The Best Microfiber Hair Towels 2024: According to Experts

The Best Microfiber Hair Towels

What is the best microfiber towel? Shopping for microfiber towels isn’t exactly complicated, but you need to make sure you are using the best.

Microfiber towels not only speed up drying out time, but they can change your whole hair game. The towel drying your hair process tends to get the least attention, but it should be an important part of your hair care routine. Your regular towel might be the one behind your frizz.

Giving your hair all the care is the best way to reduce damages. Your hair is more delicate when it’s wet, and you need to refrain from wrapping it in towels that will only lead to frizz and hair breakages. Keep in mind that not all microfiber towels are created the same way, so you need to look for one that is recommended by experts.

A microfiber towel won’t just dry out your hair, it dries out your hair quickly while avoiding split ends and breakage. Microfiber towels come in different shapes and sizes. While some are suitable for all hair types, some are best for textured, fine, curly, short, or long hair.

Benefits Of Microfiber Towel For Hair

Microfiber towels are not new to hair anymore, although many still wonder why they should switch to a microfiber towel. There are lots of benefits microfiber towels can do to your hair, and it is more comfortable than a large towel turban. Cotton towels might be great, but they are not ideal for your hair and if you are looking for a healthier option for your hair then the perfect choice is a microfiber towel.

1. Lightweight And Comfortable

To attain healthier hair strands, you need a microfiber hair towel that is lightweight and more comfortable. This is also fast drying which is a better alternative to cotton hair towels that take longer, and it won’t weigh your hair down either. Microfiber hair towels keep your hair secure in one place, and you don’t have to keep using your hand to set it in place.

2. Helps To Lessen Frizz

This is one of the major reasons to use microfiber towels on natural hair. This towel type can help limit frizz on your hair, and frizzy hair can sometimes be a result of using a cotton towel. Microfiber towel has a smoother texture that won’t snap at your hair strand or create friction either.

3. More Gentle On Your Hair

Cotton towels are known to snag at your hair strand, which can lead to breakages, but this is not the case with microfiber towels. To retain your hair length, microfiber towels are more suitable since its very gentle with your hair strand. It is suitable for both natural and textured hair types. Microfiber towels quickly absorb the water in your hair without leaving it feeling excessively dry.

4. No Traces Of Lint Ball

Cotton balls are popular for leaving lint balls in your hair, but this is not the case with microfiber towels. The quick absorbent properties and closely woven material of microfiber towels prevent them from leaving lint balls in your hair.

9 Best Microfiber Hair Towels, According to Experts

It is important that you are always gentle with your hair if you want to keep it healthy. One of the easiest ways you can cause breakage is with the towel you use, which is why microfiber towels are made to prevent that. In addition to the benefits listed above, microfiber towels do have exceptional durability. There are a lot of microfiber towels in the markets, however, to make shopping easier we have selected 9 of the best microfiber hair towels according to experts.

1. DuraComfort Essentials Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel- Best Overall

SimpleField Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for Women - Pack of 2 Quick Drying Hair Turban for Wet Hair, Absorbent, Anti Frizz Hair Care Accessory. (Beige)

DuraComfort Essentials microfiber towels are one of the highly recommended fast drying towels by experts. This towel is large enough for full thick hair and unlike the terry cotton towel, this absorbs water quickly and dries your hair fast. There are lots of reasons to choose this towel, it is made of high-quality material which makes it suitable for all hair types.

This microfiber hair towel is flexible enough to be wrapped around your hair like a turban, and it’s lightweight, so it won’t weigh your hair down. It’s an excellent choice of hair towel for both professional and home use.

This incredible towel is not designed for your hair alone, but it’s suitable for use on the skin as well. It is super compact when folded, and might not be ideal for all head sizes. You don’t have to worry about drying time with this towel.

What We Like About This Towel:

  • Lightweight and flexible construction for convenient use
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Absorbs water fast and cuts drying time to half
  • Durable material
  • Flexible and stretchy seam.

What We’d Change:

  • Not suitable for small head sizes.
Why we recommend it
DuraComfort microfiber towels can attend to your hair needs easily without causing any hair breakage. There are lots of reasons this is highly recommended, and one of them includes the fact that it helps achieve a smoother air-dry. It is made with an absorbent material that allows for convenient usage. It is indeed gentle to your hair and skin.

