The Best Nail Glues 2024 (Odor Free and Lasts Long)

What are the best nail glues to keep nails longer? There are lots of nail glues out there, and you do need one to keep those press-on and fake nails longer.

However, you need to make sure you are getting one that is safe for your natural fingers. You don’t need to go to the salon anymore for your acrylic nails as they are manicure kits in the market now, and you can do it at home yourself. Read on to make shopping for nail glues easier.

A mani kit is not complete without the best nail glue to ensure your fake nails stay stronger and no damage is done to your natural nails in the process. Every woman who fancies long nail sure need to have nail glue in her mani kit.

Nail glues are not just essential for getting those press on to stick, but it is also needed if you need to add jewels and rhinestones to make it look even more stunning. Also, you want to make sure to avoid getting a broken nail by choosing the right nail glues and with it, you can fix broken nails until you can make it to the salon.

Choosing a reliable nail glue is important, and you need to choose a reliable one. Nail designs and acrylic nails are the major trends now and nail glue is what completes it.

Differences Between Nail Glue And Super Glue

It is easy to mix up nail glue and superglue, however, these two are quite different, and nail glues are better options for acrylic nails. Nail glues contain cyanoacrylate which is a common chemical to be found in household superglues and both are designed to dry quickly.

Most nail glues are designed to last longer than superglues, though, but both tend to differ in viscosity.

If you are repairing a broken nail then you can try superglue but nail glues are considered more suitable for fake nails. Superglues can repair both fake nails and artificial nails, however, you should stick nail glues when you are adhering to acrylic nails.

Press-on nails also require strong nail glue rather than superglues. Nail glues are also considered less expensive compare to superglues. The common ingredient between these two adhesives allows you to repair any broken nails and shape your polished nails, but nail glues are safer for use on your natural fingers.

9 Best Nail Glues 2024 – Odor Free and Lasts Long

To achieve long-lasting, beautiful nails, you need a very effective nail. Quality nail glues are often believed to have a very strong odor, however, this is not the case, and nail glues with strong odors can make one nauseous. Getting your artificial nails fixed at home is less expensive and after getting a mani kit, you need nail glues to complete it. So, we have sorted out the list of the best odor-free and long-lasting nail glues.

1. NYK1 Super Strong Nail Glue- Best Overall

Super Strong Nail Glue For Acrylic Nails, Nail Tips and Press on Nails



Professional nail glue is needed to keep your acrylic nails in shape at all times. To avoid the horror story of a broken nail, we have picked NYK1 Nail bond super strong nails to keep your acrylic nails intact. This nail glue provides a protective bond from the bottom of the nail to the tip.

This is a unique nail glue recommended by experts to give you the perfect bonding of your nails.

This super-strong nail dries fast, and you don’t have to worry about any annoying odor. This nails glue comes with a fine precision brush applicator, and it can be used for both press-on and acrylic nails. It is a really strong adhesive you can rely on, however, avoid contact on your skin as it’s very strong.

All you need is to carefully follow instructions with this nail glue. This can be used on acrylic nail arts too, and it works well for short nails. This is a common nail glue for professionals, and the long-lasting effect makes it worth the price.

What We Like About This Nail Glue:

  • Super-drying adhesive
  • Easy to apply and won’t cause a mess
  • Water-resistant
  • Extra strong
  • Works for all nail types.

What We’d Change:

  • Expensive
  • Might be difficult to remove.

Why we recommend it: NYK1 Nail Bonding Glue is the ideal nail glue for fixing acrylic nails and keeping them intact for a long time. If you do use nail extensions frequently there here is a highly recommended nail glue. This is a highly-rated nail glue, and it’s ideal for both professionals and beginners. Nail glue is quite essential for flaunting enviable nails, and here is one that wraps things up. Tap to see verified customer reviews.

2. Markart Super Strong Nail Glue With Adhesive- Best Nail Glue For Beginners

Makartt Super Strong Nail Glue for Acrylic Nail Tips Nail Bond Brush On Nail Glue for Press On Nails Fake Nails for Nail Repair Broken Nails Long Lasting Professional False Nail Adhesive Glue 7ML



Markart Super Strong Nail Glue is a pretty strong nail glue for every nail type. This nail glue is easy and convenient to use, and it’s very affordable. This works on both long and short fingers.

