Partial Highlights Vs Full Highlights: What You Should Know

You finally make a decision to get highlights, and then you discover that’s not the end of the line. You have to choose between full highlights or partial highlights, now that would only be a problem if you did not come across this simple guide that will definitely help you see the reason why you should pick either of the two.

The main difference between partial highlights and full highlights is how much of your hair they cover, partial highlights only cover a specific area while full highlights cover the entire head.

You can’t sit and let someone tell you that highlights don’t turn heads, we have all seen how a hair flip with highlighted hair looks, it is magnificent.

Let’s help you get that look, all it takes is a look at the differences between full highlights and partial highlights, and you’re good to go!

What are Highlights?

What are Highlights?
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Highlights are simply a hair styling technique that involves using foil and a bleach kit to make selected strands of your hair some tones lighter than your natural hair color. It is a stylish way to lighten some strands of your hair without using hair dye.

Some types of hair highlights include full highlights, partial highlights, baby lights, and traditional highlights.

How Long Do Highlights Last?

Highlights are known to usually last between six weeks or eight weeks, after this period has gone by you would need to touch it up in a salon if you still want to keep the highlights. If you take proper care of your highlights they last longer than when you neglect them of course. If you have hair that grows out fast, your highlights get pushed back as it grows and slowly fades out with time.

Partial Highlights vs. Full Highlights: What Are The Differences?

We love to help you make informed choices when it comes to which way to go when you are having issues deciding what’s best for your hair.

ull highlights and partial highlights have an obvious difference that is explained by what they are called, but that is not all there is to it. Below are the differences between full highlights and partial highlights;

1. Full Highlight Is For Every Section Of Your Hair While Partial Is Not

Full highlight
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The major difference that exists between full highlights and partial highlights is the amount of hair it covers when it is done. Full highlights as the name implies are done to cover the entire area of the hair, it is a highlighting style that is done by lightening your entire by dividing it into sections to work on one after the other until the entire hair is covered.

Partial highlights on the other hand simply highlight that is done just to a particular part of your hair, whichever parts it covers is never a complete coverage, some persons highlight strands scattered across their hair, others could choose to have it cover just half of their head.

2. Full Highlight Cause More Damage To The Hair

By bleaching your hair, you expose it to some sort of chemicals that have the potential to damage it if the process is repeated too often or the hair is not cared for properly after highlights are done.

Partial highlights cover a smaller area of the hair, so the damage that they are likely to cause will be far less than the amount of damage that can be caused by having full highlights done repeatedly since they cover the entire head.

3. Partial Highlight Cost Less Than Full Highlights

The amount of time it takes to get partial highlights done as well as full highlights affect the cost of both. Partial highlights could take an hour and a half or more to be done, and it costs between $60 – 100 dollars, this price is depending on how long or thick your hair is, and it could cost more from one salon to another.

Full highlights take more time than partial highlights, they take between two and five hours to be done, and it could take even longer sometimes, they should cost you anything from $85 to $150 to get done.

Note that the price could be even higher in some salons and that the variation in prices depends on the length and thickness of your hair which determines how long it will take and how many products will be used.

4. Full Highlights Give Dramatic Look While Partial Highlight Is Calm

Partial highlight
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With full highlights, you can choose to take on a dramatically changing look or a more natural look, you have the ability to any of the extreme ends that you believe will suit you best, you can go way lighter than usual or tone it to suit the natural color of your hair, either way, you’re certain to get the best of it.

Partial highlights are as wild as full highlights though, they are usually just meant to add a little spice to your hair, lighten things up a bit while your hair still looks natural- nothing crazy.

If you’re a fan of bold and daring looks, a full highlight will make you stand out but if you prefer neutral yet cool styles you can try partial highlights instead.


Whether you decide to go with full or partial highlights, that’s a choice that only you can make. It all depends on which of the two you prefer or what you’re feeling like you need to switch up your look at that particular moment.

If you need a statement look, one that completely changes and lightens up your appearance- you should choose full highlights.

If you just want to try something new without drawing too much attention to it, or you’re just a person that enjoys calm and natural tones even when you have the option of going lighter, then you should settle for partial highlights.

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