The Best Rice Water Shampoo And Conditioners (2021)

The Best Rice Water Shampoo And Conditioners

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We know that the buzz about rice water has made several persons look up a DIY process for making rice water and trying it out on their hair.

That’s an amazing way to try out rice water to be sure the benefits are as true as people say they are, but how about a rice water shampoo or conditioner that is made with other essential oils and an added scent to learn the sour smell of fermentation? You’re thinking of getting one right now for sure.

Rice water hair products are the easiest way to get all the benefits of rice water without undergoing any stress, the essential oils and natural additives they have are also an advantage you want to embrace. Rice water shampoos and conditioners are a natural blend that everyone should try for healthier hair.

We have put together ten of the best rice water shampoos and conditioners of 2021 below to narrow your search and allow you to choose from products that are certain to provide you with satisfactory results.

Why Rice Water Shampoos or Conditioners?

 Rice water has been used for the hair for as far back as the common era, during this period it was used by the Japanese as a means to grow healthy and extremely long hair naturally and while doing no harm to their hair.

The Japanese women practically bathed their hair with rice water, this is a demonstration of how much they believed in its potency from the previous experiences. The Chinese women also used rice water on their hair as a natural means to achieve shiny, silky, healthy, and long hair as well. With knowledge of this, women across different races have begun to try out rice water as a trusted means to care for their hair as well as improve its texture and length.

Rice water is rich in proteins that are an amazing way to nourish the hair, when fermented it has proven to offer a lot of benefits as it helps activate the antioxidants present in rice.

Rice water has become a favorite DIY conditioner to leave in and rinse out after shampooing on wash day, natural heads are particularly very fond of it and have seen its benefits proven.

Rice water serves as a natural way to detangle hair, it gives silky smooth hair, it gives the hair a natural shine, it relieves and prevents scalp irritation such as dandruff, and it makes the hair stronger and grow longer.

Putting all these benefits into a bottle of shampoo or conditioner is similar to providing an answer to every woman’s hair needs, a rice water shampoo contained rice water in its fermented form which is the best way to reap its benefits. Trying a rice water shampoo or conditioner wouldn’t hurt for sure.

The Best Rice Water Shampoo And Conditioners

These are the best rice water shampoos and conditioner combos to buy today.

 1. Curl Rehab Length Retention/Strength Treatment 2 in 1 Shampoo Conditioner – Best Rice Water Shampoo Conditioner for Length Retention and Strength Treatment in Curly Hair

Curl Rehab Length Retention/Strength Treatment 2 in 1 Shampoo Conditioner (3 Pack), Enriched with Rice Water & Grapeseed, For Hair Growth, Protection & Frizz Control, 16 Oz

Amongst the several known benefits of rice shampoo for the hair is one that promises the strengthening of the hair as well as length retention. As a curly-headed male or female struggling to maintain your natural hair, if you are struggling with length retention or weak hair and you set out looking for a rice water shampoo to remedy those issues, curl rehab length retention/strength treatment rice water shampoo is the best in this regards.

Curl rehab rice water shampoo conditioner is particularly made to suit curly hair and enrich it with nutrients that do not threaten the curls in your hair because ordinarily, those are quite tricky to maintain.

What We Like About This Rice Water Shampoo Conditioner:

  • It is specially made to be a perfect fit for curly heads looking to add a rice water shampoo conditioner to their wash routine.
  • It has Grape seed oil present in its mixture that provided the extra vitamin E content to ensure stronger and healthier-looking curls.
  • It actively combines the functions and benefits of a shampoo and conditioner in one, saving you the extra procedure of having to use a conditioner right after shampooing
  • It retains whatever length your curls have and it prevents them from drying up or getting weaker.
  • It is made with vegan ingredients and is a cruelty-free hair product.

What We Would Change:

  • None we can find.
Why we recommend it
The curl rehab rice water shampoo conditioner is an exceptional hair treatment product with the presence of rice water and grape seed as its major ingredients. The rice water is instrumental in smoothening and sealing hair cuticles in a bid to retain hair moisture and prevent frizzing and brittles in the hair.
The rice water also increases elasticity in the hair to prevent breakage and preserve hair length. The grape seed nourishes curly hair with vitamin E which keeps your curls looking strong and healthy after each wash. It is also naturally formulated to pose no threats of chemicals to the hair, it contains no petroleum, no parabens, no mineral oils, no sulfates and it is 100% biodegradable.

