39 Milkmaid Braids Ideas You’ll Love

Milkmaid Braid Ideas

Are you done with wearing your hair down? If yes, then it is high time you switch to braids and updos and milkmaid braids are one of the stylish ways that this can be done.

Milkmaid braids are usually two braided hairs wrapped around the head to form a circle. It might sound boring to just wrap two braids around your head, but trust me it can be more than that.

These braids can feature any type of braid from boho braids to fishtail braids, and this sometimes can cause them to look more complicated and intricate when they in fact very easy and simple.

This article will provide you with 39 adorable milkmaid braid ideas that can give you a more alluring and majestic look.

39 Milkmaid Braids Ideas You’ll Love

It is summertime and you want to loosen up a little because of the heat, of course, you would need to adopt a stylish updo hairstyle to feel good. Now milkmaid braids are your best bet to achieve this and this is why we have prepared these milk braids ideas that you would love;

1. Milkmaid Braids With Green Ribbons

Milkmaid braids with green ribbons
Image: tatsuoni//instagram

The use of green ribbons in this beautiful milkmaid braid adds a pop of color and fancy to the look.

2. Boho Bridal Milkmaid Braid

Boho Bridal Milkmaid Braid
Image: racz.dorika//instagram

These milkmaid boho braids give a feminine look and it is a stylish option for special events.

3. Fishtail Crown Braid

Fishtail Crown Braid
Image: braidbabes//instagram

This milkmaid braid is the best choice if you want to create a very sophisticated and classy look.

4. Milkmaid Braids With Floral Accessories

Milkmaid Braids With Floral Accessories
Image: kimmyhartistry//instagram

Whether you have a date planned or you have a party to attend, this milkmaid braid will serve you the looks that you want.

5. Dreamy Milkmaid Braids

Dreamy Milkmaid Braids
Image: jodiemakeupuk//instagram

It’s your big day and you are not sure what Milkmaid braid to recreate, this can be the perfect choice for you.

6. Blonde Milkmaid Braids

Blonde Milkmaid Braids
Image: annawadehair//insagram

This milkmaid braid can be a lovely choice for brides who are seeking a romantic, bohemian, or ethereal look.

7. Classic Fishtail Milkmaid Braid

Classic Fishtail Milkmaid Braid
Image: festivalbrides//instagram

This classic fishtail milkmaid braid is considered to be beautiful by people who appreciate its intricate and elegant appearance.

8. Soft And Elegant French Milkmaid

Soft And Elegant French Milkmaid
Image: kimxbby__//instagram

This milkmaid braid can make you feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful.

9. Messy Milkmaid Braids

Messy Milkmaid Braids
Image: brigitte_fisher//instagram

This messy milkmaid braid is a fun and casual hairstyle that can add a touch of boho charm to your everyday look.

10. Simple Milkmaid Braid

Simple Milkmaid Braid
Image: monamieweddinghair//instagram

This simple milkmaid braid is an elegant and timeless hairstyle for every woman.

11. Bohemian And Fishtail Updo Braids

Bohemian And Fishtail Updo Braids
Image: justbraydzbychaya//instagram

This bohemian and fishtail updo is extremely beautiful and versatile, it can be worn for various occasions but it is most suitable for brides

12. Glamor Milkmaid Braids

Glamor Milkmaid Braids
Image: tatiana__irving//instagram

This glamor milkmaid braids are a stylish and elegant hairstyle choice that can elevate your overall look.

13. Quick Milkmaid Braid

Quick Milkmaid Braid
Image: sophiebrunomua//instagram

These quick milkmaid braids take inspiration from traditional milkmaid braids and add a glamorous twist to make them more suitable for special occasions and even formal events.

14. Elegant Milkmaid Braid

elegant milkmaid braid
Image: yourpinkhairedrapunzel//instagram

You absolutely need to try out this glamorous twist on the classic milkmaid braids and enjoy the attention they bring.

15. Half Down Milkmaid Braid

Half Down Milkmaid Braid
Image: jodiemakeupuk//instagram

This hairstyle radiates grace and refinement, making it a perfect choice for any formal occasion where you want to showcase your poise and style.

16. 3D Round Milkmaid Braid

3D Round Milkmaid Braid
Image: trencitajohnson//instagram

This hairstyle is perfect for your everyday look especially when its summer and you want to appear polished and put together with your hair up.

17. Mixed Milkmaid Braid

Mixed Milkmaid Braid
Image: trencitajohnson//instagram

This mixed milkmaid braid is a trendy hairstyle that combines Dutch and regular braid techniques to create a unique and beautiful look.

18. Simple Dutch Milkmaid Braid

Simple Dutch Milkmaid Braid
Image: healthyrelaxedhair//instagram

This is a great choice for casual outings where you want to look simple and elegant.

19. Loose Halo Milkmaid Braids

Loose Halo Milkmaid Braids
Image: robindeltoro //instagram

This loose halo milkmaid braid is a relaxed bohemian version of the classic milkmaid braid.