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2. AQUIS Original Hair Turban- Best Turban Microfiber Hair Towel

AQUIS - Original Hair Turban, Perfect Hands-Free Microfiber Hair Drying, White (10 x 27 Inches)

An exceptionally great microfiber towel you can wrap around your hair to dry it out is the AQUIS microfiber towel.

This microfiber hair towel is suitable for your thick, dense hair that takes forever to dry out. Thick long hair tends to take longer to dry of water and while air-drying is the healthier option, you do need something faster. This microfiber towel is highly recommended by experts for fast drying.

To ensure your curls retain their bounce and shape, you need a towel that cuts down on drying time and helps lessen frizz as well. This is a great urban towel that is not just for drying your hair but can also be used to steam your hair strands. Some reviews claim this towel helps battle hair damages.

What We Like About This Towel:

  • Help prevent snags
  • Promotes smoother and stronger hair strand
  • Dries water pout of your hair faster without rubbing it against your hair
  • Gentle on the hair
  • Suitable for color treated hair
  • Minimize damages caused by friction.

What We’d Change:

  • Size is not for all hair length.
Why we recommend it
This microfiber towel is quite a great choice for any hair type. It does have lots of obvious benefits, and it’s an excellent choice for both regular and professional use. This is a premium quality hair towel and not only will it cut down your drying time, but it also prevents damage, breakage, and frizz. Customers review claim this creates bounce, volume, and helps with curl definition as well.

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3. Ultra Fine Microfiber Hair Towel- Best Microfiber Hair Towel For Fine Delicate Hair

Ultra-Fine Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap - The Perfect Haircare - Anti-frizz Fast Drying Turban with Wet/Dry Brush (Black)

The Ultra Fine Microfiber towel is another towel you need in your hair care routine. This is the towel you need for your fine, delicate hair, to prevent frizz and breakage.

This is an anti-frizz microfiber towel worth investing in for any hair type, it is the best option for regular and professional use. The ultra-Fine microfiber towel is also the approved hair towel for curly hair.

If you are on the lookout for a hair-friendly microfiber towel, then this is one to consider. It is specifically made to care for your hair and just like every microfiber towel, it has fast drying features, and it makes your hair shinier, softer, and smoother.

What We Like About This Towel:

  • Suitable for all hair types and length
  • Absorbs excess moisture fast
  • Made with patented clip to prevent it from falling off
  • Silky soft fabric material
  • Comfortable to sleep in for overnight drying.

What We’d Change:

  • Expensive.
Why we recommend it
Your hair needs all the care it can get, and this microfiber towel can provide that. This microfiber hair towel treats your hair with care, and it comes with a wet brush that is designed to comb effortlessly through wet hair and pull moisture out of your hair, thereby reducing frizz. It also helps stop frizz and flyways.

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4. Turbie Twist Microfiber Towel- Best Microfiber Towel For Long Hair

Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for Women and Men | 4 Pack | Bathroom Essential Accessories | Quick Dry Hair Turban for Drying Curly, Long & Thick Hair (Pink, Blue, Grey, White)

Turbie Twist Microfiber Towel is another highly recommended hair towel by experts. This towel is designed to help reduce knots and damages caused by the use of cotton towels. This hair towel takes enough water out of your hair without having to rub it against your hair, and another major reason to get this towel is that it is suitable for use when you go to the beach or pool.

This is a soft microfiber towel that is comfortable enough for any hair type. The slightly elastic material means it can conform to any hair length, and it’s light enough not to weigh your hair down too.

What We Like About This Towel:

  • Moisture wicking properties that dry your hair faster
  • Secure elastic loop to keep your hair in place
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Compact
  • Suitable for all hair types.

What We’d Change:

  • Not durable
Why we recommend it
This is another microfiber towel to give your hair all the care it needs. Turbie Twist microfiber hair towel is super lightweight and designed to tame frizz and still wick away moisture fast. This is made with a strong elastic loop and no further adjustment is needed to make it fit stay fit on your hair.