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2. Shea Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Set/ Purple Rice Water Strength and Color Care – Best Rice Water Shampoo for Color treated hair

Shea Moisture Shampoo And Conditioner Set | Purple Rice Water Strength & Color Care - Shampoo 13.5 Ounce | Conditioner 12.5 Ounce

In most situations, color-treated hair is likely to have your hair feeling brittle and dry, it may be a treatment for toning the hair into a lighter or darker shade than usual or hair that has been colored with any permanent hair dye, however, after any type of color treatment in the hair would require some shampooing and conditioning to return the hair to a healthier state.

Shea moisture purple rice water shampoo and conditioner are the best rice water treatment option for persons with colored hair, some chemicals, and additives in other rice water shampoo may cause more damage than good to colored hair but these rice water products are made to be compatible and beneficial alternatives for colored hair.

What We Like About This Rice Water Shampoo & Conditioner:

  • It gives people with colored hair or toned hair an opportunity to safely use rice water shampoo and conditioners for their hair while maintaining its tone or color.
  • It is made using purple rice instead of white rice, this gives it a larger concentration of healthy antioxidants making it healthier for the hair.
  • Asides from the presence of rice water in it, it has a lovely burst of essential oils and an amazing smell as well.

What We Would Change:

  • None we can find.
Why we recommend it
This shea moisture purple rice shampoo and conditioner is a sulfate-free and ammonia-free hair product, these are chemical compounds that are unhealthy for the hair and can be found in some shampoos, these compounds are also particularly harmful and damaging to colored hair, their absence in this shampoo and conditioner makes it the ideal product for everyone with colored hair looking to maintain their hair with rice water products.
It is very moisturizing when applied and being mixed with some wild orchid extract leaves the hair looking smoother and shinier. It also has present in it essential oils such as jojoba oil, shea butter, and argan oil that nourish the hair as well as strengthen it. The shea moisture purple rice water conditioner helps avoid brassy tones after coloring your hair, it also detangles and softens your hair after a thorough easy with the shampoo.

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3. Mielle Rice Water Shampoo Set (Moisturizing milk, split end therapy, shine mist, and clay masque) – Best Rice Water Shampoo Set For Split End Therapy And Moisturized Hair

Mielle Rice Water Shampoo, Moisturizing Milk, Split End Therapy, Shine Mist, Clay Masque Combo 5PCS Set

Split ends are a common struggle almost every lady has had to battle out, they are the dry, brittle, and frayed tips your hair develops as a reaction to chemical products or frequent exposure to heat whether from extreme weather conditions or constant use of straighteners, blow dryers and curling irons.

The Mielle Rice Water Shampoo set is specially formulated to hydrate your dry scalp and hair tips, moisturize your hair, revive split ends, and give your hair a healthy shine.

What We Like About This Shampoo Set:

  • It provides five amazing hair products made with rice water to serve every hair benefit that rice water offers.
  • It has a product in its set that caters specially for split ends, something that is not easy to find. Split ends are a constant struggle and having a remedy is great.
  • It has products to last you through your wash routine and day to day hair maintenance.

What We Would Change:

  • Improve products to make application easier for natural hair.
Why we recommend it
The Mielle rice water hydrating shampoo is a mixture of rice water and yuzu which strengthen the hair, boost hair growth and reduce split ends by introducing moisture and ridding the hair of dryness. The mielle rice water moisturizing milk is made with ingredients such as rice water, castor oil, safflower oil, and coconut oil that are great at locking in moisture as well as strengthening the hair roots and tips. The mielle rice water shine mist is an amazing product for hydrating and giving a natural shine to curls. The mielle rice water clay masque is designed for detoxifying the hair and skin while also adding moisture to the hair and skin.

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4. Rice Water Hair Growth Spray – Best Rice Water Spray For Hair Growth

Rice Water Hair Growth Spray. Vegan Hair Thickening Moisturizing, Hydrating Volumizer Sprays For Men, Women with Vitamin B, C, Aloe Vera. Leave in Fermented Mist For Dry, Frizzy, Weak Hair. Unscented

Most people think of hair growth when they hear rice water for hair, after a little more information they then realize that rice water does more than boost hair growth. However, it is still a benefit that rice water boasts of when used on the hair.

If you are turning to rice water products because you want longer hair using natural ingredients, you should try out the rice water hair growth spray from the hair thickness maximizer store.

