The Best Natural Hair Detanglers Under $30 (Our Top Picks)

detanglers for natural hair

Most naturalists have natural hair growth goals but are struggling with retaining length. Natural hair care doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful, you can keep it detangled and soft which would make it easier to control and managed and this can be done with a hair detangler.

Hair detangler is a type of conditioner that smooths your hair by coating it with oil or polymer and/or by acidifying it so that the hair’s surface tightens up.

The environment can wreak a lot of havoc on your hair when it’s cooler hence you will need natural hair detangler to prevent this, there are lots of natural hair detanglers with good reviews but choosing the most suitable one for your natural hair is vital.

Detangler can make washing day easier and with less hassle when styling. Most detangler also serves as leave-in until your next wash.

Sometimes tangles can get so bad, you literally want to rip your hair out but all you need is the right hair detangler to give you a soft, easy to maintain hair texture. We have gathered some of the best hair detanglers for natural hair below and what you need to know about natural hair detangler.

How to detangle natural hair successfully on dry hair

Detangling your curly hair in the shower is usually easier as the hair is wet and coated with enough conditioner to make detangling it faster and with less breakage but there will be times you would need to detangle on dry hair without ripping your hair out, below is how this can be done without pulling out a handful of hairs.

  • Work through detangles with your finger first, this is a gentle way to begin the process.
  • Divide your hair into sections, from 4 to 8
  • Spritz if needed
  • Use a wide brim comb and start at the first section of hair, coming through it gently while spraying.

Benefits Of Using A Detangler

One of the main reasons women lose their hair to shedding is the lack of a good detangler, African American natural hair gets easily matted because of it’s tightly woven structure and curly appearance and are more likely to be lost to shedding when it comes to brushing and keeping it soft and smooth and here is where a detangler is needed. A good detangler has the following benefits.

  • It increases moisture content and volume in the hair
  • It adds body and sheen to hair
  • It hydrates the hair strand, making it smooth and soft
  • Nourishes hair with heat protectant properties to keep it protected from damages.
  • Prevents shedding

10 Best Natural Hair Detangler To Buy In 2021

Hair detanglers are definitely here to stay as lots of naturalists find them easier to use and as the weather changes, your natural hair regimen has to as well, this would make it easier to manage and control frizz. When the weather starts to get cool, it could wreak havoc on your hair but below are 10 of the best detangler on Amazon that your hair needs to stay healthy and soft.

  • Earth Vibes Natural Hair Detangler– Best Overall Detangler
  • Carol’s Daughter Moisture Detangler– Best For Unruly Hair
  • Pantene Gold Series Leave-On Detangler– Best Detangler For Fragile Natural Hair
  • Cantu Coil Detangler– Best Budget
  • Original Sprout Miracle Detangler– Best For Frizz Detangler
  • Oyin Hair Dew- Best Daily Use Detangler
  • Joice Leave-In Detangler– Best For All Hair Types
  • Eden Bodyworks Split End Repair– Best lightweight Detangler
  • Shea Moisture Leave-In Detangler– Best Organic Detangler
  • Aunt Jackie’s Knot Leave-In Detangler– Best Leave In Therapy Detangler

1. Earth Vibes Natural Hair Detangler

Earth Vibes Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask Conditioner - Deep Conditioning & Moisturizing - Hair Repair Treatment For Dry Damaged Hair - Sulfate Free - Organic Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil - (8 Oz/226g)


  • Helps hair with moisture retention
  • Made for all hair types
  • Repairs split ends
  • Nice fragrance


  • None

Earth vibes natural hair detangler is formulated to give your hair a soft feel and makes it easy to comb through the hair, this detangler is formulated with 100% pure Moroccan argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Coconut Oil – the best natural conditioning treatment for hair that needs extra care, it also acts as a restoring hair mask for damaged hair, nourishes hair that needs nourishment retention.