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5. Yourlex Microfiber Hair Towel- Best Microfiber Towel For Curly Hair

YoulerTex Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for Women, 2 Pack 10 inch X 26 inch Super Absorbent Quick Dry Hair Turban for Drying Curly Long Thick Hair (Gray)

Yourlex Microfiber hair towel is just what you need to dry your wet curly hair and prevent breakage.

Cotton terry towels can easily strain curly hair, which is one of the reasons you should substitute it for a microfiber hair towel. This is made with extremely soft material hence it won’t snag at your hair, and it comes in a unique twist and loop method to ensure it stays in place.

This hair towel is highly durable as well, and you don’t have to worry about it losing its ability after each wash. It is extremely lightweight hence you can have it packed for travel, and it’s comfortable for long thick hair as well.

What We Like About This Towel:

  • Fast drying and super absorbent quality
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Keeps your head warm and cozy while your hair dries
  • Ideal for everyday use.

What We’d Change:

  • Not for long, thick hair.
Why we recommend it
One of the reasons experts recommend this is that it is a lightweight microfiber hair towel but quite thick and fluffy, so it can easily absorb the water in your hair. This also comes with a button and fabric loop to keep it in place on your head. We recommend this for medium and short curly hair, but those with thick curls might want something thicker with extra absorbent skill.

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6. Coco & Eve Hair Towel Wrap. Microfiber Hair Turban- Best Microfiber Towel For Short Hair

Coco & Eve Hair Towel Wrap. Microfiber Hair Turban for All Hair Types

It can be hard to choose a towel designed for your specific hair type, which is why you need one made for all hair types. Coco & Eve Hair Towel Wrap is made with a smoother texture to help lessen frizz and promote healthy hair. This towel is sure to cut your drying time in half and even help reduce damages on the head from styling products.

This is designed to transform your hair in minutes, and you won’t be needing your regular towel again. This is meant to help combat frizz and reduce damages to your hair as well. It drastically reduces your blow-drying time as well.

What We Like About This Towel:

  • Provides you with glossy, smooth hair
  • Cuts your drying time in half
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Overnight use boosts intense hair hydration
  • Gentle on your hair.

What We’d Change:

  • Too small for long thick hair.

7. Bondi Home & Spa Microfiber Hair Towel- Best Microfiber Towel For Thick Hair

Bondi Home & Spa Fast Drying Microfiber Hair Towel for Women – Super Absorbent, X Large & Soft Hair Drying Towel - for Curly, Long or Thick Hair (42 x 22) - White

Here is another microfiber towel you need to consider for your hair. This is ideal for long hair since it’s really large and your thick hair will thank you for it too. \

Bondi microfiber hair towel is designed for both home and spa use, it is quite affordable compared to other small microfiber towels. This towel is weightless, so you can be sure it will dry your hair without weighing it down.

Bondi MIcrofiber towel is travel-friendly and just what you need to care for your curls. This towel is made of super durable and ultra-absorbable material, and regular use is sure to leave your hair healthy and soft.

What We Like About This Towel:

  • Travel-friendly
  • Durable
  • Soft
  • Super absorbent
  • Ultra lightweight

What We’d Change:

  • None we can find.
Why we recommend it
This is made specifically to cut your drying time in half with its strong stitching and extra absorbent microfiber material. The fabric is pretty stretchable, and it does not slip either. You can easily have your thick air wrapped into it without worrying about it slipping, this towel can also be used to keep your air in place while you apply makeup.

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8. Scala Microfiber Rectangle Hair Towel Wrap- Best Microfiber Towel For Frizz control

Scala Microfiber Rectangle Hair Towel Wrap - Magic Instant Quick Dry Turban Twist for Women. Anti Frizz Curly, Straight, Color Treated, Hair. (2 Pack)

Scala Microfiber Rectangle Hair Towel is a quick-drying towel wrap for frizz control. This hair towel is ideal for basically all hair types, and it’s large enough for long hair too. This dries hair 50 times faster than conventional towels, it is also one of the highly-rated microfiber towels in the market now. It is thick enough to absorb moisture, but also gentle on your hair strand.

This Scala microfiber hair towel is the perfect way to dry your hair compared to a terry cotton towel. Your hair type doesn’t matter, this towel can be used conveniently, it also cuts your blow-drying time in half as well.

