What Purple Shampoo Does to Red Hair?

What Purple Shampoo Does to Red Hair

Purple shampoo is a purple-colored shampoo that is referred to as such because of the purple pigment used to change the color of the shampoo from the regular colors we’re used to, to purple.

The color purple is also what distinguishes purple shampoo from regular shampoo since it also serves a different purpose than just cleansing the hair of dirt on wash days like regular shampoo.

Purple shampoo simply helps to get rid of the undated orange tones that appear in red-colored hair, prevent the red color from fading prematurely if the regular shampoo was used, and keep it looking vibrant and conditioned.

Purple shampoo is made to serve as a neutralizer for bleached hair, blonde hair, silver hair, or hair with brassy tones.

When purple shampoo is used to wash any of the previously mentioned hair types, it acts as a toner, it simply helps to neutralize the appearance of brassy yellow or/ and orange tones. 

Purple shampoos are amazing because they can be a home solution to correct brassy tones in your hair after an unsatisfactory bleach job. By simply following the instructions on the body or package of your purple shampoo, you can get your hair perfectly toned or neutralized to suit your preference.

What Purple Shampoo Does to Red Hair

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Most persons are only aware of how purple shampoos are used to correct the tones in blonde hair, silver hair, and bleached hair.

Yes, purple shampoos work perfectly to tone down the color of these hair types, but they also serve other hair colors just right in regard to acting as a toning shampoo. Below are the benefits of using purple shampoo on red hair; 

1. It Removes The Appearance Of Orange Tones In Red Hair

If you notice orange tones appearing in your red hair after you bleached it red, the best way to get rid of the orange tones that are visible is to get a purple shampoo to wash your hair and get rid of the orange tones.

Based on the color wheel which allows the purple pigment in purple shampoo to cancel out certain colors without causing any disruptions to the other colors, purple shampoos also work great in removing orange brassy tones in your red hair as long as it is used correctly. 

2. Helps Prevent Red Hair From Fading

Purple shampoo does not only get rid of the brassy tones in your red hair when you make use of it, it also further serves as a means to protect your red-dyed hair from losing the vibrancy that makes it come alive and appear attractive.

Purple shampoo is made of pigments that are instrumental in the locking of the original dyed color after getting rid of its brassy tones, this keeps it from fading as would have been the situation if the regular shampoo was used instead.

As you continue to use the purple shampoo on your red hair, it gradually tones your hair to a natural and beautiful red instead of causing it to lose its beauty. 

How Often Should You Use Purple Shampoos?

3. Conditions Red Hair

With frequent use of the purple shampoo in your red hair, you will definitely end up with conditioned and rich-looking red hair. Purple shampoo makes contact with your hair cuticles and has a conditioning effect on your red-dyed hair that keeps it looking alive and luscious.

It also helps to create a protective barrier around your hair cuticles that keep the red color locked in perfectly until you are ready to get the color out of your hair. 


If you’ve had the question about what purple shampoo could do to your red hair ringing in your mind for a while, you’ve gotten accurate answers now.

You should simply know that purple shampoo will cause no harm to your red hair, instead, it will protect and preserve the color for as long as the dye is meant to last in your hair.

Purple shampoos actually prove to be very beneficial to red-dyed hair than you would imagine, it keeps your red hair looking vibrant for a long while. 

As long as you ensure to use a hydrating shampoo alongside your purple shampoo, your ted hair will stay looking healthy, vibrant, and beautiful all the time. So if you’ve been having second thoughts on using purple shampoos in your red hair, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain so go ahead and try it out.

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