37 Side Fringe Hairstyle Ideas For 2023

Side Fringe Hairstyles

How do you wear a side fringe? A side fringe starts from a side parting, and it often covers only one part of the forehead it’s a flattering hairstyle to wear. A side fringe gives you an ultimate flattering look, and it has been making an epic comeback in 2022 apart from it being trendy, it is a great way to completely change up your look.

It doesn’t matter whether your hair is long, short, layered, or a short bob, you can practically wear side fringe with any of it plus it’s a super sly way to alter your face shape without being too drastic.

Side fringe hairstyles are great and have recently been introduced back in trend with more creative styling. Side fringes are also a cool way to accent any face and it instantly highlights your eyes and cheekbones.

35 Side Fringe Hairstyle Ideas For 2022

Your face shape is going to determine which side of your face your fringes will look great on and it can be tailored for just any hair type hence we have rounded up 35 side fringe hairstyle ideas for 2022.

1. Cut And Style Side Fringe

Cut And Style Side Fringe
Source: Hair Adviser

Cut and style don’t often require you to take any big chop. You might have to trim the edges to get the side-swept vibe but nothing too drastic. This type of side fringe works for any face shape. Cut and style side bangs are great for short hair too.

2. Ponytail Side Fringe

 Ponytail Side Fringe
Image: @asiatheguru // Instagram

Whether you have a long, short or layered haircut, you can make this type of hairstyle work. Adding a ponytail to this also makes it look even more classy and suitable for all occasions.

3. Short Side Fringe

Short Side Fringe
Image: @sidefringe // Instagram

Short hair can be really fun with the right-side fringe hairstyle. Above is one of the simple and classy ways you can get side fringe and still grow out your hair. This hairstyle requires low maintenance and if you are cutting your hair, you don’t need to chop off too much to achieve the look.

4. Side Bun Fringe

Side Bun Fringe
Source: whowhatwear

This is simply all about styling. A bun and a side fringe do go hand in hand, it gives you a cool classy look without even cutting your hair. You can have this styled at home yourself.

5. Messy Side Bang

Messy Side Bang
Image: @sidebanghair // Instagram

If you are up for a more elegant party look then you have it right here. We all love a good side fringe and having it paired with a protective style like a messy bun makes it look even more adorable.

6. Cut And Style Side Fringe

Cut And Style Shoulder Length Side Fringe
Source: Hairstyles

This is another trendy side fringe you should try. The hair is cut in long layers and it’s perfect if you have long hair but can also be done with short hair.

7. Long Side Bang

Long Side Bang
Image: @fryzury // Instagram

This is regarded as a youthful look as it highlights the face features and makes one look younger. It nicely frames any dace shape and you can easily cut it at home yourself.

8. Short Layered Fringe Hairstyle

Short Layered Fringe Hairstyle
Image: @hairstyleidea // Instagram

This haircut can have you switching your baby bangs into side fringes as soon as possible. It is cool if you want to keep your hairstyle simple and easy to maintain.

9. Pixie Cut Side Fringe Hairstyle

Pixie Cut Side Fringe Hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

The pixie cut is an exciting haircut for lots of women these days. It allows you to keep your hair away from your face but if you want to keep stylish then have it styled to the side and you simply get a side-swept fringe.

10. Highlighted Side Swept Fringe

Highlighted Side Swept Fringe
Image: @sidefringe // Instagram

Here is another glamorous side fringe hairstyle you are going to love getting.

11. Swoopy Side Swept Bang

Swoopy Side Swept Bang
Image: @darahsolomon // Instagram

This haircut idea features long sharp edge cuts and side fringes that are similar to baby bangs which makes it another exciting way to get side fringes.

12. Comb Over Side Fringe

 Comb Over Side Fringe
Image: @haircuts // Instagram

White allows you to have fun with your choice of fringe.

13. Shaggy Side Swept Fringe

Shaggy Side Swept Fringe
Source: Pinterest

If you still can’t make up your mind on what fringe style you want then you can keep it on the low with a shaggy cut.

14. Comb Over Fringe

 Comb Over Fringe
Image: @loaNah // Instagram

You don’t need a special cut or styling for this, you just have to get your hair combed to the side and then you have this amazing side fringe style.

15. Medium Side Swept Fringe

Medium Side Swept Fringe
Image: @styleinterest // Instagram

The medium side fringe is another interesting hairstyle you should give a try.

16. Medium Length Wavy Hair Fringe

Medium Length Wavy Hair Fringe
Source: Ponzarelli

Keep it light and simple if you want to retain your hair length.

17. Traditional Ponytail With Side Fringe

Traditional Ponytail With Side Fringe
Source: Hair Adviser

A traditional ponytail with a side fringe is quite a dramatic and eye-catching hairstyle you are going to love trying.

