Why Is My Hair Changing Color By Itself?

Why Is My Hair Changing Color By Itself?

Why is my hair changing color by itself? Many factors can cause your hair to change color itself. Some of these factors can range from mild to severe. Read on to find out more.

Our hair is a major part of us, every woman wants to have healthy, long, smooth, and shiny hair. You begin to get concerned when you start seeing the opposite of what you expect on your hair. Year in and out, as we begin to grow, there are a lot of changes we see in your hair. While some are changes that make us happy, some we are indifferent about, and some make us sad.

We know you love your hair, however, before you let whatever changes get to you, it is important that you first find out why the changes occurring and what can be done to stop it. One of the changes that can affect you is the color change.

We have had people ask over, and over again; why is my hair changing color itself. We know you also want to know this, this is why we have decided to answer your question on hair color.

Why is my hair changing color by itself?

The truth is there are various reasons your hair is changing color by itself. It is not uncommon that hair can change by itself. Sometimes, it is a result of what you have been doing, other times, it’s nothing you have done. The following are some of the most prominent reasons your hair is changing color itself.

1. Heat 

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Hot styling tools like curlers, flat iron, blow dryer, etc. Contributes to sizzled hair. The use of these heat tools affects and damages the hair strands. Frequent use of these products can lead to dry hair and hair breakage.

In addition, the usage of heat styling products changes your hair color to look duller. It is advisable to adjust the heat setting of your tool if it has such an option. You can also make use of tools that will dry your hair with less heat.

2. Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments and products are some of the things to keep your hair away from. This is because they weaken your hair and this leads to damaged hair and dry hair texture. Frequent use of chemical products such as dye and others will damage bonds, change the hair texture and alter the color of your hair over time.

3. Stress

This does sound look like what many of us will overlook, however, you must know that stress of any kind; relationship, or work-related can lead to a change in hair color, just in case you find some strands of your hair grey, consider that you may be probably stressing your body. It is also known to result in hair loss. Your hair will most likely grow back as this isn’t permanent.

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4. Medical Conditions

If you notice that your hair suddenly thins out, you should pay attention to it because this can be an indication that something is wrong internally. Illnesses like Anemia, thyroid disease can cause the hair to thin. Lack of the right diet can also lead to dry, coarse, and thin hair. once you notice that the color of your hair is beginning to change, it is best to consult with your doctor to find out what is wrong.

5. Pregnancy 

Pregnancy often comes with various symptoms and these symptoms can differ for individuals. One of the symptoms some people experience is a change in the texture and color of their hair. This may also continue few months after delivery, however, in most cases, things go back to normal after a while. This is also not the experience of every pregnant woman.

6. Sunlight 

Spending a lot of time in the sun, exposure to sun rays can lead to damages to your hair. The sun rays can change the hair color, the hair most likely may become lighter.

What Can I Do To Stop My Hair From Changing Color?

Here are a few suggestions we think you should definitely try to maintain your hair color for as long as possible.

  1. Make use of sunscreen or sunblock when you are out in the sun.
  2. Keep your hair away from excess heat or hot styling tools.
  3. Avoid stress, as much as you can.
  4. Pay attention and take care of your health. Also, consult your doctor when you notice any changes at all.
  5. Read hair products before you use them. Avoid chemical hair treatments.

Final Thoughts 

The reason for the change in your hair color is not limited to what is given here, there are many other reasons your hair color is changing. It is best to consult with your medical practitioner and your hair professional before you make any assumptions.

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