Why Is My Natural Hair Dry?

why is my natural hair dry

Dry hair is one of the issues many people with kinky hair deal with. One minute, the hair is well-moisturized and the next, it’s dry and brittle, and for a lot of these people, dryness of the hair can cause a lot of discouragement and discomfort.

Dry hair occurs when the hair lacks the right amount of moisture or doesn’t retain the moisture it gets. Though, the scalp produces its own oil for moisture, when it is dry, a person automatically gets dry hair.

Yes, a dry scalp equals dry hair.

Natural kinky hair is more prone to drying out than straight hair, because of its curl pattern. A kinky hair curl pattern might make it difficult for moisture to travel from root to tip and some take this to mean it’s a norm for the natural hair to be dry, however, this is not entirely so.

It’s not a norm, there’s a tendency, but there are several things you can do to mitigate the issue. And asides your hair type, many other things can cause hair dryness.

What Causes Dryness In Natural Hair?

Weather: the weather is the first and common reason for dry hair. A harsh, dry and hot climate will dry your hair out fast and make it brittle.

1. Frequent Hair Wash

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A lot of people want to keep their hair clean, but some people end up overdoing it. Washing the hair more than once in the space of two weeks can make the hair dry.

2. Using Wrong (Harsh) Products

Knowing the right product to use is important in making sure your hair retains its moisture. Some shampoos have harsh ingredients that make the hair dry, for example, shampoos with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate should be avoided, although it cleans the hair and rids it of dandruff, it also rids the hair of its natural moisture.

3. Styling tools

Using heat styling tools like hairdryers, flat irons, etc often and without protection also dry out the hair. Your hair shouldn’t be exposed to this kind of heat until you have applied mousse to wet hair before styling.

4. Chlorinated water

why is my natural hair so dry

Water that has lots of chlorine can affect the hair and make it really dry. Usually, one can come in contact with this from swimming pools and tap water.

5. Age

As one gets older, the scalp tends to produce less oil, which in turn affects the amount of oil the hair gets.

What To Do When Your Hair Gets Dry

Use Essential Oils: You can never go wrong with essential oils; they are tested and trusted. The coconut oil is especially good for you if your hair has been damaged by sun or heat. It moisturizes and helps it look good.

1. Do Not Wash Your Hair Too Often:

Cut down on the number of times you wash your hair, once within the space of two weeks is best(depending on what you put in your hair during this period) also, instead of using shampoo all the time, if your hair isn’t dirty, you can use just conditioner to clean, smoothen and moisturize your hair, thereby avoiding tangling and breakage.

However, this is dependent on your hair porosity.

Avoid Cotton Hair Cover Or Pillow Cover: Cotton is more likely to strip your hair of its moisture and encourage breakage, while satin or a silk hair cover and pillowcases help the hair retain its moisture. 

2. Your Hair Needs Water

This is different from washing your hair, just as our skin is a product of what we take in, so is our hair. Drinking enough water and adding a sprinkle of water to your hair daily will definitely help moisturize your hair.

3. Pre-poo

You already know shampoo strips the hair of moisture, pre-pooing is the application of hair oils, butter, or even conditioner to the hair, before shampooing or co-washing the hair. This adds a layer of protection to the hair – so that shampooing doesn’t strip the hair of all its moisture, detangles the hair, and leaves it soft.

4. LOC

LOC is the Liquid (water)+ Oil + Cream (or leave-in conditioner) method of moisturizing your hair. You spray water into it, massage oil into the scalp and your hair strands, add leave-into the hair strands.

Keep your hands away from your hair.

There are other various reasons for dry natural hair aside the ones listed here. Like Anorexia nervosa, Hypothyroidism all of which are medical conditions.

Dry hair can be really stressful, but try out some of these tips and know your hair porosity; this will guide you on knowing which hair care tips are useful for you and from there, your hair care regimen will bring better results.

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