Markart nail glue is inexpensive, efficient, and it comes with a built-in brush to make the application. This contains natural ingredients such as ethyl cyanoacrylate which is completely safe for your natural nails.

This nail glue is made with high-quality ingredients that are extremely safe for your nails. This is a strong and reliable nail glue for any kind of acrylic, press-on, and even nail art as well. It’s a great option for nail technicians and nail addicts.

What We Like About This Nail Glue:

  • Bonds and dries really quickly
  • Comes with built-in brush applicator
  • Long-lasting nail glue
  • Skin friendly and safe to use
  • Suitable for acrylic nails, broken nails and polish gel.

What We’d Change:

  • Might dry around the base of the bottle.

Why we recommend it: This nail glue is just as effective as household nail glue. This glue has a slight odor, however, it’s a less offensive one, and it’s barely noticeable. This is skin-friendly and very safe to use on your finger and toenails. It can also be applied as many times as you want on your natural nail. The application brush keeps your nail smooth and easy to stick the acrylic nail to. Tap to see verified customer reviews.

3. Kiss Maximum Speed Nail Glue- Fastest Drying Nail Glue

Kiss Products Maximum Speed Nail Glue BK135 (1 Pack)



If you have damaged nails, then It’s important to choose a nail glue that won’t cause further damages. Kiss Maximum Nail Glue is perfect for DIY press-on nails at home. This nail glue has a fast-drying effect, and it is suitable for all kinds of nail repairs. This is made with ingredients that won’t cause any harm to your nails.

Kiss Maximum Nail Glue can stick on fake nails in just 3 seconds, and it doesn’t dry quickly around the base. Reviews claim that this has a strong holding effect, and it lasts for a very long time compared to superglues. To replace a break, all you need is a drop of this nail glue.

What We Like About This Nail Glue:

  • Contains antifungal ingredient
  • Easy to use and mess free
  • Hydroquinone free
  • Super strong
  • Bonds press-on and glue on nails within seconds.

What We’d Change:

  • Nozzle may clog making it difficult to squeeze glue out
  • May not last long.

Why we recommend it: This nail glue promises you a good experience with your fake nails hence it’s worth investing in. This also works for fixing chipped or cracked nails. This nail glue is not just ideal for beginners, but also professional technicians looking for a long-lasting nail glue that won’t break the bank. It is also a high-quality nail glue which is great for acrylic nails. Tap to see verified customer reviews.

4. Big Bondini Brush On Nail Glue- Best Brush On Nail Glue

Big Bondini Brush-On Nail Glue .5oz (PACK OF 3)



Big Bondini Brush-On Nail Glue is the perfect one to take care of all your nail needs. It is made with ingredients that are completely safe for your fingers.

This nail glue can hold your broken nails for weeks. This is not just meant for repairing broken nails but can also be used sticking decorations, wraps, overlaying, and bonding acrylic nails.

This nail glue is long-lasting and is easy to apply as well. This nail can be brushed on your nails as you would do with any nail polish. It is also a fast-drying formula, and you can easily ensure there is no mess while using it.

What We Like About This Nail Glue:

  • Ideal for use on tips, wraps and nail repairs
  • Hassle-free application and removal
  • Easy to use
  • Dries quickly.

What We’d Change:

  • The holding power doesn’t last long.

Why we recommend it: This is another ideal nail glue for all your nail needs. This is great for acrylic nails and can be used for mending broken nails as well. The application of this is considered effortless and smooth. In addition, since it’s a fast-drying formula, it bonds fast. Tap to see verified customer reviews.

5. ECBASKET Professional Nail Glue- Best Nail Glue For Acrylic Nails

Nail Glue for Acrylic Nails - Nail Glue for Press on Nails 10Pcs Adhesive Super Bond for Fake Nails Tips ECBASKET Professional Nail Glue for Artifical False Nails Long Lasting 0.07oz/pcs



If you have very sensitive fingers, then you want to keep them as safe as possible.

