10 Hair Color Trend Predictions (2024 Updated)

Hair Color Trend Predictions

Coloring your hair seems like unleashing different personalities with every new color you try, you’ve got to love it! You tend to feel a lot more attractive and happy when you try on new hair colors.

An increasing number of people, both men and women have embraced and are enjoying the hair coloring trend day in and out.

Hair coloring or hair dyeing is simply the process of altering one’s natural hair color with the use of one or more colors of hair dye. Whether it is being done to cover gray hair or to change to a more exciting hair color(s), it is always accompanied by a new feeling.

There will be a repeat of the beautiful hair color trends of 2024 that we just couldn’t get enough of and a return of hair colors that had been on the low. But as beauty enthusiasts, we should know that there is an unending cycle of old trends dying out and suddenly returning in a new fashion.

There is an endless list of hair colors to choose from and it seems as though you find out about new shades of hair dyes every day. This makes it harder to settle on what color you would like to dye your hair, so in a bid to make things a lot easier we have listed below 10 hair color trends;

1. Red Hair

Red hair seems to never go out of style, it has always been a beautiful color to reckon with. If you’re a natural redhead, you’re aware of how much attention the color of your hair tends to attract whether you intend it to or not.

Red comes in different shades, all of which are easy to fall in love with, but most importantly the shades of red allow you to choose between a brighter tone, a neutral tone, or a darker tone of red to dye your hair.

2. Peekaboo highlighted hair

Peekaboo highlighted hair
Image: Pinterest

Peekaboo highlighted hair simply refers to a style of dyeing hair where the strands or locks of hair underneath the ear are dyed a different color, it’s usually a bolder and much brighter color than the rest of the hair.

When you wear your hair down, the highlights can be completely hidden, but when your hair is packed up or flipped over your shoulder, the highlights are very visible.

They are low maintenance because it covers only a little portion of the hair, you can use any hair dye of your choice and switch between professional to trendy any time of the day. This has gained a lot of attention on the internet and continues to interest more people especially those that see TikTok influencers rock it often.

3. Blonde hair

We will always look at the feel and look of blonde hair, blonde hair has been in vogue for years and remains an unbeatable hair color trend, will see it going out of style.

Blonde hair has always been a unique way to make a statement, it is also as versatile as red and has several shades to choose from. Blonde-colored hair can also easily be made to look more lively by adding highlights of different colors.

4. Rainbow-colored hair

Rainbow-colored hair which is also known as confetti hair is a hairstyle that has been trending for almost a decade and is still going strong. People are getting increasingly creative with rainbow-colored hairstyles and that proves that it is not about to stop trending.

Rainbow-colored hair is rich in colors because it imitates the colorful nature of a rainbow, typically it is done using a mixture of the following colors; red, orange, green, blue, yellow, violet, and indigo.

5. Lilac-colored hair

Lilac is a captivating yet calm shade of purple. Lilac dye is made by mixing red and blue to get purple and then making it lighter by adding white to it.

Lilac is a pastel shade of purple that has some silver tones in it, and it has easily become one of the most popular hair colors trending right now. Several wigs are also colored using lilac to show just how much people enjoy wearing lilac-colored hair.

6. Ash or grey-colored hair

Ash or grey-colored hair was something one would naturally dread because it signifies that you are getting older, little did we know that it would become a hair color dear to several persons who are invested in beauty trends.

Grey hair color is trending hard whether as highlights or as a complete dye job covering the entire hair. This color is cool and basic yet it has become a favorite of celebrities and influencers alike.

7. Neon colored hair

neon colored hair trend

If you love vibrant hair colors that make you stand out in every room you walk into, neon hair colors are sure to do the job. Neon hair dye has been hot for a long while and no one seems to be able to turn the heat down.

Neon also comes in different shades but all of them are eye-catching and show-stopping when used on the hair. Neon might be trickier to maintain and achieve especially if you’re mixing colors to get it instead of buying a neon hair dye originally, but it’s worth the wear.

8. Coral-colored hair

Coral-colored hair is always pretty and soft to have on. It has melted hues of pink and orange that make it look like a shade of both colors. Coral also has its different shades to suit different people’s personalities.

Coral is a color that balances the bright hues in other colors and allows for a lovely balance. With winter in sight, coral-colored hair is just perfect for the season.

9. Ginger brown colored hair

Ginger brown colored hair imitates a natural colored hair which is known as auburn. Ginger brown hair is popular because although it is a simple shade, it tends to look great on all hair types whether it be straight, curly, or thick.

Ginger brown is a beautiful shade of brown that combines red and brown to create a darker and more defined shade of both colors.

10. Icy blue-colored hair

BLACKPINK Rose - Light Blue hair
Image: BLACKPINK Rose – Light Blue hair / Pinterest.

Icy blue-colored hair is a color that does not fail to give your hair a refreshing feel. It is a pale shade of teal aqua green that makes your hair look cool and gives you the same appearance.

Icy blue is a cool color but since it resembles white it might tend to look bright sometimes, to tone it down you can add black highlights to your hair or leave your roots looking black.


Colored hair remains a trend year in and out, naturally, people have hair in different colors but somehow the knowledge that you can dye your hair any color you see fit, makes life intriguing.

Your first hair dye job is either in a bid to tick something off your bucket list or to feel like a new emboldened version of yourself.

You don’t need to sit for hours wondering which hair colors are best suited for a new dye job, this guide already lists them above and if you’re a person who enjoys following beauty trends then you’re in luck.

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