What We Like About This Rice Water Growth Spray:

  • It is a natural remedy for hair growth.
  • It is also instrumental in ensuring hair regrowth if you experienced hair loss recently or in time past.
  • It gives your hair more volume and thickness as it increased the length.
  • It has a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

What We Would Change:

  • Some added scents would give it a lovely fragrance and cause no harm to the hair.
Why we recommend it
This rice water growth spray from the hair thickness maximized store is an incredible hair product for hair growth and hair revitalization. The hair spray doubles as a remedy for better hair growth and repairing damaged hair as well. It is enriched with rose water, glycerin, vitamin B, vitamin C, Aloe Vera, and other natural products. This rice water hair treatment product provides nutrients and stimulates the hair follicles to generate thicker, stronger, and healthier hair. It is made with only natural ingredients, it is void of chemicals, parabens, hexane, silicone, sulfate, preservatives, fragrances, and gluten. It is also a suitable hair treatment for use by men and women.

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5. Hairfinity Rice Water Hair Mist – Best Rice Water Hair Mist For Dry and Frizzy Hair

Hairfinity Rice Water Hair Mist - Silicone & Sulfate Free Growth Formula - Best for Damaged, Dry, Curly or Frizzy Hair - Thickening for Thin Hair, Safe for Keratin and Color Treated Hair 8oz

Dry and Frizzy hair is no one’s dream, in fact, it’s a nightmare with that hair condition. Dry and frizzy hair comes hand in hand, as your hair gets dry other damages can easily be introduced to the hair.

Dryness can even lead to dandruff and other sorts of scalp irritation that you should not have to experience. The hairfinity rice water hair mist serves as one of the best remedies for dry and frizzy hair, it is best to protect your hair against being dry or frizzy.

What Do We Like About This Rice Water Hair Mist:

  • It is suitable for all hair types, from oily, dry, permed, keratin treated, color-treated, natural to colored hair.
  • It is a rice water hair treatment product targeted at revitalizing dry and frizzy hair.
  • It is made with natural ingredients.
  • It is made with fermented rice water yet has no foul smell.

What We Would Change:

  • None we can find.
Why we recommend it
The hairfinity rice water hair mist uses a healthy concentration of vitamin B, aloe vera, glycerin, rice water, and other essential ingredients to ensure the elasticity of the hair is preserved to avoid dryness and frizziness. Its richness in proteins and the concentration of the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of rice water improves healthy hair growth, introduces moisture, reduces flaking, revives dry scalp, provides a healthy shine, and serves as a remedy for over-processed hair.

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6. Well’s Fermented Rice Moisturizing Conditioner – Best Rice Water Conditioner For Damaged Hair

Well's Fermented Rice Moisturizing Conditioner 8oz

Rice water is undoubtedly an excellent natural remedy for damaged hair. It is rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and a carbohydrate known as inositol that provides the hair with strength moisture, and other nourishing benefits that ride it of hair irritations and damages.

With the well’s fermented rice moisturizing conditioner, you are sure to get the best of the rice water benefits that ensure hair damage treatment, this conditioner is made with other essential oils that prevent and treat hair damage, and is used in its best form which is fermentation, all the nutrients in the rice water are active.

What We Like About This Rice Water Conditioner:

  • It is formulated with lavender, lemon, and lemongrass essential oils to treat any form of hair damage found in the hair.
  • It is specially made to focus on activating the repairing nutrients in fermented rice water.
  • It has been reviewed remarkably to give satisfactory value for the money spent to purchase it.

What We Would Change:

  • None we can find.
Why we recommend it
The Well’s Fermented Rice Moisturizing Conditioner makes use of lemongrass essential oil which is known to strengthen the hair follicles, decrease the presence of dandruff and relieve scalp irritations. It also includes in its formula lemon essential oil which is best for purifying and nourishing the scalp. Another major ingredient it adapts is lavender essential oil which is a dandruff remedy, boosts hair growth, and makes for a healthier scalp and hair in general. These essential oils mixed with rice water and its numerous nutrients are sure to result in a healed and damage-free scalp.

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7. Healti Rice Water Shampoo and Conditioner with Peppermint – Best Rice Water Shampoo and Conditioner to Serve as Thickening Formula For Hair Loss

Healti Rice Water Shampoo and Conditioner with Peppermint - Rice Water for Hair Growth Moisturizing, Dry Damaged Hair, Vegan, pH Balance | Thickening Formula for Hair Loss Treatment - 2 Pack, 65g, 55g

If you are struggling with constant thinning of your hair or hair loss as a result of coloring your hair and not maintaining it properly or using hair products containing harmful chemicals, rice water has come to your rescue.

The amino acids present in rice water help in the regeneration of lost hair and even lead to faster growth of new hair. The presence of vitamins C, B, and E also further encourages fast hair growth as well to replace what has been lost.