ECBASKET is a go-to nail glue for bonding your acrylic nails to your fingers without any damages. This is a long-lasting nail glue adhesive that can last up to 14-30 days. This is great for fixing false nails, small art nails, and broken nails.

This professional nail glue offers you a comfortable nail experience. It is easy to use, lightweight, and small enough to be stored in your makeup bag.

What We Like About This Nail Glue:

  • Help fixed damaged nails
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable
  • Hassle-free removal
  • Long-lasting.

What We’d Change:

  • The adhesive may weaken if it comes in contact with water too often.

Why we recommend it: This nail glue offers you a solution to all your nail issues. It comes with a slight odor but not an offensive one. It can be used conveniently to bond small nail art decorations such as rhinestone, gemstone, and beads. Tap to see verified customer reviews.

6. IBD 5 Second Brush On Gel Resin- Best Nail Glue For Broken Nails

IBD Ibd 5 Second Brush-on Gel Resin - Net Wt. 0.20 oz.



Brush On Nail Glue is the best drugstore nail glue for anyone looking for quality and affordability. This holds its shape without running and the thick gel formula of this makes it ideal for not just nail repairs but also wraps, silk repairs, and use for strengthening your natural nails as well.

It’s a versatile kind of nail glue, and it can be used by both professionals and beauty experts.

This resin nail gel is suitable for your natural broken nails, and it takes just about a minute to dry off compared to other types of nail gel. Another major benefit is that it can help your nails grow and keep them from splitting or breaking.

What We Like About This Nail Glue:

  • Easy brush on application
  • Super strong adhesive
  • Cost-effective
  • Ideal for mending broken nail tips and artificial nails
  • Suitable for anyone and uneven nail beds.

What We’d Change:

  • It runs a bit thick, hence may take sometime to dry.

Why we recommend it: IBD Resin Nail Gel is just what you need to stop your nails from chipping it constantly. This nail glue can be used on any nail type, and a few strokes are all that are needed to achieve enviable nail designs. With this, you don’t have to worry about sticky fingers, the brush on the application is hassle-free, and it is also compatible with other gel polishes. Tap to see verified customer reviews.

7. Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue- Best-Rated Nail Glue

Nailene 0.10 Ounce Ultra Quick Nail Glue - (3 Pack)



This particular nail glue works in seconds to bond your artificial nails with the natural ones.

Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue as the name implies is a fast-drying nail glue that is efficient for bonding sculpted nails, tips, and wraps. This nail glue is a well-known glue in the nail fixing industry, and it does have an exceptional holding power as well.

Nailene nail gel is just what you need to fix your broken nails and keep your artificial nails in for as long as you want. For natural nail repair, you only need a drop of this nail glue.

What We Like About This Nail Glue:

  • Great holding power
  • Ideal for French style, nail art, repairs and bonding
  • Easy brush on application
  • Gentle enough for natural nails
  • One of the trusted brands in the market.

What We’d Change:

  • Might leave sticky fingers.

8. Cala Super Nail Glue- Most Durable

Cala Super Nail Glue Professional Salon Quality | Quick and Strong Nail Liquid Adhesive (4 Bottles)



Cala Super Nail Glue is another very effective nail glue to go for. This nail glue provides you with extra-strong adhesion, and it bonds really fast, so you need to b careful when using it.

It is another pretty popular glue in the market, and it’s the perfect choice for bonding your press-on, and you don’t have to press it too hard to make it stick.

Here is one of the top-quality professional salon nail glue to make your DIY mani hassle-free and efficient. You don’t have to worry about your nail falling off with this nail glue as it not only has fast holding power but is long-lasting too.

What We Like About This Nail Glue:

  • Easy to use and apply
  • Long-lasting
  • Bonds immediately
  • Minimal air bubbles when setting
  • Adheres strongly
  • Suitable for acrylic nail tips.

What We’d Change:

  • May lead to sticky fingers
  • Not water resistance.

