Can I Bleach My Hair Twice In One Day? Is It Safe?

Can I Bleach My Hair Twice In One Day?

Getting a fresh and new look is never a bad idea as long as you are well informed on how exactly to go about it.

How your hair is styled largely contributes to the impressions people have of you when they meet you, it doesn’t matter if it’s the first or hundredth impression – it counts.

If your idea of a fresh look is bleaching your hair then you’re in the right place, we’re here to ensure you do it right.

We will also provide you with a short and detailed guide to bleaching your hair yourself. However, just because you know how to, should you double bleach in one day?

How To Bleach Hair At Home

Some persons enjoy doing almost everything themselves, this inexpensive and easy guide on how to bleach your hair at home would interest you if you fall into that category.

What you’ll need:

  1. Any hair bleach of your choice
  2. Shampoo
  3. A Toner
  4. An Old T-Shirt.
  5. Hairpins or clips
  6. An Old Towel.
  7. An application brush.
  8. A pair of gloves
  9. Shower cap.

Instructions To Follow

Step One: Start by parting your hair into small sections. You should already have on your old t-shirt, a pair of gloves, and an old towel wrapped around your shoulders in case of a spill while you are applying the bleach to your hair.

Step Two: You should have already prepared your bleach mixture according to the instructions on the bleaching kit.

Step Three: Begin to apply the bleach mixture to your hair using an application brush, it is best to start applying it from the back and gradually work your way to the front of your hair and wear a shower cap immediately after. Make sure you apply it evenly but avoid applying it to the roots of your hair.

Step Four: Allow the bleach to sit in your hair for 30 to 40 minutes then use a shampoo to wash your hair and a moisturizing conditioner. Rinse your hair with room temperature water.

Step Five: Resist the urge to blow dry your hair for it to dry faster, instead patiently air dry it.

Step Six: When your hair has dried properly, use a toner to tone down the brightness of your hair until you achieve a tone that suits you best.

Is It Safe to Bleach My Hair Twice In A Day?

Can I Bleach My Hair Twice In One Day? Is It Safe?
Source: Bulk Peroxide

We acknowledge that a bleach job might go wrong, or you might change your mind about the results after using a toner, but what we do not support is bleaching your hair twice a day. Hair bleach contains chemicals and constantly exposing your hair to chemical ingredients is not advisable for several reasons.

Bleaching your hair twice in one day could result in unwanted scalp irritations. It is likely to leave your scalp feeling itchy. It could also result in scalp burns from the repeated exposure of your hair to harmful chemicals in such a short period.

Asides from getting scalp irritation, you are sure to end up with dull and dry hair after the process has been completed. The chemicals in hair bleach can strip your hair of moisture and its natural oils which in turn leads to dry, frizzy, and rough hair.

Anything that causes your hair to lose moisture will drastically affect the growth of your hair until the damage is reversed.

If you bleach your hair twice a day, you risk experiencing hair shedding or breakage as well. This hair breakage will be in relatively large amounts, that’s how dangerous it is to expose your hair to bleach twice in the same day.

Hair breakage such as this is not easy to remedy, it would take a lot of organic hair products, constant care, and patience. You can easily avoid going through this by not bleaching your hair twice in one day.


Bleaching your hair twice a day is not a risk worth taking, the damages it could cause to your hair are not to be taken lightly if you are concerned about maintaining healthy hair.

The initial process of bleaching your hair requires moisturizing products to be used to replace the moisture that would be lost during the process, this is to protect your hair from any sort of damage.

By repeating the bleaching process on the same day, your hair will be exposed to more chemicals than it has the strength to withstand, and it will get damaged instead without you getting your desired results.

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