Is Hair Dye Without Ammonia Better?

Is Hair Dye Without Ammonia Better?

Is hair dye without ammonia better? Hair dye has been around for quite a long time and there are different ways this can be done. Ammonia is often considered an important ingredient in hair dye but many hair types might be better without it.

With millions of men and women around the world coloring their hair, it is vital to understand how safe hair dye is for your hair.

There is evidence that states that humans use hair dye as far back as the 1900s and we must say it’s still very much in trend. No much has changed when it comes to hair dyes but there are have been concerns about the effect of ammonia on your hair.

It is often wondered if you should go for ammonia-free hair dye or not. The quality of ammonia in hair dye products can vary which is why they are concerns about this chemical. If you are still confused about using ammonia with hair dye or not, this article clears the confusion for you.

Ammonia In Hair Dyes- Overview

Ammonia is a common chemical found in hair dyes. Ammonia is an alkaline chemical that is added to hair dyes to raise the pH level of your hair during the coloring process.

Ammonia is also found in permanent hair dyes as it helps to open up the hair cuticles so the hair color penetrates the inner layer of your hair. Many hair dyes claim that they are ammonia-free, however, it is still vital to check out the ingredients.

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If you are a regular user of permanent hair dye then your hair is constantly exposed to ammonia which studies show can be damaging to hair. Hair experts claim that ammonia can ruin the cortex of your hair and continuous use weakens the hair shaft.

Keep in mind that ammonia is not exactly necessary but is great for achieving longer-lasting hair color. This corrosive substance is for getting a permanent hair coloring as it can cover even the most resistant grey hair. While ammonia is considered ideal for permanent hair coloring, there are also ammonia-free hair dyes.

In the past, ammonia was the only option for coloring your hair but there are not essential in semi-permanent hair colors and today, there are ammonia-free hair dyes to replace them with. Semi and demi-permanent colors do not need ammonia hair dyes as the hair cuticles do not need to be opened and this also requires less harmful dyes compare to permanent hair dyes.

Is Hair Dye Without Ammonia Better?

Hair dye without ammonia is definitely better for your hair and this is because they do not need to open your hair cuticles. Ammonia-free dye simply coats the hair with colors and they are less damaging as well. Although the quality of ammonia-free hair dye can vary, they are still considered safer than ammonia hair dye.

Ammonia-based hair dyes are long-lasting and quite effective for resistant grey hair but it is a powerful chemical that can change the pH of your hair easily. Ammonia is really not needed for your hair dye in the first place so you can definitely switch to ammonia-free hair dye which is less harmful to your hair texture.

The least damaging hair color is the semi-permanent hair color and this contains

Benefits Of Hair Dye Without Ammonia

All hair dyes are sure to damage your hair if used continuously but ammonia-free hair dye is still the best bet if you want to keep your hair balanced. If you wondering why you should switch to ammonia-free hair color, here are some of its benefits.

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1. Cause No Irritation

No ammonia hair dye is unlikely to irritate your scalp. It contains no peroxide or harmful chemicals and causes fewer damages in this process. It has an extra-gentle formula which makes it ideal for an itchy scalp. Lots of people experience allergic reactions to the use of ammonia which is why ammonia-free dye is much recommended.

2. No Pungent Smell

Ammonia-free hair dye won’t only ensure healthier hair but you don’t have to worry about any pungent smell. One of the main concerns of ammonia hair dye is the strong smell which can ruin the fun of hair coloring really quick. The odorless smell of ammonia hair dye makes it easy for you and your hairdresser to use.

3. Grey Coverage

It offers you a subtle covering for your grey hair. It also protects your hair’s natural hair moisture level. It is ideal for covering subtle white or grey hair. It also makes aging and thin hair look thicker. Ammonia-free hair coloring offers 100% grey blending.

4. It is Healthier

Ammonia hair dye makes your hair lose protein and moisture, but this is not the case with ammonia-free hair dye.

Ammonia-free hair dye will help preserve all the necessary protein and nutrients. With ammonia-free hair color, you do not have to worry about damages either and as long as it is not used too often, it makes your hair healthier and shinier.

Should I avoid ammonia based hair dyes?

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Ammonia can be irritating to your scalp hence it is best to avoid it. There are also claims that using ammonia hair dye can cause itchiness which can be quite frustrating.

Although it is common to have a mild reaction to any hair dye. Ammonia can be a bit harsh compared to other hair dyes while no ammonia means no irritation to your scalp. However, keep in mind that any hair dye can easily damage your hair.

Final Thoughts

To be fair, all hair dyes at some point can cause damage to your hair shaft The more you use hair dye, the likely they are to ruin your hair.

For those whose who want permanent hair coloring without ammonia, there is no reason not to switch to ammonia-free hair dye. The truth is dying your hair without any alkaline agent such as ammonia won’t open the hair cuticle but ammonia-free hair dye is pretty much a better option.

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