Why we recommend it: If you are on the lookout for the strongest adhesive nail glue then this is highly recommended. This nail glue not only has a fast bonding effect but is durable as well and for artificial nails, you only need a thin layer of it to achieve a desirable result. This has many benefits some of which include long-lasting, quick setting, and fast-drying. Tap to see verified customer reviews.

9. Ownest 2 Pcs Nail Rhinestone Glue- Best Nail For Glue For Art

Ownest 2 Pcs Nail Rhinestone Glue, Nail Glue Pen Resin Polishing Agent,Adhesive Resin Crystal Polish Decor, Adhesive Decoration Gem Crystal Diamond Jewelry-10ml



Choosing the best nail glue can be a bit overwhelming, but Ownest Nail Glue can help narrow down the option as it is perfect for getting your rhinestone to stay. This is a cost-effective nail glue, and through a simple process, you can achieve beautiful nail designs.

This nail glue helps you get creative with the different rhinestone designs.

This is not just made for nails alone but can be used on mobile phones, laptops, glasses, cups, etc. It is suitable for various household uses, and you don’t have to worry about using too much or too little, it sticks your nails on perfectly and dries really fast.

What We Like About This Nail Glue:

  • Suitable for varieties of diamonds
  • Hassle-free and easy application
  • Dries quickly
  • Suitable for use on acrylic nails and press-on.

What We’d Change:

  • Not suitable for use on your natural nails.

Why we recommend it: This is the ideal nail glue you need for your fake nail designs. This is not suitable for your natural nails, but it can be used to get creative with your fake nails. It is long-lasting, hence will keep your nail stones from falling off. This can be used safely in the comfort of your home, and it’s pretty versatile as well. Tap to see verified customer reviews.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Nail Glue

Nail glues are not just designed to maintain your acrylic nails, but it’s also suitable for designing your nails as well.

Nail glues are an essential part of any nail art hence you need to make sure you are investing in the right one. A buying guide for nail glue is just as important as the nail glue itself, so here are straightforward factors to put into consideration when choosing nail glues.

  1. Has quick-drying formula.
  2. Water resistance if you will be working with water a lot.
  3. Best to pick ones that can be used for press-on, gem nail sets, nail repairs and fine detailed nail artwork.
  4. Pick nail glue that shows no cloudy or white effect when it’s drying.
  5. Strong adhesion.
  6. Nail glues that are made with natural resin, hypoallergenic or ethyl cyanoacrylate.

Nail glues have been specifically designed for the human body unlike superglues, but you still need to have it selected carefully.

Is superglue and nail glue the same?

Superglue and nail glue both contain cyanoacrylate which is a common ingredient in household glue, while both are fast drying and used for nails, nail glue is considered safer for nails. Superglues contain chemicals that can be of damage to your nail bed when used regularly, while nail glue is specifically made for nails.

Is nail glue bad for nails?

Most nail glues contain harsh chemicals that can cause damages to your nails over time hence they shouldn’t be used too frequently. It is important to take breaks from them and enable your natural nails to breathe. Avoid pulling out nails with forces well.

How much nail glue do I need for fake nails?

You don’t need too much glue provided you are using one of high quality. Each nail only needs a dab of nail glue and press for 10 seconds to make sure it is sealed tight to your real nails.

Is it bad to use superglue for fake nails?

While superglues are not recommended for your natural nails, they do have the strength to bond your acrylic nails and press-on but can be harsh on your nails. Superglues are est substituted for nail glue when used on fake nails.

Can nail glues be made at home?

Commercial nail glue can be made at home if you can’t get your hands on a store-bought own on time. Home prepared nail glues are just as great as store-bought nail glues, however, the lasting effect might not be the same. Nail glues can be made at home, mixing PVA and clear nail polish.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to ignore a buying guide when looking for nail glue, but this is very essential if you want to choose one that is effective and keeps your natural nail protected from damages.

Fake nails are always going to be in trend, and having nail glue at home means you can get it fixed yourself in no time.

Looking for nail glue with slight to no odor is also one of the major reasons you need a buying guide. So, all you need is the buying guide above to help you choose the right nail glue.

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