21 Bantu Knots Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Bantu Knots Hairstyle For Natural Hair

Bantu knots have always been that one hairstyle that every girlie passionate about protective hairstyle should strongly consider. This hairstyle is so overlooked and underrated that it doesn’t get enough credit that it deserves.

However, this doesn’t eliminate the fact that they are great hairstyles that will not only protect your hair from breakage and other damage they can also enhance your facial features and give your natural curls without heat.

Do you now see how powerful and beneficial Bantu knots are for your natural hair journey? We know you’d be impressed by the special abilities of this beautiful hairstyle and that is why we have compiled an exclusive list of Bantu knot hairstyles great for your natural hair.

21 Bantu Knots Hairstyles For Natural Hair

What are your hair goals? If your answer is healthier hair, with enough hair density and swift growth, then you should consider achieving these goals with Bantu knots as you will be getting a 3-in-1 deal with them.

This means you would be curling your natural hair without introducing heat, protecting your hair from breakage by locking in your hair’s moisture, and also enhancing your beauty all at once!

1. Simple Bantu Knots

Simple Bantu Knots
Image: lynnswayxx//instagram

If you want to be a bit laid back about your hairstyle, well good news! This Bantu knot hairstyle is the perfect choice. You can keep it for a short while, let it loose, and unveil the beautiful curls.

2. Urban Bantu Knots

Urban Bantu Knots
Image: nana.achiaa.a//instagram

You are sure to eat up the Bantu knots with this particular style. It is simple, classy, and chic and an amazing choice.

3. Tribal Braids Inspired Bantu Knots

Tribal Braids Inspired Bantu Knots
Image: theybstudio//Instagram

This Bantu knot hairstyle is an absolute showstopper and worth every bit of time and effort.

4. Beautiful Bantu Knots With Creative Cornrow

Beautiful Bantu Knots With Creative Cornrow
Image: thomes.beauty.world//instagram

One thing that is very certain about Bantu knots is that it allow hairstylists to bring out their artistic side to mind-blowing results. To achieve this look, neatly plait a single cornrow and pass it across the forehead to the other side of the hair.

5. Goddess Braids Inspired Bantu Knots

Goddess Braids Inspired Bantu Knots
Image: braidsambassador//Instagram

6. Freestyle Bantu Knots

Freestyle Bantu Knots
Image: _moneyb_//instagram

This has got to be the easiest bantu knots you have ever seen and what’s even more great is that you can do it yourself. All you need are the necessary hair tools to get it done and when you are ready for some curls you can let it loose.

7. Locs Bantu Knots

Locs Bantu Knots
Image: locsbyempresst//Instagram

Locs can’t stop you from having some Bantu knots on. Switch up your loc hairstyle with this Bantu knot hairstyle idea.

8. Blonde Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots With Colored Extension
Image: dolledbtdyaa//Instagram

Colored bantu knots are the banger and you know it. Neatly done bantu knots and well-laid edges are a big hit.

9. Chunky Sized Bantu Knots

Chunky Sized Bantu Knots
Image: naturalblackgirlee//Instagram

With this particular style, there is no need to be worried about perfecting the buns as they almost look like messy buns with accented braids at the back.

10. Gorgeous Bantu Knots With Golden Strings

Gorgeous Bantu Knots With Golden Strings
Image: himenatural//Instagram

What is a Bantu knot without an extra sprinkle of spice? Accessorize each bun with some gold strings and the cornrow with some african beads and be stunned by the results.

11. Detailed Cornrows With Bantu Knots

Detailed Cornrows With Bantu Knots
Image: bethdefinesbeauty//Instagram

For a more long-lasting bantu knot, you can opt for this particular style. Create swirly cornrows for each bun and tie it up nicely.

12. Minimal Bantu Knots

Minimal Bantu Knots
Image: cacheiaaqui//instagram

If you are a minimalist and love going for the simplest and more laid-back styles, this is absolutely the one for you.

13. Mouton Bantu Knots

Mouton Bantu Knots
Image: karenbourgade//Instagram

Channel your inner African goddess by opting for this minimally accessorized Bantu knot hairstyle.

14. Heart Braid Bantu Knots

Heart Braid Bantu Knots
Image: k.k.styledyou//Instagram

This hairstyle is giving everything gorgeous. The heart-shaped bun on the side adds a lot of cuteness and creativity to the mix.

15. Bantu Knots With Accent Braids

Bantu Knots With Accent Braids
Image: honeycomb.hl//instagram

You don’t need hair extensions if your natural hair is pretty long, you have to consider this chic and simple Bantu knot hairstyle.

16. Bantu Knots With Boho Curls

Irregular Sized Bantu Knots
Image: mionnastyled//Instagram

One thing for sure when it comes to Bantu knots is that you do not have to follow the crowd, you can own up to your style and personal taste if you like it a bit bigger than the traditional size.

17. Simple Zulu Knots With Triangular Shapes

Simple Zulu Knots With Natural Hair
Image: honeycomb.hl//Instagram

This fun hairstyle requires you to make neat triangular hair parts.

18. Trigonometry Bantu Knots

Trigonometry Bantu Knots
Image: queenlwam//Instagram

With bantu knots sometimes you have to be very strategic about the shapes for them to come out looking astonishing.

19. Bantu Knots With Side Corn Rows

Bantu Knots With Side Corn Rows
Image: manefrequencies//Instagram

Who needs a crown when you can simply just go to the salon and make this beautiful Bantu knot hairstyle? Wake up feeling like a princess every other day with this majestic hairdo.

20. Micro Bantu Knots

Micro Bantu Knots
Image: hair_x_amor//Instagram

If your hair is not so lengthy and you still want to hop on the Bantu knot train, say no more, and get this particular style done.

21. Double Heart Shaped Bantu Knots

Double Heart Shaped Bantu Knots
Image: braidsbyarrie//Instagram

This style screams “I want to keep it simple but I want to go hard!”. To keep these Bantu knots intact and secured longer than usual, you would need a got2bglued spray.

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