How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light

How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light

Coloring the hair may seem like an exciting thing to do, however, it isn’t a piece of cake. You may think the most important thing to do is to pick the right color, you are right. However, even at this, a lot of things can go wrong and you may not end up with the color you want.

How is that so? Coloring hair takes effort and carefulness, problems like finding the wrong color in your pack, meeting an unprofessional hairdresser, picking the wrong color, could arise and at the end of the process, you may find your hair in a lighter color than you’ll prefer.

A lot of people have experienced getting a color that is too light, so if you have gotten the same, do not panic there is a way around it.

Before you decide to tone down your hair color, you should pay attention to the state of your hair. Although your hair may look fine, deep down, it might not be and if you go ahead to tone it down without fixing the damage, the damages will eventually worsen.

Does your hair have split ends? Is it breaking? Does it feel lifeless? All of these and more are what you should note before doing anything with your hair. You should repair these damages before deciding to tone down your hair color.

How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light

You can moisturize it with a deep conditioner to help it. Also, you should be reminded that you really cannot do anything to your hair until after one or two weeks after you get your hair colored.

Here are some ways to tone down your new hair color:

1. Shampoo Daily

Is It Bad To Wash Your Hair Every Day?
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This is one of the best ways to tone down hair that is too light, washing the hair more will make the color fade quickly, bringing down the tone of the color.

It is best to make sure of a clarifying shampoo instead of shampoo that is made for dyed hair; this is because these shampoos contain more bleach instead of ingredients that protect the hair.

Washing your hair daily can dry out your hair so do not forget to use conditioner and moisturizer to regain the moisture lost?

2. Use Heat Styling Tools

Any professional stylist will tell you to keep your hair away from heat styling tools, this is because heat treatments strip the hair of its color. However, it can be useful for you if you intend the tone down your hair color.

Drying your hair when it is still wet fades the color faster. Also styling your hair with a flat iron will make your hair look beautiful and also balances the color.

3. Olive Oil And Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil As A Heat Protector
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Over the years, these two wonder oils have been used as part of beauty regimens, both for hair and the skin.

Applying this oil will not only strengthen your hair, but it will also make the color gradually fade off. They are also very gentle, so you can be sure no damages will be done to your hair. Gently warm the oil, let it cool and apply it to your hair.

4. Use Vinegar 

Dyes are usually washed with a permanent alkaline solution. Vinegar is acidic and the acidity in it will help get rid of the color safely and the right way. mix the vinegar with shampoo, and gently apply to your scalp until you can see the soap bubbles, then rinse off with cool water.

5. Vitamin C 

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Vitamin C, majorly known to be consumed internally for the benefit of the body, however, vitamin C can be beneficial for hair use too. First, get some vitamin c tablets and crush them into powder.

Then you mix with a little water and stir to make a paste. Apply the mixture to your hair when it is wet and add a little shampoo. You can brush it with a comb to make it go round, then you cover up for about 45 minutes.

Wash off with shampoo and repeat this process until your desired color or tone is achieved.

6. Baking Soda and Lemon 

Baking soda is not just an item that sits idle in the kitchen, it can be used for a wide range of things and one of them is to tone down the hair color. Lemon juice like baking soda contains natural bleach and when combined it can effectively tone color.

Mix the two ingredients until it makes a paste and evenly applies to damp hair. Wrap the hair with a clean towel and leave for about 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and wash your hair.

7. Detergent 

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As silly as it sounds, washing your hair with some detergent is known to tone down the hair color.

However, you need to be extra careful when using this, you cannot let it get into your eyes or on your skin. dissolve the detergent into some water and let it foam, bend your head and wash your hair with the mixture.

Rinse your hair thoroughly after massaging for a while.

Final Thoughts 

There are many ways to tone down the color of your hair if you find it white. many of these processes can be done at home, by yourself.

However, you shouldn’t do it yourself. you should visit the salon and have your hairdresser do it for you. He or she is a professional and knows how to go about it.

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