Promising Review: Really terrific detangler – the best I’ve tried!! I’ve used others and nothing comes close to this…others didn’t work well at all and their scents were too strong and not appealing and gave me a headache. I’m very fragrance sensitive. This product, EV Earth Vibes has a very light, appealing, and fresh scent….after spraying into my hair, it immediately is really effective… matter what tangles my hair may have, using this spray easily lets me comb my hair with ease!! S.p via Amazon.

2. Carol’s Daughter Moisture Detangler

Curly Hair Products by Carol's Daughter, Hair Milk 4-in-1 Combing Creme For Curls, Coils and Waves, with Agave and Olive Oil, Hair Detangler, Curl Cream, 8 Fl Oz (Packaging May Vary)


  • Detangles effortlessly
  • Controls frizz and add shine
  • Lightweight leave-in


Too much at once can leave your hair greasy

This is a popular natural hair brand that offers amazing products to help care for your natural hair. Carol’s daughter moisture detangler is best for dry and brittle hair, it helps retain moisture, nourishes your scalp, and also keep it soft and healthy.

This detangler is easy to use and provides other essential benefits for your natural hair. Carol’s daughter moisture detangler makes detangling on any hair texture really easy, it is best for reviving hair leaving it with a rich lustrous hair strand, this detangler comes with a leave-in conditioner for keeping moisture locked in.

This hair detangler strengthens and transforms unmanageable hair into incredible soft feeling hair, this works amazingly well for kinky, coils or loose well and it also works perfectly for naturally curly hair, from the short-cropped 4c curly hairstyle to 1c waves, natural ingredients have been created specifically for your curls crave, like Aloe, Shea Butter, & Sweet Almond oil.

Promising Review: This holds my curly hair without being stiff. The only one I have found that does this. I can’t recommend this enough. Just a couple of dollops, one at a time in hand, rub hands together, flip your hair/head upside down and then squeeze throughout hair. It is perfect! Ladybug via Amazon.

3. Pantene Gold Series Leave

Pantene Gold Series Leave-In Detangling Milk 7.6 Ounce (225ml) (2 Pack)


  • Works on all hair types
  • Repairs damaged hair cuticle
  • Sulfate and dye-free.


None that we could find.

Pantene gold series is another awesome detangler you need to make your natural hair journey easy, it has amazing detangling ability due to its carcinogenic properties which gives natural hair a slip smooth texture, keeps hair soft, and works to soothe dry scalp and reduce dandruff.

This detangler repairs hair cuticle and provides nutrients and strength to smooth and soften any hair texture, it works amazingly well on all hair types, only a small amount is needed to detangle your hair.

Promising Review: Not too heavy, leaves hair shiny, for long hair put on ends when hair is dry and put in a knot to take down later for a healthy shiny curl Sandy Young via Amazon.

4. Cantu Coil Calm Detangler

Cantu Coil Calm Detangler, 8 Fluid Ounce


  • Detangles easily and makes styling painless
  • Infuse shine and moisture into natural hair in seconds.


  • Too much makes hair greasy
  • Too strong fragrance.

Cantu coil detangler softens and conditions your hair for an easy to style and tangle-free hair, this is easy to use without compounding your hair and works well for all hair types.

This detangler is made with shea butter which makes it great for moisturizing your hair and restoring lost nutrients to your scalp. Cantu coil detangler is not just for 4c natural hair alone but every natural hair texture can make use of it to get a softer smoother hair, it is made with shea butter to infuse shine and moisture in seconds.

Promising Review: My daughter has biracial hair with fine curls that tangle so easily. This has changed our morning routines for the better!! My daughter used to cry, scream and fight me when I did her hair, but now using this stuff and the new gentle brush, she lets me do her hair without any tears. Erin G via Amazon.

5. Original Sprout Miracle Detangler

Original Sprout Miracle Detangler. All Natural Hair Moisturizer and Leave-In Conditioner Spray, 4 oz (Packaging May Vary)


  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Fights frizz
  • Method of application is easy


  • Lot’s is required for tough detangling

Miracle detangler is an amazing detangler for every naturalist who worries about knots in their hair, this detangler keeps your hydrated and it is loved by mom’s and professionals, it has been formulated with ingredients that are friendly to your hair and scalp.

