Purple, Wine, Pink Box Braids: 25 Ideas For 2024

Purple, Wine, Pink Box Braids

We all love a neatly done set of box braids, it might take a long day at the salon but the outcome is worth the process at the end of the day. Box braids are braids that are done by parting each braid into a box shape before attaching hair extensions and braiding it.

Box braids come in different sizes, they could be large, medium, or small in size according to the preference of the wearer.

Box braids are great to get done because you can have them on for months and you can style them differently from time to time to suit different occasions. If you’ve never tried colored braids or you need new ideas, then we’ve got you.

Purple, Wine, Pink Box Braids Ideas

Box brands are very fashionable and have been around so so many years, this means that they had to keep being modified to suit the time and to appeal to people. Colorful box braids are an amazing way to switch up your game with box braids, below are some lovely ideas for purple, wine, and pink box braids for .

1. Medium-sized Pink and black box braids.

Source: Instagram

Pink braids might be a little wild for some people, but they might want to try them nevertheless for the thrill of it. If you belong to this category, we’ve got you, you can get your pink braids done by beginning with black hair extensions and then adding picking midway up till the end, this ensures that the pink is toned down a little and it’s still a lovely look.

2. Pink and black box braids with loose curls

pink and black box braids with loose curls
Source: Instagram

This style is an amazing way to make your pink braids look like beautiful curls. The black parts of the braids also help tone down the pink in this style, it also makes the curls look pretty and bold. If you love having your hair look wild and free then this is the perfect look for you.

3. Pink box braids with loose ends

pink box braids with loose ends
Source: Instagram

 Have you ever tried getting your box braids done with loose ends? Most people are used to getting tightly braided ends on their box braids, and while that is nice you should try leaving the ends loose.

A pink box braid with loose ends looks just as daring as the color you’ve chosen, try not to worry about it getting tangled, you can always put in a leave-in conditioner to keep it looking good.

4. Bold pink and brown box braids

bold pink and brown box braids
Source: Instagram

 If you have naturally brown hair, whoever shade of brown it may be and you’re worried it might make your pink braids look a little odd, you should check this out. Go ahead and give it a try, it’s sure to come out looking just as perfect as these. If your hair isn’t brown but you’re loving this, hop on it.

5. Green and pink box braids

green and pink box braids
Source; Instagram

Green and pink box braids? Knock your shoes right off your feet, it sounds like too much but you can’t deny that it looks amazing! You can try it with your hair dyed green so it looks just as perfect and in sync with the pink as this looks.

6. Short pink box braids with beads

short pink box braids with beads
Source: Pinterest

 The thing about the color pink is that it screams “cute!” and you can see it written all over these adorable short pink box braids. The variety of beads added to the braids are also endearing and beautiful to see, you should try these out.

7. Bantu-styled purple box braids with beads

bantu styled purple box braids with beads
Source: Pinterest

  If you’re going for a goddess type of look that will have heads turning wherever you walk past, you’ve got your style right here. The beads placement and the deep purple box braids have a way of making you feel like you run the world, it’s a style you should tick off your list- try it out.

8. Pink box braids with clear beads

pink box braids with clear beads
Source: Pinterest

 Clear beads are in vogue, everyone loves them because they go perfectly with any hairstyle, you can use as many as you like and you would still get an amazing outcome. That’s the case with pink box braids as well, line up a couple of clear beads and you have a lovely look.

9. Pink and yellow-orange box braids (Half & half braids)

pink and yellow box braids
Source: Pinterest

 Are two loud colors being placed side by side? Might seem like a stretch since they are both so bright and have a crazy hairstyle but doesn’t it look so precious still? it definitely does. Half and half box braids allow you to put two colors side by side and this is a perfect example of how you can get it done with pink and orange.

10. Two shades of pink box braids

two shades of pink box braids
Source: Pinterest

 You don’t always have to use a different or darker color of pink to town down how bright pink looks when used for box braids, you can just use two different shades of pink and have yourself a lovelier set of pink box braids. Here, the vivid pink and sweet pink blend beautifully together and would be an amazing choice of colors for box braids.

11. Small purple box braids with loose ends

Source: Instagram

 A head full of box braids is beautiful, but a hair full of colorful purple box braids is a whole lot prettier. Smaller box braids such as these allow your box braids to look fuller and it is easier to try a lot of styling when you need to pack it before going out, the loose ends are a plus that makes it wholesome.

