How Long Does Hair Dye Last In The Hair?

How Long Does Hair Dye Last In The Hair?

In recent times, people embrace hair dying or coloring as a way to express themselves or demonstrate support for a particular movement.

Sometimes, it could be used to conceal gray or white hair, to fit fashion trends, or to renew and glow up one’s hair color or look. Styling and coloring of the hair are recently being embraced and practiced by both genders.

It is however necessary to find what color suits your skin tone and which dye best suits your hairstyle, as there are either natural or relaxed-based hair types, it is also advisable as a first-timer to visit a professional, to prevent hair damage or hair loss.

Hair Dying Explained

Hair coloring or dying is the practice of changing one’s hair color or outward look. Hair coloring has been traced as far back as the 15th century when dyes were obtained from plants and compound chemicals, and this has evolved to present-day usage where hair dyes are made from chemicals.

Hair dying can be done professionally by a hairdresser or DIY (Do It Yourself) with several YouTube and Pinterest ideas on how to safely do it at home. Below are some ways you can apply hair dye;

 1. The Off-Scalp Method

The off-scalp method involves a process of dying the hair where the scalp and roots are not dyed or colored, it can take on a few styles.

One of which is known as highlighting, where parts of the hair are treated with lighteners. Low-lighting on the other hand is where parts of the hair are treated with darker hair colors, while splash-lighting is where dye is applied horizontally from ear to ear. The following are the off scalp techniques;

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  • Application with foil; this is where pieces of foil are used to separate the hair to be dyed. This method is used in cases where two or more colors are being used. With foiling, only the strands you want to be colored are done while the rest are left out from the process.
  • Application with cap; this is done with the use of a plastic cap, this cap is made to sit tightly on the head while hair strands are pulled through it with a hook and highlighted with hair dye.
  •  The balayage method;this method is done by applying dye on different sections of the hair as you would in the foil application method but the significant difference is that a foil will not be used.

2. The On-Scalp Method

Not everyone likes a dye job where their roots are excluded and their natural hair color is visible, these people opt for the on scalp hair coloring where hair dye is applied to the scalp and roots for complete coverage and it can be done using the techniques mentioned below;

  • The root touch-up; this method of hair coloring is usually a means to cover up the natural hair color that starts to appear near the scalp as the hair grows out, these are usually done within four or six weeks after the initial dye job was done.
  • The all-over color; here, just one color is used on the hair, the dying is done with color on every part of the hair and the scalp is also covered up with hair dye.

How Long Does Hair Dye Last?

Hair dye should last for about four to six weeks, this way it doesn’t stick to your hair permanently. Once your hair starts to grow back, the dye loses its effect and intensity because new roots of hair start to show, therefore it is advisable that after this number of weeks with hair dye on, it is best to go to the salon to get it refreshed or recolored.

Also, the period the hair dye lasts on the hair depends on the type used, beachside each type serves a different purpose and each meets a specific hair styling desire.

The four popularly known types of hair due are permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary dyes, and knowing how long each of these hair dyes last helps you make better-informed choices on which to use.

  • Permanent hair dye; Although permanent hair dye as the name implies is meant to have a permanent effect, it does not. It only tends to last longer than the other types of hair dyes. It is a great option for persons who would love to keep on a color or combinations of hair colors for a long while, but after four to six weeks you would need to touch up on the hair dye if you wish.
  • Semi-permanent hair dye; Semi-permanent hair dye is different from permanent hair dye with regards to the absence of ammonia in it and the fact that it gives subtle tones to the hair inside of lighter tones as permanent hair dye will. Asides from these, it lasts just as long as permanent hair dye, which is between four to six weeks.
  • Demi-permanent hair dye; Demi-permanent hair dye is also a permanent hair dye jus lime semi-permanent hair dye, it last four to six weeks just as semi-permanent hair dye and permanent hair dye would, but it is best suited for persons who are looking to use more than one hair color on their hair and would like it to last for a long period as well.
  • Temporary hair dye; Temporary hair dye truly embraces the meaning of the name, if you intend to simply try out a color you are having doubts about you should try it in its temporary form first. This type is hair dye can be taken off in one wash, it does not stick to the hair, but if you would like to keep it on for a week try to keep it away from water while you shower.
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If you would like your hair dye to last even longer, you can try using some sulfate-free shampoo as they do not wash off your air color with the dirt in your hair, or you can make use of color-protecting products that protect your hair from UV rays that strip your hair of the dye.

These are sure to maintain the vibrancy of your colored hair as well as make sure that it lasts longer than usual.

How often can you dye your hair?

There are several chemicals present in hair dyes that make it unsafe to dye your hair as often as you would like, it is best to give your hair a few weeks and treat it properly before getting another hair dye job done. If you did not get any chemical treatment since your last dye job, it should be free from damage and safe to dye again.

Typically, you should let your hair breathe for six weeks before your next coloring session. If your hair suffered any brittleness, breakage, or dryness since your last dye job, it is best to treat it using organic remedies before getting it dyed again.

How to remove permanent hair dye?

You can remove permanent hair dye with a few tricks. One particular hack is using vitamin C tablets mixed with hot water until it turns into a paste. Apply it on your hair with a shower cap and leave it on for one hour. Another way to remove permanent hair dye yourself is to mix white vinegar with hot water. Soak your hair in the mixture and use a shower cap; make sure to rinse after 15 minutes.


If your goal is to make a statement, look brighter and more colorful, cover up certain gray areas, represent one’s culture/tribe or just express your inner beauty, dying your hair is the way to go as these are seen as some of the reasons for one to dye or color their hair.

Therefore it is important to take necessary precautions and do proper research before dying or coloring your hair, as some hair textures are softer, thinner, and more sensitive.

If it is your first time, you should visit a hairstylist and give a good spacing of about four to six weeks before dying your hair again. It is also important to figure out what color goes with your skin tone or the type of hair dying that would suit your face structure best.

You must ensure to get the right hair products and treatments because after coloring your hair, special care and attention are needed to groom it and avoid hair breakage or loss.

So however you style your hair, whether completely shaved, short, shoulder-length, or long, whether red, blonde, blue, purple, or green, make sure to express your style with individuality and awesomeness in the healthiest way possible.

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