How Often Can You Color Your Hair?

how often can you color your hair?

The art of coloring your hair shouldn’t be damaging as long as the right maintenance is being done. Getting your hair colored can be really fun, however, there have been many questions on can you change your hair color? And how often can you change it? The first thing that runs through people’s minds after getting their hair color done is how long before you can go back? But, there is really no straight answer to this.

Before dying your hair it is also important to know your tone as this will decide how often you can switch colors. According to a stylist, you need to be sure you know what you want and ask your colorist for advice if you are unsure on what to go for,

Experimenting with colors has never been considered easy, whether you are going for a warm, neutral tone or decorating with blonde, balayage, or simply want to ensure your skin glow and your eye pop with any color you choose. Before jumping on the hair color trend, you still need to know how often you can color your hair.

How Often Can You Color Your Hair?

Generally speaking, the Standard time experts often recommend in between appointments is 4-6 weeks since your hair grows on an average of half inches every month. If you don’t mind the roots then yes, you can stretch this out to 6-8 weeks., provided it’s well maintained. If you are using bleach to color your hair then you want to wait at least 14 days between sessions.

It is important to have a balance in how you color your hair to avoid damages to your hair strand. Figuring how often you can color your hair is a fine way to balance your hair structure and not weaken it. How often you color your hair is also going to depend on if you got exactly what you want.

If your hair is damaged then you might want to give it some time off before dying again. Hold off on coloring your hair till it is restored and strong enough to be colored again. The more you color, the more protein and nutrients your hair is losing as all the chemicals involve effectively break down your hair fiber. You might want to get it trimmed and treated with some oil to restore its strength.

How Long Does Permanent Hair Color Last?

Permanent hair color will remain on your hair till your hair grows out and exposes the root, Generally, permanent hair color takes 4 and 6 weeks before you might need to go back and get the roots down. However, two factors will determine how long permanent hair color lasts: how you maintain your hair strands and the type of coloring treatments being used.

How To Care For Coloured Hair

Color-treated hair needs extra attention and care if you want to prevent it from drying your hair out. To help protect your hair and keep it looking lovely, here are simple professional tips for all hair types.

  • Use hair gloss as a conditioning treatment.
  • Use a root spray.
  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Keep your strands moisturized with a hair mask.
  • Always use heat pro.
  • Wash less often.
  • Pick a color-safe wash and care system.

Final Thoughts

Hair color can definitely dry out your hair if it’s not properly maintained or it’s colored too often. To keep your hair healthy, it is important to know how often you can color it. But, no matter how often you change your hair color, you need to make sure your hair stays in its best shape no matter what color you are trying.

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