A lot of people that have used rice water in their hair notice how much thicker it gets as one of the first signs of its working before other benefits even kick in, so if you have thin hair you need to embrace rice water hair products such as the health rice water shampoo and conditioner which focuses on remedying hair damages such as thinning and hair loss.

What We Like About This Rice Water Shampoo And Conditioner:

  • It serves as an effective thickening formula for hair loss.
  • It is made from vegan produce only, which simply means it is plant-based and cruelty-free as well as void of harmful chemicals.
  • It is a great hair product that encourages ph balance in the hair.

What We Would Change:

  • None we can find.
Why we recommend it
The Healti Rice Water Shampoo and Conditioner is made with another key ingredient asides from rice water which is peppermint, the peppermint gives the hair a fresh smell, and soothes the skin and scalp when made use of. It is also made to suit all hair types and needs, it adds volume, shine, reduces surface friction, boosts hair growth, and improves the elasticity of your hair. It also served as a therapy or remedy for damaged hair, it rejuvenates the hair and gives it life, it also smoothes the hair and penetrates deeply into the scalp to moisturize it as well.

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8. Mimosu Rice Water for Hair Growth DIY Tea Bags Conditioner – Best Rice Water DIY Conditioner

Natural Hair Growth Conditioner DIY Kit, Rice Water for Hair Growth Tea Bags with Continuous Spray Bottle Package, Organic Deep Conditioner for Damaged, Dry or Frizzy Hair, Curly Girl Method, Love ur Curls, Curly Hair Products

If you would prefer your rice water DIY conditioner process being nothing less than three steps, these rice water tea bags from mimosu are your best friends! This pack has ten teabags containing white rice powder that only need to be soaked in warm water for a day, and the water is ready to be used for conditioning.

The rice is securely in the tea bags and less of a mess is made, and the preparation is smooth and the product is still as effective as it would be if you used the longer DIY process.

What We Like About This DIY Rice Water Conditioner:

  • It is easily every busy girl’s best friend, it is easy to use and does not require a lot of preparation to get ready.
  • It does not cause a mess during preparation since the rice is in a sealed tea bag.
  • It does not have the foul odor that fermented rice gives off.
  • It comes with a spray bottle for your finished product after fermenting the rice tea bags.

What We Would Change:

  • None we can find.
Why we recommend it
The mimosu rice water DIY teabags conditioner is a safe, effective and easy way to make your rice water conditioner from the comfort of your home and while saving so much time, stress, and preparatory steps. These rice powder bags are filled with 100% organic and natural white rice and no other additive, they are rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamins when fermented for use in the hair. These tea bags have white rice in its untainted form and readily activate the amino acids, inositol, and other nutrients that increase hair volume, improve hair elasticity, boss hair growth, strengthen the hair, reduce surf friction, strengthen hair roots, and give the hair a healthy shine.

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9. Uhuru Naturals Fermented Rice Water – Best Rice Water Treatment for Hair Growth (Curly Hair)

Fermented Rice Water (16 oz) - pH Balanced - We have perfected our Fermented Rice Water to a Science for an exact period of time 4 Maximum Benefits

Curly hair can be tricky but this does not mean we should leave it out while picking out amazing rice water hair products, a good thing we came across this rice water spray that is made to suit curly hair types.

The uhuru naturals fermented rice water treatment is made to target the benefit of rice water that involves longer, smoother, and healthier hair.

For the curly heads, it will detangle and smoothen your hair so that your newly added length is visible. It also gives the hair a radiant glow, a healthy bounce,  and a healed scalp.

What We Like About This Fermented Rice Water Treatment:

  • It is a rice water hair growth product made to serve curly hair types.
  • It serves as a conditioner and is easy to apply.
  • It is cost-effective as it is available in different sizes so people can purchase in whichever size they can afford.

What We Would Change:

  • None we can find.
Why we recommend it
The Uhuru naturals fermented rice water treatment is a hair product you can be rest assured will guarantee your desired results as a curly head, it is simply made of just fermented rice water but it effectively has all the nutrients in the rice water actively working as they are applied to the hair. It serves as a conditioner for detailing curly hair after it is rinsed off. It is a pH-balancing product that triggers hair growth when used. It strengthens the hair roots and scalp, gives the hair volume and radiance, smoothens the hair, and protects it from scalp irritations and frizziness.