Miracle detangler act as a leave-in conditioning spray which makes combing easy, painless, and safe.

Miracle detangler could also be a good restoring hair treatment, it is gentle on your hair and scalp, it is effective for every hair and skin type. The ingredients used in miracle detangler are vegan and gluten-free which makes it safe enough for everyone in the family. The method of application is also straightforward, and it comes with numerous uses as well.

Promising Review: I’ve tried a few detangling sprays and this is by far my favorite. I first bought it at a kid’s haircutting salon and it made it so much easier for me to comb my daughter’s hair. A few sprays after she gets out of the bath, wait a few minutes and then comb with a wide-tooth comb for the best results. It also smells really good. I use this on my hair too! Asha J via Amazon. 

6. Oyin Hair Dew

Oyin Handmade Hair Dew Daily Quenching Hair Lotion, 8.4 Ounce


  • Moisture boost for natural hair
  • Lightweight
  • Daily use
  • Stops breakage


  • Comes with a burnt sugary scent
  • Doesn’t work well with other products

Oyin handmade hair dew detangler is African most cherished hair detangler, it is made with castor oil and olive squalane, this creamy formula will nourish, moisturize and bring pliancy to your hair.

This detangler can also reinvigorate tired hair nad this would be done all the way to your hair cycle. Every black natural hair can make use of this detangler as it serves as a perfect leave-in right after cleansing or to refresh thirsty hair in between wash.

Oyin hair dew acts as a moisture boost for natural hair, you can apply to dry, damp or wet hair to provide a moisture boost and also this cream is light enough for everyday use. You can style your hair with more ease and comfort when using Oyin hair dew detangler.

Promising Review: The refresher of refreshers, this leave-in will keep hair soft and curls frizz-free for days. I LOVE this product for shiny curls for days after wash day. Smells yummy and never flakes. Sabrina Perkins

7. Joico Leave-In Detangler

Joico Leave-In Detangler for all hair types 10.1 fl oz


  • Instantly detangles
  • Serves as a leave-in conditioner on dry hair
  • For all hair types
  • Won’t weigh hair down


  • None that we could find.

Joico leave-in detangler is another amazing detangler for every hair type, this product has been fortified with quadramine complex and panthenol, which are friendly scalp ingredients, and also this weightless leave-in detangler protects adds moisture for an all-day benefit.

It delivers protection against thermal styling, giving your hair a healthy lustrous bounce.

This hair detangler is quite light and removes tangles easily, it is also unisex and won’t cause a natural oil build-up provided it is not used in excess. It can be used to style your natural hair, make wash day easier, and also perfect for detangling before braiding or after losing a braid. It could also serve as a leave-in conditioner for your dry hair.

Promising Review: I have baby fine hair, but quite a bit of it, and it knots and tangles very easily. Conditioner can weigh down my hair, leaving it feeling greasy and looking limp. For this reason, I only use them 2-3 times a week and rely on my detangler to act as a light leave-in conditioner.AuroraKnots via Amazon.

8. Sun Bum 3 in 1 Leave-In Detangler

Sun Bum Revitalizing 3 in 1 Leave-In Conditioner Spray - Detangler - Anti Frizz - Paraben Free - Gluten Free - Vegan - Color Safe - UV Protection - 4 oz Spray Bottle - 1 Count


  • Repairs damaged split ends
  • Enhance and restore hair growth


  • Offers on protection against UV ray.

This revitalizing 3 in 1 detangler works perfectly on all hair types and can be used on wet, damp, or dry hair, it keeps your hair hydrated and you can comb through your hair with less hassle. Eden bodyworks detangler works at repairing damaged split ends, it works in minutes to transform the hair and prevents further damages.

This detangler is a natural hair treatment formulated with coconut oil, banana, and pulp which deeply nourishes your hair, this can be a weekly treatment to strengthen hair and have fewer breakages.

