfly stitch-link braid is an exquisite and fashionable choice for anyone looking to make a bold and lovely hairstyle to make a statement.

9. Neat Tribal Feed In Braids

Neat Tribal Feed In Braids
Image: precisionbraids901//instagram

These braids are carefully woven to create an eye-catching and gorgeous feed-in hairstyle.

10. Classic Feed In Cornrows

Classic Feed In Cornrows
Image: styledbydeavs//instagram

This feed-in cornrow hairstyle offers a one-of-a-kind look that is sure to capture people’s attention.

11. Ginger Feed In Cornrows With Curly Buns

Ginger Feed In Cornrows With Curly Buns
Image: hairbyericalatrice//instagram

This style is perfect for women who want to express their individuality through their hairstyle.

12. Freestyle Lemonade Feed In Braids

Freestyle Lemonade Braids
Image: yooabagail//instagram

If you desire a more striking and unique hairstyle, this freestyled feed-in cornrow is just the perfect choice for you.

13. Boho Feed In Braids

Boho Feed In Braids
Image: hair_by_favy__//instagram

This style is not only tailored to protect your natural hair texture but to also complement and enhance your beauty.

14. Passion Feed In Cornrows

Passion Feed In Cornrows
Image: yooabagail//instagram

Most times personalizing your hairstyle with beads is just the right way to go to serve you better looks.

15. Goddess Fulani Braids

Goddess Fulani Braids
Image: bkh_styles//instagram

Get ready to feel empowered and beautiful with this exceptional Goddess Fulani feed in braids.

16. Criss Cross Feed In Cornrows

Criss Cross Feed In Cornrows
Image: a1.hair.castle//instagram

This criss cross feed In cornrows is an excellent choice for girlies who wants stylish and very unque hairstyle.

17. Knotted Feed In Cornrows

Knotted Feed In Cornrows
Image: vannahdiditt//instagram

This look offers a unique blend of style, and class, as it is exceptionally beautiful and perfect.

18. Summer Feed In Cornrows

Summer Feed In Cornrows
Image: zaribthebraider_//instagram

This summer feed in cornrows offers a versatile, and protective hairstyle that allows you to embrace the summer season while enhancing your beauty.

19. Half Up Half Down With Stitch Braids

Half up half down with stitch braids
Image: devonnasbeautybar//instagram

This style offers a protective style that helps preserve the natural hair, and promote healthy hair growth.

20. Two Butterfly Cornrows

Two Butterfly Cornrows
Image: glamour_hair_vi//instagram

If you want a quick hairstyle that takes less of your time, these two butterfly cornrows are the perfect choice.

21. One Side Feed In Braids

One Side Feed In Braids
Image: ghanaianhairstyles//instagram

The one-sided feed-in braids remains a stylish and trendy hairstyle choice for everyone.

22. Creative Feed In Cornrow

Creative Feed In Cornrow
Image: Hairstylists

This is currently one of the most sought-after hairstyles and we can understand why. This is gorgeous and suitable for all occasions. The hairstyle is not overly dramatic rather it is creative and fascinating.

23. Feed-In Lemonade Cornrow

Feed-In Lemonade Cornrow
Image: @lemonadecornrows // Instagram

A common type of feed-in cornrow includes the straight-back, but recently lemonade was introduced, and it turns out to be just as gorgeous. This is a cool feed-in cornrow style, and it doesn’t take much time to make it.

24. Simple Feed-in Cornrow

Simple Feed-in Cornrow
Image: @cornrowbraid // Instagram

This is perfect if you need to keep things simple, and it won’t take much time either. This can be done with your natural hair but if you want it sleek and long-lasting then, we recommend using synthetic hair.

25. Cool S Pattern Goddess Feed-In Cornrow

Cool Goddess Feed-In Cornrow
Image: @braidenvy_ Instagram

Goddess feed in cornrow is another interesting braid style currently in trend. Adding the s pattern to it is another way to make your cornrow stand out, and it might look complex to style, but it’s easy, and your hairdresser should understand it with this to show her.

