17 Oil Slick Hair Color Trend Examples You Can Wear

oil slick hair color trend

Want to amp up your hair colour? The oil slick hair is the subtle way of wearing the rainbow colour in your hair especially if you are a brunette then you can think of updating your hair with colours such as green, blue, and pinks throughout your locks.

Oil slick hair is the newest colour trend and when it comes to choosing a shade, the trick is to ask for colours that compliment your skin tone and base hair colour.

The result of oil slick hair is a swirly mess of inky but stunning placed jewel tones such as violet, purple, emerald, and sometimes a touch of magenta. You can see how the combinations of this colour really do look like an oil spill.

While oil slick hair can be worn by anyone, it looks especially brilliant on a neutral and warm complexion given that it is often created with rich jewel tones. Nevertheless, if you are looking to switch up your look, here are 17 oil slick hair trend examples you can wear.

1. Bold Purple Oil Slick Ombre

Ombre oil slick Hair
Image: @talkthathair // Instagram

It’s easy to choose oil slick hair if you have an Ombre hair colour. Ombre has a unique way of making oil slick hair stand out. This is a more calm oil slick hair trend and it has a brighter touch of purple to help highlight the hair colour even more.

2. Brown Hair Oil Slick Ombre

Oil Slick Ombre
Source: Prettyhair

If you are on the lookout for the oil slick trend that is perfect for your brown hair then here is the perfect one to try. This is not overly dramatic which makes it ideal for cool brown hair.

3. Bold Unicorn Oil Slick Hair

Bold Unicorn Oil Slick Hair
Image: @catchingcolorz // Instagram

Unicorn oil slick hair tends to be more bright and sassy. It is perfect if you are all up for something bold and bright.

4. Vibrant Oil Slick Hair

Vibrant Oil Slick Hair
Image: @lucettesalon // Instagram

Here is another version of bold and bright that you do not want to miss out on. If you are ready for an ultra-bright jewel oil slick hair trend then here is the perfect one to try.

5. Purple And Blue Highlight Oil Slick Hair

Cool Tone Oil Slick Hair
Source: Fashion Spot

The beauty of oil slicks is that you can choose the colours you find most fascinating and you do not need to completely change your hair colour to get the ideal shade you want.

6. Blonde Rainbow Oil Slick Hair

Blonde Rainbow OIl Slick Hair

There is no denying the gorgeous and fancy tone of this oil slick hair colour.

7. Oil Slick Highlight For Jet Black Hair

Oil Slick Highlight For Jet Black Hair
Source: Hairstyle Trend

This oil slick hair is so well blended that it’s hard to tell if it’s black or oil slick black hair. This is ideal for you if you want to keep it cool and classy.

8. Sleek Curly Hair Oil Slick

Curl hair
Image: @voguehairtrend // Instagram

Yes! you can get oil slick for your curly hair and you can also go for something more classy and bold like a combination of purple and blue.

9. Pearl Oil Slick

 Pearl Oil Slick
Image: @jadeemmaleabrown // Instagram

Here is a way to pretty shades of oil slick colour in a less dramatic way.

10. Pulpriot Fringe Hairstyle

Pulpriot Fringe Hairstyle
Image: @hairbykassybyrd // Instagram

Maintainance might be a bit on the high side with this oil-slick hair trend. However, we must admit it is really cool and fitting for any skin tone.

11. Golden Oil Slick Hair

Rainbow Oil Slick Hair
Image: Michelle

Oil slick hair is particularly more pretty when paired with waves and above is the perfect shoulder length oil slick hair to try. The oil slick hair takes on a bright rainbow colour but with gold highlights and this will look ultra stunning on anyone and keep in mind that maintenance can be higher than traditional oil slick hair.

12. Strawberry Blonde Oil Slick Hair

Strawberry Blonde Oil Slick Hair
Image: Hothairstyles

Just because oil slick works on darker shades of colours does not mean blondes can still get them. Above is a simple yet beautiful way for blondes to get oil slick hair. This is a great colour for any season and brunettes are also known to try this out.

13. Red Hair oily Slick

Red Hair oily Slick
Image: Hothairstylers

If you prefer your oil slick hair bold and brighter then here is what you should get your colourist to make. the main colours in oil slick are usually blue, green, and purple but if you want something bold then red can be the perfect colour to compliment it.

14. Bob On Oil Slick Hair

Bob On Oil Slick Hair
Image: ThriveNaija

Rocking a bob with oil slick hair is simple enough but stylish and this opened up many options when it comes to the perfect colour to try. When the right technique is used when making oil-slick hair, any colour` would actually turn out great.

15. Oil Slick With Messy Highlights

Oil Slick With Messy Highlights
Source: Lovehairstyles.com

If you want to go beyond basic slick oil hair and create something with stunning gleam then you can touch all the colours but not too bright and oil slick hair looks especially great when paired with waves.

16. Cool Toned Oil Slick Hair

Cool Toned Oil Slick Hair
Image: Mermaid Hair

Wavy curls and cool-toned blue shade and green are magnificent blends together. The beauty of oil slick is that you can keep a cool that is easy to maintain and while the full rainbow for oil slick is glorious, you can easily single out the cool tones to be used as in the case above.

17. Oil Slick Ombre

Purple Oil Slick Hair
Source: Pinterest

The oil slick has opened a lot of creative variations of stuff you can do to your hair. This look features beautifully blended ombre, brown, and purple highlights and it is surely going to make a stunning gleam when the hair is hit by direct light. Oil slick hair doesn’t have to be full rainbow colours, you can opt-in for specific colours as done above.

Final Thoughts

The oil slick hair trend is a worthy way to transform your hair if you are craving colours and not ready to dye your hair from roots to the tip.

The oil slick hairstyle is all about looking natural with your hair but while you make the colours pop. This trend actually works better for darker hair to help amplify the darkness and bring it to life hence the use of vibrant rainbow colours.

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