18. Flipped Side Fringe

Flipped Side Fringe
Image: @wavyfringe // Instagram

This is regarded as another romantic and fancy hairstyle worth trying.

19. Office Short Bob

Office Short Bob
Source: Pop Haircuts

Short and simple for the office is also worth trying.

20. Pretty Side Lob Fringe

Lob Fringe
Image: @selenagomez // Instagram

We must admit, we all love a nice lob haircut that highlights our features and if you are up for it. Here is a less dramatic but fun way to wear a lob.

21. Cute Fringe Bob

Image: @taylor swift // Instagram

This layered haircut is the newest trend in 2022 and we are sure going to enjoy seeing more of it.

22. Straight Hair Pixie Side Fringe

Straight Hair Pixie Side Fringe
Source: Pinterest

Another short side fringe hairstyle to show your hairstylist.

23. Layered Side Fringe For Long Hair

Layered Side Fringe For Long Hair
Source: Latest Hairstyles

A layered haircut often requires high maintenance but if you are trying to grow out your fringe then this is the ideal hairstyle to try.

24. Knotted Partial Up-do

Knotted Partial Updo
Source: TrendyFringe

This is the side fringe hairstyle to try if you have a round face and can’t decide on what fringe hairstyle will suit your face.

25. Side Part Long Fringe

Side Part Long Bangs
Image: @sidefringe // Instagram

Shoulder length hair does look cool with bangs especially when they are slightly curled.

26. Long Side Fringe For Medium Hair

Long Side Fringe For Medium Hair
Source: Hairstyles

Another smooth fringe haircut that will be in trend for a long while.

27. Choppy Blunt Fringes

Choppy Blunt Fringes
Source: The Cuddi

If choppy and chunky is the trend then here is a side fringe hairstyle that speaks for it.

28. Edgy Medium Fringe

 Edgy Medium Fringe
Source: Haircuts

An edgy look can never go wrong, you just need to find one that highlights your face. This hairstyle is great for long and oval face shapes.

29. Fun Fringe Style With Bandana

Fun Fringe Style With Bandana
Source: Hairswonder

You can simply have your hair styled with a bandana and add a cut and style fringe to the side to compliment the look.

30. Side Fringes With Messy Bun

Side Fringes With Messy Bun
Source: Ella Hairtrend

A messy bun is going to be around for a while. This is a look that stylishly keeps your hair away from your face while giving you a sassy cool look.

31. Side Swept Fringes For Broad Forehead

Side Swept Fringes For Broad Forehead
Source: HiNative

This side fringe is making a comeback this 2022 and seems to be the trendiest side fringe broad forehead and oval face shape. It is a super easy-to-style fringe and very as classic as well, you can have it rocked to practically any occasion, and you can also try having the fringe parted for another trendy look.

32. Short Wavy Bob With Side Fringe

Short Wavy Bob With Side Fringe
Source: Zilei

A short wavy bob with a side fringe is another stylish way of keeping your fringes looking cute. This short hairstyle allows you to embrace your hair and style your fringes easily.

33. Angled Wavy Layered Lob With Long Side Swept Fringe

Layered Cut With Long Bangs
Source: Hairstylelogy

Medium hair length is one of the most versatile lengths and when paired with side-swept bangs, they can be fascinating. The fringe here is super easy to style and gives you that effortless look without you trying too hard.

34. Shoulder Hair Length With Fringe

Shoulder Hair Length With Fringe
Source: Pinterest

Another medium hair length hairstyle you should try with fringe is this hairstyle above. The medium-length adds to the beauty and the long fringe makes it a cool sophisticated look thick-haired. It adds volume to short hair as well.

35. Bob With Side Fringe

Bob With Side Fringe
Source: All Things Hair

Bob hairstyles are another trendy way to keep your hair away from your face during summer however you can have it styled with fringes to add structure and draw more attention to your face. Not only does this hairstyle looks cool but it’s also flattering on most face shapes.

36. Layered Hairstyle With Side Fringe

Layered Hairstyle With Side Bangs
Source: HairstyleCamp

Layered hairstyles have a deliberately undefined look and with sleek side-swept bangs, you can rock them with glamour to any occasion. This can go for either medium, mid-length, or hair that is not too short and they do look great with varieties of fringes.

37. Long Hair With Side Swept Feathered Fringe

Long Hair Side Swept Fringe
Source: Pinterest

The soft feathered fringe creates a laidback cool vibe that is best suited to this hairstyle. This side bang is not limited to one face shape and the side fringe is a classic as it frames the face and draws attention to the mouth and face in general.


Anyone can pull off a sweeping side fringe and this is why they are quite popular. Side fringes are soft, textured, and layered which prevents them from completely covering your eye as some full curtain bangs would do. When it comes to fringes, there is always a fringe that suits every face shape.

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