26. Ponytail Feed-In Cornrow

Ponytail Feed-In Cornrow
Image: @braidsby_veronican // Instagram

Instead of having your hair packed for a ponytail, you can have the feed-in cornrow ponytail instead. This tends to last even longer, and it’s more of a protective style than gel gel-styled ponytail. If you are feeling fancy then accessorize it with beads, barrettes, or cuffs.

27. Cute Tribal Feed-In Cornrow

Cute Tribal Feed-In Cornrow
Image: @infinity_beautylounge // Instagram

Tribal braids are classy hairstyles, and it happens to be one of the most popular cornrow braid styles too. This is a suitable all-occasion hairstyle and if you don’t like it plain then here is one with trendy designs you should try.

28. Feed-In Two-Step Braid

Feed-In Two-Step Braid
Source: Obeki Braids

This is ideal if you are not into long extension hair and love beads. It doesn’t take that much time since it’s short, and you can create thin signature cornrows or thick ones, depending on your preference.

29. Tiny Goddess Lemonade Cornrow

Tiny Goddess Lemonade Cornrow
Source: Pinterest

Every cornrow has its reason for standing out and with this one, it’s the thick base that frames the face. Although this will work for any face shape, it accentuates long and oval face shapes even more.

30. Fulani Cornrow Ponytail

 Fulani Cornrow Ponytail
Image: @mayassalonkenya // Instagram

Here is another cornrow that has been getting lots of attention lately, this is a combination of trial braids and ponytails in a less dramatic but fun way.

31. Straight Back Cornrow

Straight All Back Cornrow
Source: Cornrowstyles

This is the first way the feed-in cornrow hairstyle was introduced, and it’s not going out of trend anytime soon. This hairstyle has lots of fun designs you can add in the middle.

32. Stylish Cross Feed-In Cornrow

Stylish Cross Feed-In Cornrow
Source: Pinterest

This is another exquisite feed-in cornrows hairstyle you should know about if you are into something dramatic and stylish. This would stand out on any occasion.

33. Blonde Half Up, Half Down Cornrow Hairstyle

Blonde Half Up, Half Down Cornrow Hairstyle
Source: Beauty Magazines

If you want more fun and stylish cornrow braid then here is one that is currently causing a buzz on Instagram. This style is another protective feed-in braid you can style any way you want and it tends to last for 3 weeks or more depending on maintenance.

34. Simple Baby Blue Feed-In Cornrow

Simple Baby Blue Feed-In Cornrow
Source: Pinterest

The most interesting thing about feed-in cornrows is that you can keep it as simple as you want it to be. This is the simplest type of feed-in cornrow hairstyle you can get.

35. Yellow Feed-In Cornrow

Yellow Feed-In Cornrow
Image: @hairstylebyope // Instagram

Yellow is regarded as a bright color, but you can keep it cool with a simple feed-in cornrow hairstyle. This hairstyle can work on any skin tone.

36. Stitch In Braid With Feed-In Cornrow

Stitch In Braid With Feed-In Cornrow
Image: @divulgehairstudio_ // Instagram

Stitch-in braid is very similar to a feed-in cornrow and both happen to be protective hairstyles as well. This is the perfect styling if you want to try something new.

37. Zigzag Feed-In Cornrow

Zigzag Feed-In Cornrow
Image: @zaineeysblog // Instagram

Zigzag is a pretty classic hairstyle, and it has been around just as long as any other braid style. This style allows you to lay only your front baby hair, and it’s a cute option if you need to keep your side front hair tucked in.

In Conclusion

Feed-in cornrow is a great protective hairstyle, but they are not considered a lasting hairstyle especially if you have natural hair. However, depending on your choice of cornrow style, some last up to 4 weeks or longer.

The feed-in cornrows are also known as knotless braids since they do not have knots which makes it a great hairstyle for minimizing breakage.

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