What We Like About This Towel:

  • Lightweight durable material
  • Minimizes unnecessary friction and damages
  • Stretchable
  • Durable
  • Super soft

What We’d Change:

  • Not a good size for wrappin ypour hair.
Why we recommend it
Scala microfiber hair towel is designed to care for your hair and dry it faster than regular towels. This is an all-occasion towel for when you need to steam your hair or keep it wrapped up while you do your makeup. Not for twist if you do have long thick hair though but reviews claim it’s worth the price it offers.

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9. SimpleField Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap- Best Budget-Friendly Option

SimpleField Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for Women - Pack of 2 Quick Drying Hair Turban for Wet Hair, Absorbent, Anti Frizz Hair Care Accessory. (Beige)

SimpleField Microfiber Hair Towel is the ideal hair towel to go for if you are on a budget and need a quality towel for your hair.

This towel serves as a turban too, which means it is made to be wrapped around your hair. The hair towel is made with ultra-absorbent material, and it is machine washable as well. This is another highly recommended microfiber towel by experts.

This microfiber towel is an excellent choice for both professionals and regular home use. This is a unique microfiber towel to choose for your hair need, and it helps reduce frizz and split ends.

What We Like About This Towel:

  • Suitable for all hair types and length
  • Anti-frizz hair care material
  • Makes drying time easy and faster
  • Keeps the hair smooth and shiny.

What We’d Change:

  • None we could find.
Why we recommend it
This is another microfiber hair towel you can’t say no to. It is made with super absorbent material and a flexible seam that allows you to tie it into a turban. This is great for any hair length and style.

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What To Look For When Buying Microfiber Hair Towels

There are a couple of things you need to look for before buying a hair towel.

You need to ensure you are choosing a microfiber hair towel that caters to your hair drying needs and gives you a comfortable experience. Below is the information you need before choosing a microfiber hair towel.

  • Hair Length: The size of the microfiber towel you are going for is important, but this as more to do with our hair length. You need to choose a microfiber towel that can cater to your hair type and length. If you have notably long, thick hair then a large microfiber towel will e the ideal option. Shorter hair needs a small or medium towel, so the weight of the towel doesn’t pull your hair down.
  • Loops Or Buttons: The other thing you need to consider is the loops and buttons you need to secure it firmly on your head. You should check for loops or buttons on the material to prevent slippage.
  • Texture: Microfiber towel should have a smooth texture that won’t snag at your hair. The choice of texture for microfiber towels is often based on customer’s preference, but it’s best to choose one that is smooth and lightweight.


Are microfiber towels better for hair?

They are a much-preferred option to the standard regular towels. Microfiber towels are super absorbent and their ultra-fine fiber makes them ideal for delicate fine hair types. It won’t cause your hair to snag or tangle like the cotton towels would have done.

Do microfiber towels help with frizz?

There is less friction when you use microfiber towels, so it does help with frizz. This towel help lessen frizz, and it dries the hair faster than other towels too.

How do you wash microfiber towels?

To wash microfiber towels and retain their quality, you should wash them in warm water and mild detergent. No fabric softeners are needed for washing this material and be careful what other material you wash with it.

Can microfiber towels go in the dryer?

Yes, microfiber towels can go in the dryer after washing but ensure this is not done often. Microfiber towels should also not be washed or put in the dryer with cotton materials.

What material is best for drying hair?

In terms of performance and during your hair, microfiber material is regarded as the best option. It absorbs water well and keeps your hair frizz-free.

What is better for curly hair, microfiber, or cotton towels?

Curly hair acre is considered the most fragile and prone to frizz, which is why the towel you use is essential. Microfiber towels are more preferred option to lessen frizz on curly hair. Microfiber towels provide curly hair with a much smoother drying surface.

Final Thoughts

Microfiber towels are made of fine and densely packed fiber material that is gentle enough for any hair type. Microfiber towels are available in two forms are disposable and reusable towels, however, both are specifically designed to care for your hair, but the most common is reusable.

This towel is not just designed to dry your hair but tames frizz as well and all you need now is to pick your favorite from the ones listed above.

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