Promising Review: This stuff is a godsend. My hair is long, pin-straight, and very fine so it gets super dry and tangles easily when it’s washed and clean. On the other hand, even lightweight conditioners weigh it down. I bought this thinking it was a detangler. It feels a little sticky when it’s still wet, so don’t try to brush your hair right away, spray a bit on damp hair then let it air dry. Once my hair is dry I can run a brush through my hair without any snags or knots, and it also feels much softer, but not even a bit greasy. Kotah via Amazon.

9. Shea Moisture Leave-In Detangler

SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner for Over-Processed, damaged hair 100% Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil to Soften and Detangle Hair 11 oz


  • Prevents and repairs damaged ends
  • Locks in moisture


  • Not for everyday use
  • Too much quantity causes build for some hair types.

Shea moisture leave-in detangler works in minutes to transform hair and restore damages, it has been formulated with fair trade shea butter that provides your hair with soft healthy lock, you can easily comb through.

This hair detangler contains organic ingredients that prevent split ends, all you need is a little amount in your hair, it should be applied depending on your hair length and condition. You can always use this detangler to lock in moisture into your hair and scalp.

Promising Review: Best leave-in conditioner for my locs!!! Keeps them strong and healthy, especially after styling and maintenance. Wouldn’t dare use any other product !!! Kimberly Gurley via Amazon.

10. Aunt Jackie’s Knot Leave-in Detangling Therapy

Aunt Jackie's Knot On My Watch, Instant Leave-in Detangling Therapy Enriched with Shea Butter and Olive Oil, 12 Fl Oz


  • Makes styling easy on natural hair
  • Therapy for hard to manage hair


  • Not for all hair types.

Aunt Jackie’s leave-in detangler is highly recommended for dry and coarse natural hair, it is sulfate and paraben-free which means your hair would be properly hydrated, it eliminates knots and tangles soil which makes it a great option for natural coils and waves.

You can style your hair whichever way you want and it also makes detangling after a braid hairstyle easy.

This detangler is a lot of hard to manage natural hair needs, it could also make styling easy on transitioning natural hair as it blends in the curls, it works greatly on Bantu knots, twist outs, and braids. It is also an instant detangler and cleanses your scalp and nourishes dry hair, making it without causing natural oil to build-up.

Promising Review: On my very tightly curled Afro hair this is one of the best deep conditioners I’ve used. I’ve spent double the money on higher-end products and haven’t had the results I’ve experienced with this product. I have already re-purchased two further conditioners and intend on trying their daily moisturizers and leave-in conditioners. Kitty via Amazon.

Should I detangle my hair wet or dry?

Detangling your hair when it is dry might be the best method if there only minor knots to detangle and it is important to be extra careful when detangling on dry natural hair as the strands can snap and the cuticle can damage due to lack of flexibility however you can detangle on wet hair but this has to be done gently and ensure it is coated with conditioner and working in section, use a wide-tooth comb to gently loosen tangles.

What causes tangled hair?

Tangled hair happens when the outer layer of your hair becomes damaged and opens up, unlike a smooth closed healthy cuticle, an open layer cuticles snagged on each other which results in tangles and knots in your hair.

If you also go weeks without taking care of your hair, leaving old styles in for too long, not washing or using a conditioner then it is sure to get tangled as well. Keeping your hair unprotected at night can cause it to become a tangled mess in the morning.

Is finger detangling good for natural hair?

Finger detangling is the best form of detangling for some fragile natural hair types, it is more gentle on your strands it is also beneficial for textured hair types like kink, curly, and coily hair type.

Detangling can be a tedious process but finger detangling is one of the best ways to reduce breakage and may be better for the ends of your hair.

In Conclusion

Detangling is a crucial part of all hair care and how you choose to do and what product is being used is also very important, learning to detangle properly will prevent you from breaking off your hair, the hair detangler listed above are organic hair detangler which can be used on all-natural hair type.

Ensure the natural hair detangler you are buying contains natural ingredients that won’t cause breakage.

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