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10. Mimosu Rice Water Hair Growth Shampoo Bar – Best Eco-Friendly and Moisturizing Rice Water Shampoo

Rice Water Shampoo and Conditioner – 2 in 1 Fermented Rice Water for Hair Growth Moisturizing Unscented Solid Shampoo Bar, for Dry Damaged Hair, Vegan, pH Balance, Eco Friendly, Zero waste, Plastic Free, Curly Girl Method, 5oz

An eco-friendly shampoo is simply one that is made using only natural ingredients, it is made with essential oils, natural minerals and plant, and fruit extracts.

Shampoo bars are referred to as eco-friendly because they last longer and cause zero waste, they come in paper boxes as opposed to plastic or glass bottles and are easily biodegradable. Wondering how to be mindful of the environment while keeping your hair healthy and moisturized? You should try out the mimosu rice water hair growth shampoo bar.

What We Like About This Rice Water Shampoo Bar:

  • It is eco-friendly and still as effective as any other rice water shampoo, talk about multi-tasking at its finest.
  • It merges three bottles worth of liquid shampoo into one bar.
  • It is a great moisturizer for your hair aside from serving as a shampoo.

What We Would Change:

  • None we can think of.
Why we recommend it
This mimosu rice water hair growth shampoo bar is formulated with fermented rice water, argan oil, kernel oil, olive oil, and other potent and essential nutrients to serve as an amazing addition to your wash routine. It is made to gently cleanse, moisturize, heal, strengthen, and revive your scalp and to serve you for longer than a bottle of liquid shampoo would since it is made to contain as much as three bottles of liquid shampoo would. It is unscented to suit persons with delicate scalp and fragile skin because it will make contact with the skin as you wash your hair. Its packaging is also recyclable and biodegradable as it is made out of sugar cane paper.

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Choosing A Rice Water Shampoo or Conditioner – Buying Guide

Rice water shampoos and conditioners as we have mentioned over and over above are of great benefit to every woman’s hair journey.

However, while trying to pick a rice water shampoo or conditioner, you should not base your decision off just the price. As much as that is an important factor, money well spent assures you of the best returns, you need to be sure whichever rice water shampoo or conditioner you pick to purchase will give you your money’s worth else it has been wasted.

Here are a few things to consider while choosing a rice water shampoo or conditioner;

  1. Be sure that the rice water shampoo or conditioner is indicated as suitable for your hair type. Some may be only suitable for curly hair or permed hair, while others are suited for all hair types.
  2. If you are buying a rice water shampoo or conditioner because you have a damaged scalp, you may want to choose one that is made with essential oils that make the repair benefits of rice water more potent.
  3. Since the natural smell of fermented rice is unpleasant, you should also make sure you choose a rice water shampoo or conditioner that has a lovely scent.

How do you make rice water shampoo?

To make your rice water shampoo using a DIY procedure, you would first of all need to soak your rice for a day till it ferments then extract the rice water, and add any scented oil and essential oils of your choice, then to get the soapy nature you would need to also add a liquid soap such as Castile.

What is the best shampoo with rice water?

In our list of the ten best rice water shampoos and conditioners, our favorite is the mimosu rice water shampoo bar, it is easily a favorite because apart from moisturizing the hair, boosting hair growth, healing, and preventing hair damage, it is also eco-friendly and lasts much longer than other liquid shampoos.

Can I mix rice water with shampoo?

As much as you mean your hair good by wondering if you can mix rice water with an already made shampoo, we would advise against it. If you are not ready to go through the DIY steps for making a rice water shampoo, you should either purchase one of the shampoos reviewed above or simply massage rice water into your hair for a few minutes and rinse it out.

Does rice water shampoo work?

Rice water shampoos have been proven to be effective for hair growth, repairing damage to the hair scalp and tips, moisturizing the hair, giving the hair a healthy shine, preventing scalp irritations, and treating some such as dandruff, so the simpler answer would be yes, rice water shampoos work.

What shampoo has rice water in it?

There are several rice water shampoos but as earlier reviewed above, some include; curl rehab length retention shampoo conditioner, mimosu rice water hair growth shampoo, healti rice water shampoo, mielle rice water shampoo, shea moisture purple rice water shampoo,  and mimosu rice water hair growth shampoo bar to mention a few.


Rice Water Shampoos and conditioners are no doubt a new and amazing addition to the hair product line, as a person colored hair, natural hair, curly hair, damaged hair, or sensitive scalp, there are rice eater shampoos and conditioners that will suit your hair type and remedy your hair damage as well.

A rice water shampoo or conditioner makes for better hair growth, stronger hair, healthier hair, less sensitive scalp, firm hair tips, better hair elasticity, reparation for split ends, and making for natural shine.

The proteins, vitamins, and minerals that rice water shampoos and conditioners provide as nourishment for the hair also make it a great choice.

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