The Best Edge Control Gels For Natural Hair (2022)

Best Edge Control Gel For Natural Hair

Unruly edges are something lots of women with natural hair have to deal with, you have to think of how to get your baby edges laid so as to give your hairstyle a more interesting look and that’s what these edge control gels will do for you.

Taming natural hair can be a bit complicated and this also goes for those fine wispy strands located on the perimeter of your head as no braided hairstyle is complete without laid edges and this can only be achieved with the right edge control product, a boar brush, and satin scarf to hold those edges down for a while.

Edge controls are formulated to effectively hold your hair edges in place and finding the right product can be a bit of a struggle, you need to figure out which product laid down your edges without causing any damage to your hair strand.

What is the best edge control for unruly edges? Edge control should be effective enough for stubborn and unruly natural hair edges, whether you live in a tropical or chilly locale or just want to have a smoothed edge, keep reading to discover the best edge control for your natural hair.

What To Look For When Shopping For Edge Control Gels

Do you know what your edge control is made of? This is very important when you are considering edge control for laying down your edges and not all edge control products are the same, which is why you should know what you are looking for before buying edge control gel.

Curly hair is really unique but more difficult to maintain and this is why controlling your edges is a bit more difficult, here are things you should look for in edge control for natural hair.

1. Check The Ingredients

Not all edge control gels are the same, whether, for relaxed or natural hair, it is important to check out the ingredients contained in them, this will help discover the ingredient that will deliver the best result.

2. Type of Edge Control Gels

Water-based gels seal in moisture and hydrate the hair strand rather than drying the edges while styling and alcohol-free edge controls prevent the hair from becoming dry and brittle which is why it’s essential to check out for ingredients before buying.

3. Protection

A good edge control should offer you protection and allow less manipulation on your edges, most natural hair edges are fragile hence edge control that offers protection against breakage is essential.

The Best Edge Control Gels For Natural Hair

Most edge control gels are made with alcohol and it dries off quickly and leaves your hair with enough holding ingredients on the hair’s surface.

Curly ladies are always facing frizz, tangles, and giving you puffy edges which is why edge control gel is needed to keep those edges under control. A good edge control product is essential for your natural hair hence we have compiled some of the best edge control from Amazon to get for your natural hair.

  • The Mane Choice Edge ControlBest Overall Edge Control
  • Creme Of Edges Argan Oil Edge ControlBest Budget
  • Tgin Smooth And Hold Edge ControlBest Extra Hold Edge Control
  • Carol’s Daughter Edge Control SmootherBest Edge Tamer
  • OSIS + Session Label Crystal Gel– Best Water-Based Edge Control
  • Design Essentials Natural Honey And Shea Edge Tamer GelBest Edge Control For Natural Hair
  • Got2be Ultra Glued Styling GelBest Edge Control For Styling
  • OGX Natural Finish + Aspen Texture Molding PasteBest Edge Control Alternative.

1. The Mane Choice Edge Control

THE MANE CHOICE Laid Back Effortlessly Growth Stimulating Edge Control- Keep Hair Edges Straight While Supporting Hair Natural Growth and Retention - best edge control gels for natural hair
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The mane choice edge control effortlessly helps you support your edges growth, it effortlessly keeps your edges straight without causing any breakages and this has been particularly created for curly hair to help revive edges with a supreme hold and superior shine. This edge control gel is packed with vitamins and nourishing oil which promotes healthier thicker and longer hair.


  • Enriched with vitamin E, C, and D
  • Supports natural hair growth
  • Safe for a daily use


  • Might not be for a long time hold

Promising Review: I wish I would’ve taken a before pic. I will look for one. Anyways. My headwraps were snatching my edges. I used this for almost two months and have formed a Dreadlock from damn near baldness. I love this product. And a little goes a long way. I am just now running low and I use it daily. Mama Jane via Amazon.

2. Creme Of Edges Argan Oil Edge Control

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Control 2.25 oz. Jar (3 Pack)

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Creme of nature argan oil has been selected to give your edges the care they need to stay healthy, this is perfect if you are on a budget and need quality edge control, this has a superior hold without hardening and thus makes it suitable for making twists and creating smooth sleek edges. This edge control has a non-sticky and non-greasy formula that prevents build-up and rather tame your edges nicely for you.


  • For all hair types
  • Non-greasy and non-sticky formula
  • Holds definition and adds texture to hair


  • Too much can leave residue in the hair

Control Review: This works great if you want to tame your flyaways or baby hair. I like to use it when I’m doing a sleek ponytail. The smell is soo good too. Lillipau23 via Amazon.

3. Tgin Smooth And Hold Edge Control

tgin Smooth & Hold Edge Control Infused With Nettle Leaf & Castor Oil For Natural Hair - Dry Hair - Curly Hair - 4 Oz

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Tgin smooth and hold edge control gives you a smooth finished look in any hairstyle you choose, it is infused with nettle leaf and castor oil which is a rich formula designed to hold your edges in place without causing any build-up and flaking. This is perfect for extra hold on natural hair with frizz, it is also great for creating a sleek ponytail and tapered cuts.

Tgin edge control gel is for hair and scalp health as it contains omega 6 fatty acids, minerals, and other essential protein that plays a role in keeping your hair healthy and preventing split ends.


  • All-natural and safe
  • Treats dandruff and dry scalp
  • Rich in silica and sulfur


  • It doesn’t hold all-day

Control Review: This is the only edge control that works in my hair. The smell is great. The texture is thick that works well with my hair. I wish it was cheaper, but I’m willing to pay for the quality of this product. And it does last me a long time. A little bit goes a long way. Evangelina Paniagua via Amazon.

4. Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture And Shine Edge Control Smoother

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Edge Control Smoother For Dry Hair and Dull Hair, with Aloe and Honey, Clear Edge Smoother, Edge Tamer, 2 oz (Packaging May Vary)

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Looking for the best edge tamer for your natural hair? Carol’s daughter black vanilla moisture and shine edge control are great for taming your edges and helps to keep hair moisturized, soft, and manageable. You can be sure to forget having frizz and brittle hair with this edge control, it is a great substitute for hair pomade, it should be applied on dry hair styled hair to hold and it flattens hair for you to style as desired.


  • Replenishes moisture
  • Adds shine
  • Smooths hair out and keeps frizz under control


  • Not for 4c natural hair

Control Review: God sent honestly like I said before my hair is a nappy ad, and this stays all-day. Claire via Amazon.

5. OSIS + Session Label Crystal Gel

OSiS + Session Label Crystal Gel, 1.69 Ounce

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This is a top edge control gel for natural hair, it is a sup[er concentrated edge control gel infused with crystal rock extract to give you radically defined textures and a fine stronghold for a long while. You can definitely create the perfect twist with  Osis crystal gel. This edge control has a strong styling control and long-lasting definition.


  • Strong-hold and long-lasting definition
  • Doesn’t flake


  • None

Promising Review: Love this Gel it does a really good job keeping your hair in the style you put it in and doesn’t even come out if you sweat a lot with it in your hair. It doesn’t smell very bad either and lasts quite a while. Zach via Amazon.

6. Design Essentials Natural Honey And Shea Edge Tamer Gel

Design Essentials Natural Honey & Shea Edge Tamer Hair Gel, 2.3 Oz

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Design essentials naturally deliver a long-lasting firm hold, it is specifically designed for curly to coily hair textures, there is no flaking, no build-ups, adds shine to all-natural hair texture.

This honey edge control tamer delivers long-lasting firm hold and securely lay down the hairline and tames unruly flyaways. This is formulated with a unique non-greasy formula which is infused with moisturizing honey and shea butter ingredients to provide a fabulous shine without the build-up residue.


  • Nourishing honey and shea for hairline
  • Delivers long-lasting firm hold
  • No flaking or build-up


  • Specially designed for coily to curly texture

Promising Review: Excuse my dry face I don’t put anything on it after I was it.
Anywho, I have never heard of this company, and what made me buy it was the scent. Most edge controls have an alcohol-like scent And I’ve had allergic reactions from them. (Hives) I was nervous to try because I was hoping it wouldn’t be greasy and watery like jam, But for $5 I say hey that’s not a very big risk.,, thankfully it is actually very firm and smells great. Andrea via Amazon.

7. Got2be Ultra Glued Styling Gel

Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel, 6 Ounces (Pack of 2)

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Got3be extra hold styling gel is perfect for vertical hairstyles, it is great for all kinds of styling and keeps your edges nourished, this gel delivers ultimate control with a glue-like hold to keep your hair in place and tame flyaways. This edge control gel can be easily washed out with shampoo and it is formulated specifically to style your hair and hold it in place fora s long as you want.


  • Offers stronghold


  • Flaky on some hair types

Promising Review: Perfect as a lace front glue. Now I know it’s a gel, but I watched plenty of YouTube videos to want to give it a try and I am Hooked!!!!! It’s quick-drying, dries clear, and Holds. But the bonus for me is it holds without damage to my hairline and it actually holds well into the night. Some nights it’s holding tight, that I sleep in my wig. It’s easy to use (I apply it most mornings before work when it’s not holding my wig tight through the night!) and doesn’t make as much a mess as traditional glues. Holds better than tape – I had a particularly sweaty day recently and man did it stick!. It washes out easily with a little water and shampoo and doubles as a gel for your edges! Luv it!. The ratchet professional via Amazon.

8. OGX Natural Finish + Aspen Texture Molding Paste

OGX Natural Finish + Aspen Texture Molding Paste, 3 Ounce

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OGX natural finish + aspen texture molding paste has been blended with aspen bark extract and sandalwood to hold all you’re styles in place and help you add definition and texture to your hair, it gives it a structured finish and a natural child which makes it an alternative to your favorite edge control gel. This edge control is a flexible styling paste that holds your hair in place with no fear of breakage.


  • Offers protection to color-treated hair
  • Versatile
  • Structured hold


  • None

Promising Review: I have a long pixie, keep it in a professional and not funky type of style. I loved John Frieda Sheer Blonde Funky Chunky [DISCONTINUED]. This is not a replacement for that, but it is the next best thing I found for my thin, fine hair. It is a thick wax, a little bit goes a long way. It helps hold and add volume, but it is not sticky and doesn’t harden. No flakes, no shine, just make hair look hold better without showing that you have a product in it. If you use too much, it will be greasy. Bella’s Mummy via Amazon.

Is edge control gel bad for your edges?

Using edge control gel sparingly won’t cause any damages to your edges but the combination of alcohol in your edge control and slicking your hair back is what causes the damages.

Edge control gel can break off your edges if used too frequently and this does not mean you can’t use edge control but not to be used regularly as the edges of every hair texture are the most fragile part.

How do I get rid of edge control build-ups?

Your baby hairs are precious and are more susceptible to breakage, build-ups from edge control can easily cause flakes and damages.

You can remove the buildup of dirt by washing with shampoo and seal in moisture with deep conditioning, excessive brushing of edge control residue can pull out your hair hence shampoo and condition to lock in nourishment.

Final Thoughts

Unruly edges prevent you from getting the styles you want, ponytail, topknots, and braided styles are not complete without laid edges and this can only be achieved with the help of edge control which is why we have compiled the best edge control above that not only helps tame your edges but are frizz-fighting products.

Finding the right formula can be a bit of a struggle hence ensure to find out your hair type and talk to your stylist.

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