12. Long purple, green, and blonde box braids (Half and half braids with highlights)

long purple, green and blonde box braids
Source: Instagram

 It’s hard to stop staring at these beautiful box braids, it is a combination of two commonly done box braids style to make one wild and creative hairstyle. The half and half braids with green on one side and purple with blonde highlights on the other side is one you would rarely come across, if you love to stand out then you should try this style.

13. Medium-sized bold purple box braids

medium sized bold purple box braids
Source: Instagram

If you do not like stepping outside your comfort zone, trying purple for the first time would be a by step on its own and you might not be open to going wild or trying something else alongside the new color choice. You can simply go with medium-sized purple box braids that are sure to make you look elegant.

14. Short blue and purple box braids with curls

short purple and blue box braids with curls
Source: Instagram

Blue and purple always look great together and that applies to braiding color choices as well, look how perfectly they blend in here. The curls also make the entire style look ravishing, something off a magazine cover page, this is a “YES” all day long.

15. Black and purple knee-length box braids

black ad purple knee length box braids
Source: Instagram

Long braids are the way to go these days, they make you feel like you’re in control and everybody loves that. These braids are stunning, how black goes perfectly with the purple-colored hair extensions is nothing short of beautiful. These braids are an amazing way to town down the purple color if you wish to.

16. Blue and purple box braids with loose curls (Half & half braids)

blue and purple box braids with loose curls
Source: Pinterest

 This set of purple box braids are a style steal from the “alte” fashion that seems to be in vogue these days. They look daring, creative, and absolutely gorgeous and this just goes to prove once again how we’ll blue and purple go together. The precious little curls at the end of the braids are also to die for.

17. Knotless purple box braids

knotless purple box braid
Source: Pinterest

 Knotless box braids are one of the most popular go-to hairstyles these days and it has been so for a long time. Getting purple knotless box braids is an amazing way to make them look a lot more colorful and exciting. Bring your knotless box braids to life by adding color to them.

18. Purple box braids with clear beads

purple braids with clear beads
Source: Pinterest

Purple box braids do not have to stop at the vibrant color, you can take the hairstyle a notch higher by adding beaded accessories. Clear beads happen to go great with just about anything, and they would look perfect on purple box braids as well.

19. Black and purple box braids (Half & half braids)

Black and purple box braids
Source: Pinterest

 Half and half braids stay winning because they allow you to place any colors side by side and make it work somehow. Here we have black braids and purple braids placed side by side and the hairstyle looks lovely.

20. Grey and purple box braids (Ombre braids)

Grey and purple box braids
Source: Instagram

Ombre braids are usually a mix of purple and any other color to give off a certain effect. This hairstyle has grey and purple mixed to act as a pretty highlight. This is a gorgeous style, the color combination is brilliant.

21. Pink and blue box braids

Pink and blue box braids
Source: Pinterest

 Who knew pink and light blue went so well together? Okay, maybe people that get that cotton candy mixture. It’s an easy and absolutely adorable way to mix blue and pink, not as highlights but braiding them together.

22. Big wine box braids with accessories

Big wine box braids with accessories
Source: Instagram

Bold box braids are so beautiful, and that includes these big wine box braids. Wine is a classy and sleek color, it is easy to fall in love with just like these braids in particular. The accessories resting on the time box braids make everything come together perfectly.

23. Bohemian wine box braids

Bohemian wine box braids
Source: Pinterest

 Bohemian box braids are a lovely hairstyle mostly because of the way the curls are done richly and spread out through the braids. Bohemian wine box braids are an amazing choice to go with when trying out wine box braids, they are really popping!

24. Medium-sized wine box braids.

medium sized wine box braids
Source: Pinterest

Regular or medium-sized box braids do not have to be done with just black, you have a variety of colors to pick from to get the ball rolling, wine is one of those many colors. Wine box braids are a graceful-looking hairstyle, it gives off warmth and beauty.

25. Bob wine box braids with a side swoop

bob wine box braids with side swoop
Source: Pinterest

 If you would like to go for something with a twist, you can try this bob wine box braids with a side swoop. The braids are bold, beautiful and they frame your face perfectly to lift and emphasize your facial features. This hairstyle is one you should definitely try out, it’s perfect.


 Colorful hair extension for box braids makes the idea of getting box braids a lot more interesting than normal.

When the colored hair extensions in mind are purple, pink, and wine, then you should know that you’re being set up with the loveliest set of colored box braids. We’re certain that you’ve found a few ideas above appealing and you’re in for a lot of head turns when you finally try any of them out.

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