Mature Hairline Explained: Causes And How To Prevent It

mature hairline explained

Hair loss is a normal occurrence for every human at some point in their lives, however, some type of hair loss raises worry in our minds. For men, if you notice your hair is moving back and your forehead is becoming wider, the first thing that comes to your mind is that you are becoming bald. However, this is not always the truth. It can be a sign of a mature hairline.  

Every adult male will discover that their hairline has receded and it isn’t as it uses to be at a younger age. This occurrence is similar to balding which is why a lot of people assume what is happening to them is balding, however, they are not the same.

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What Is A Mature Hairline? 

Let us break it down. The hairline is the edges of the person’s hair, where the hair begins from, usually on the forehead. There are different types of hairline, and this is determined by the shape of the head and the location of the scalp. All these can also be determined by age and genes.

An average teenager has full hair and this type of hair is called “juvenile hairline”. The juvenile hair, regardless of how much you take care of it and how best your gene is, the hairline will recede or better put, rearrange. This receding, usually by an inch is what is referred to as a mature hairline.

Although it is said that about 5% of Caucasian men will keep their juvenile hair through their lifetime, most men won’t. The mature hairline is developed between the ages of 17 and 30.

What Are The Causes Of Mature Hairline? 

Like everything else in the body, the hairline is caused by hormones, and how much our hairline recedes is dependent on the balance of this hormone. One of such hormones is ANDROGEN. This is a steroid hormone, and it is likely to have a high percentage in men after puberty.

Dihydrotestosterone, which is an androgen, particularly plays a major role in the loss of hairline. It is in charge of the development of sexual characters; a deep voice, body/facial growth, and baldness. DHT in the body is responsible for mature hairline in the adult male. However, an abnormal amount of DHT (a higher amount) leads to baldness. Hence, we can say that mature hairline is caused by maturity and also age.

Maturity differs from person to person, and this includes every aspect of our body. The hairline of every man does not mature the same way. some men discover that their hairline recedes gradually, so much that it is not noticed. While for some, it recedes rapidly. A person’s hairline might take up to 10 years to mature, it is normal. Regardless of what manner your hairline recedes, you should embrace it and be calm. However, a rapid receding of hairline can also be a sign of baldness.

What then differentiates a mature hairline from all other forms of baldness? The following are some of the characteristics of a mature hairline.

  1. Hairline only recedes to about 1 to 1.5 inches above the highest wrinkle. You can measure this with your finger.
  2. Most mature hairline recedes evenly. Although there have been cases of uneven receding of the hairline, it only occurs in few men.
  3. As the hair recedes, it creates an M shape and ultimately, it might create a widow’s peak.

Mature Hairline VS Receding Hairline. 

If you are not observant, you may miss a mature hairline for receding hairline. Both are similar and you only have to know the difference between both to identify which one is happening to you. below are some of the differences we have put together.

1. Mature Hairline

  1. The hair loss eventually stops after a while.
  2. The mature hairline is always 1.5 inches away from the first wrinkle, this means it does not exceed the anterior borders of the ears.
  3. The hair growth after a mature hairline is usually long and strong as the rest of the hair.
  4. The pattern of hair loss is usually even, straight and gradual.

2. Receding hairline

  1. The hair produces after receding is usually thin and not strong.
  2. There will be other areas in the head where baldness is occurring and not just the hairline.
  3. The hairline receding is usually fast unlike a mature hairline which takes years to fully balance.

Mature Hairline VS Baldness

As stated earlier, baldness occurs when there is an abundance of DHT in the body, unlike a mature hairline, which occurs as a result of the normal production in DHT. There are few differences between mature hairline and baldness. A major difference is that; while a mature hairline takes a long time to fully mature, balding occurs faster.

A mature hairline also only affects your frontal hairline; however, balding moves back and also causes thinning of the hair. If your family has a history of baldness, then you may want to check to confirm if what you are having is baldness or a mature hairline.

Haircuts For A Receding Hairline

While mature hairline cannot be prevented, it can be managed. One of the known ways to manage your mature hairline is by changing your hairstyle. As you begin to notice a transition in your hairline, from juvenile to mature, you should also begin to consider a change in hairstyle. The following are haircuts that you can consider after a mature hairline.

1. Ivy League Haircut

Your guess is as good as ours, this cut has its origin from American Ivy League Schools. This haircut gives you the mature look to complement the hairline.

2. Faux Hawk Haircut

Faux Hawk Haircut for mature hairline

While all other haircut conceals the hairline, this haircut brings it out in the open.

3. Fringe Cut

This is the best haircut for you if your hairline is obvious. It helps conceal the hairline.

4. Crew Cut

The crew cut gives you a sharp and defined look, it is shorter on the sides and longer on the top. Although it may not cover your hairline, it allows you to style your hair whichever way you want, without minding the hairline.

5. French Crop Cut

When we think French crop cut, we think Tommy Shelby of peaky blinders! Not only is his haircut very cute, but it can also hide the mature hairline.

Can Mature Hairline Be Prevented?

The occurrence of the mature hairline is normal and there is no proven way to prevent mature hairline. Baldness and receding of hair can be prevented if early action is taken. Once a person notices hair loss or thinning of any kind, it is best to begin a routine that can help prevent itFinal Thoughts 

Although it can be sad to see your once round, full hair, begin to move back. We are aware that it comes with a lot of emotions and worry. However, a mature hairline is nothing to worry about. Instead of worrying, it is best to embrace it and adjust accordingly. if you have a family history of baldness, then you might want to get a haircare routine to prevent it.

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