How to Do Finger Waves On Natural Hair (Complete Guide)

Can You Do Finger Waves On Natural Hair?

Finger waves are one of the common natural hair hairstyles that have been around for a very long time. This hairstyle is a really classic one and it was introduced in the 1920s. It was created to add style to any appearance and it happens to be one of the most prominent hairstyles in the 20s.

This sleek hairstyle is often regarded to be practical and this is due to how effortless and sleek it can make you look.

Many Hollywood stars were seen rocking this hairstyle which was what contributed to its evolution back then. Recently, finger waves seem to have gained their popularity back and although this hairstyle works best on relaxed and textured hair, naturalists have found a way to make it work for their hair type.

The finger wave technique will come in really handy on days you want to keep your hairstyle simple and classy. So if you are looking to hop on the finger wave trend with your natural hair, below are things you need to know.

History Of Finger Waves

Finger Waves was introduced in the 1920s and it was known to be originally made famous by singer/dancer Josephine Baker and silver screen stars Bette Davis. The hairstyle was considered acceptable by anyone who has soft hair and wants to appear feminine. Finger wave made a fashion comeback in the 1990s and was embraced by Hollywood celebrities.

Popular actresses such as Kate Bosworth who have short hair continue to bring the hair back in trend. Before getting the finger waves on curly hair, it has to be straightened but it happens to be a classy hairstyle people went all in for.

With time finger waves got more interesting and the result of the waves depends on your hair type and often how soft it is. Finger wave is created by hand on gel dampened hair. and a fine-tooth comb and clip are used to hold your hair in place.

Can You Do Finger Waves On Natural Hair?

Finger waves are typically created to work on sleek relaxed and textured hair but not to worry, there has been an exception to this rule and they can work on natural too. Although find waves can be done on any hair length when it comes to natural hair, it can be achieved only on short natural hair.

To give natural hair shine and soften it for the waves, experts recommend the use of egg whites.

How To Do Finger Waves On Natural Hair

Finger waves are classic hairstyles and we can understand why it’s suddenly back in trend.

Now that you are aware of the historical concept of finger waves, it’s now time for you to learn how to make this hairstyle at home on your natural hair. Ensure your hair is wet before trying to make finger waves and to ensure it comes out perfectly, below are things you will need and the perfect way to make it.

Things You Will Need:

  • Small tooth rat tail comb
  • Mousse
  • Hooded hairdryer (Optional)
  • Styling strips

After you have everything to be used laid out, here are ways to make finger waves at home yourself.

  • For the best outcome, you need to work with a damp hair, wash and condition your hair, apply leave in conditioner after washing for moisture and to soften it
  • Using a setting gel with agood hold or lotion on your hair is important to help you set ridge like wave
  • Section your hair and wrap a section around a finger while using the side of the comb to press each section
  • Use a comb or finger to mold the style of the waved head of hair
  • Let your hair dry by wrapping tighty with a satin scarf or sit under a dryer but this is optional for natural hair
  • For ectra hold and protection, you can use a hair spray.

Finger Waves On Natural Hair

Finger’s ways are not limited to one way of styling but it simply just involve using styling tools and products to create a sea of waves on your mane. So, while contemplating how you want your finger waves to look, below are easy finger wave styles on natural hair to inspire you.

1. Short Finger Waves

Types Of  Finger Waves On Natural Hair
Source: Hairtrend

This is one of the coolest types of finger waves to try. It’s ideal for every hair type and it can look really great if you add some colors to it. This is one of the highly requested finger wave hairstyles.

2. Pink Finger Waves

Finger Waves
Source: Pinterest

You can have your hair dyed to make it look more exciting.

3. Formal Waves

Formal Waves
Image: @fingerwaves // Instagram

A formal wave is perfect for an event and it is often rocked by celebrities with short hair.

4. Modern Finger Waves

Modern Finger Waves
Image: @fingerwaves // Instagram

Modern finger waves are the elevated version of the usual finger waves and although you go through the usual method but rather than get the waves in lines, you have them laid at the edges. With the mix of color and modern styling, it comes out classy and on point.

5. Half Parted Waves

Half  Parted Waves
Source: Pop styles

Add a little parting to make it look simple and classy.

6. Pixie Cut And Finger Waves

Pixie Cuts
Image: @haircuts //Instagram

This is another short hair finger wave you do not want to miss getting especially if you

7. Low Cut Finger Waves

Low Cut Finger Waves
Source: Hairstyles & Haircuts

This happens to be one of the most exciting and common finger waves for natural hair. This is a really chic hairstyle for anyone on low cut and the color makes it more unique.

Final Thoughts

Finger waves can be made on practically any hair type and all you need to make the waves stay is coating it with a setting solution. Setting the hair under the dryer is always the perfect way to make the waves are properly set, however, this is not for all hair types.

The time you will sit under the dryer also depends on your hair length which is why finger waves are best for short natural hair. Finger waves are just the idea hairstyle for recreating fashion trends.

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