How Long After A Relaxer Can I Color My Hair?

How Long After A Relaxer Can I Color My Hair?

How long after a relaxer can I color my hair? It is best to wait for one to two weeks after the relaxer before you apply dye to your hair. This will save your hair from possible damages that may occur as a result of the chemical treatment.

With our hair, there is no end to how much we can explore with it. It is normal to want to do so many things to your hair; dye, cut, relax, curl, straighten, etc. While it is okay to explore with your hair, it is important that do not do that to the detriment of your hair’s health. What we mean is that do not do whatever will cause damages to your hair.

One of the many things that can lead to hair damage is using chemical treatments for your hair. Chemical treatments are usually used to alter the hair properties to achieve a different and new look. The effects can last for days, weeks, and sometimes months.

Chemical treatments can range from heat styling tools, dye, relaxer, etc. For a while now, there have been questions asked concerning the use of these chemical treatments together. i.e. can I relax and color my hair at the same time? How long after a relaxer can I color my hair? It is safe that you want answers to these questions before proceeding to do what you think is right. This will save your hair from possible damages.

Relaxer and dye are two chemical treatments, which mean that they alter the natural look and properties of the hair to give it a different look; often our desired look i.e. the relaxer breaks down the internal protein structure to achieve its purpose. When these two are applied to your hair, the effect of the chemicals becomes doubled and this will cause a lot of damages to the hair.

How long after a relaxer can I color my hair?

You should hold on and wait for one to two weeks before coming back to color your hair. This is to make sure that there is no scalp discomfort or sensitivity; it is also to determine if your hair is in a good state to take in some more chemicals. If there are traces of breakage in your hair, then you may need to wait for a longer time before you color your hair.

Within the waiting period, you must wash your hair with shampoo. Preferably a moisturizing shampoo will help restore moisture balance, improve elasticity, add shine, and make the hair generally healthy. Deep conditioning is also recommended during this period.

How To Care For Your Relaxed And Colored Hair?

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Regardless of what chemical treatment you had just given your hair, the most important thing to do to help your hair regain all that is lost is to maintain a healthy routine. In choosing a shampoo, make use of a sulfate-free and color-protecting shampoo, the same for conditioner. This will not only clean your hair but also protect, keep the color and help add and maintain the shine.

It is advisable to stay away from heat styling tools, and even if you have to use them, you should protect your hair with protecting products first. Some products protect your hair from the damages of heat or environmental stressors.

Hair Coloring FAQ

Does Your Hair Go Back To Normal After A Relaxer?

Whatever effect relaxer is giving to your hair is permanent, so your hair cannot go back to being the way it was before you relaxed. To get your natural hair back, it is either you consider cutting off the part where the relaxer has touched, which is also known as “ big chop” or you trim your hair from time to take until the damaged part is out.

Does Relaxer Stop Hair Growth?

Frequent use of relaxers can result in hair loss. Relaxers are chemical treatments and when the scalp comes in frequent contact with chemicals, you begin to experience hair loss.

Does Hair Color Change The Texture Of Your Hair?

Hair color/dye is a chemical treatment and all chemical treatment alters the hair properties, which means that the state of the hair is changed, including the hair texture.

How Long After A Relaxer Can I Wash My Hair?

You can wash your hair anytime after you get it relaxed, however, you might want to hold on for a few days for your hair to fully adjust to the relaxer, this way, you can be sure the effect of the relaxer will last longer.

Final Thoughts

Chemical treatments can cause a lot of damages to your hair. You shouldn’t use them as often if you have to use them at all. Using more than one chemical treatment on your hair at a time can cause more severe damages than normal.

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