20. Beautiful Milkmaid Braid With Crystal Hair Pieces

Beautiful Milkmaid Braid With Crystal Hair Pieces
Image: tatiana__irving//instagram

Whether you’re attending a formal party or enjoying a casual day out, these braids add a touch of natural beauty and grace to your overall look.

21. Milkmaid With Dried Flowers

Milkmaid With Dried Flowers
Image: kimmyhartoistry//Instgaram

This unique updo hairstyle is perfect for events like weddings, proms, and other formal parties. However, it is most suitable for brides who want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their overall style.

22. Infinity Halo Milkmaid Braid

Infinity Halo Milkmaid Braid
Image: samvillahair//Instagram

There is no way this milkmaid braid hairstyle won’t pull stares and flattering compliments as it is not just unique it is also artistic and features an intricate pattern.

23. Milkmaid Braid For Short Hair

Milkmaid Braid For Short Hair

If you have short hair and you wondering if it is possible to join in on the milkmaid braids trend, the answer is yes and it can be achieved with this hairstyle idea.

24. Jumbo Halo Milkmaid Braid

Jumbo Halo Milkmaid Braid
Image: vo_lup_tuous28//Instagram

For this updo style, you’d need to adopt the Dutch braid hairdo and wrap it up around the head like a crown.

25. Milkmaid Halo Braids

Milkmaid Halo Braids
Image: sophieeggleton//Instgram

It is true when they say milkmaid braids are not a boring or mediocre hairstyle. Imagine how elevated your style would be when you walk through those event doors with these milkmaid halo braids.

26. Loose Halo Milkmaid Braids With Hair Accessories

Loose Halo Milkmaid Braids
image: kristinagasperasmua//Instagram

If you are not up for an uptight Milkmaid braid, then this might be exactly what you need.

27. Rope Twist Milkmaid Updo

Rope Twist Milkmaid Updo
Image: candycanecreation1//Instagram

Milkmaid braids embrace creativity and genuineness and this rope twist style idea is proof that milkmaid braids are a spectacular choice of hairdo.

28. Afro Kinky Milkmaid Braids

Afro Kinky Milkmaid Braids
Image: naturalhairinspirations//Instagram

This particular idea can be worn in every season but most especially in summer. It is a suitable choice for parties and even for some of your day-to-day adventures.

29. Milkmaid Braids With Low Bun

Milkmaid Braids With Low Bun
Image: lenafrisiert//instagram

This milkmaid look might not be versatile but ut surely is your best bet if you have a wedding party to attend, a prom, or a romantic dinner date.

30. Milkmaid Updo With Dutch Braids

Milkmaid Updo With Dutch Braids
Image: thys.k//Instagram

For all lovers of Dutch braids, this milkmaid braid look will fit perfectly and serve looks.

31. Infinity Milkmaid Braids

Infinity Milkmaid Braids
Image: theconfessionsofahairstylist//instagram

Go bold and beautiful with these milkmaid braids with intricate infinity patterns.

32. Bridal Boho Milkmaid Braid

Bridal Boho Milkmaid Braid
Image: babehairbyb//instagram

Although this hairstyle is most worn by brides, it can fit into a variety of occasions. It features loose braids and a small amount of hairs are left out to give it the boho effect.

33. Donut Milkmaid Braids

Donut Milkmaid Braids
Image: bellezamaybh//instagram

This milkmaid braid is classy and unique. It may seem a bit complicated but it is very easy to achieve. Here the hairs are divided into two sections. The middle section is tied up like a ponytail, then spread out and braid with the other section of the hair.

34. Chunky Milkmaid Braids

Chunky Milkmaid Braids
Image: matthewjanessalon//instagram

If you would prefer a more simpler and less time-consuming updo hairstyle then this is the right choice to make.

35. Messy Bun Milkmaid Updo

Messy Bun Milkmaid Updo
Image: ervindale.farm//instagram

Create a messy bun with the milkmaid braid for this look to be achieved. This hairstyle will most definitely compliment your facial structures and enhance your beauty.

36. Spring Milkmaid Braid With Cornrows

Spring Milkmaid Braid With Cornrows
Image: braidsonit//instagram

If you have a set of cornrows already done, you can choose to adopt this updo hairstyle and elevate your hair game.

37. Crown Milkmaid Braids

Crown Milkmaid Braids
image: mybabygirl_hairstyles

You do not need a metal crown when you have this milkmaid braid hairstyle done. This adorable updo will instantly make you feel like royalty.

38. Studded Milkmaid Braids

Studded Milkmaid Braids
Image: hair2care.pl//instagram

This neatly done and accessible milkmaid braid is a big hit and it is mostly suitable for kids and teenagers.

39. Dutch Braids Milkmaid Updo

Dutch Braids Milkmaid Updo
Image: long_hair_monk//Instagram

If you are an oval-faced girlie, well you do not need to wonder if this hairstyle will serve you right, As you can see it will do an amazing job at enhancing your beauty and complimenting your facial features.

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