4 Fire Haircut Side Effects You Should Know

fire haircuts side effects

There are things you should know about fire haircuts and the most important one is that it sure has some side effects. Fire haircuts are exactly what they sound like. It is a process where your hairdresser uses fire to cut your hair instead of scissor. This trend has been around for quite a while and the purpose of using the fire haircut is to fire seal the ends of your hair and bond it together.

Cutting your hair with fire is just like burning your hair with a flat iron and this is not as healthy as it sounds. Fire haircut is actually the most talked about in the hair care nuisances but many people still opt for this method in getting rid of split ends.

The fire haircut might be a great way to get rid of split ends but this should be done only by professionals as it requires proper care. It is important to weigh the potential benefits against the risk. So if you are thinking of getting your hair cut by fire, here are side effects you should know.

How Does It Work?

The hair burning technique is for those who want to remove split ends without compromising the length of their hair. This is opposed to trimming that might remove a large section of your hair. In the fire haircut method, the hair is washed and giving a deep bonding conditioning treatment and while the hair is still wet, it’s sectioned and twisted so that the split ends pop out and the candle’s flame is supposed to burn it away.

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There is no clinical evidence to back up how effective this is compared to trimming. It can also be called Brazilian hair burning, candle burning, candle cutting, and fire-hair. Your hair needs to be completely wet before the fire cutting process and there are claims this is better than using a scissor.

4 Fire Haircut Side Effects You Should Know

The fire haircut is designed to be done only by professionals, you should never try this at home yourself. Supposedly you have smooth fine hair then this really won’t be needed although this is considered to help you get a cut without losing length. The use of the fire haircut technique for split end treatment has some side effects you should know.

1. Scalp Burns

Scalp burns can happen as a result of fire cutting. The heat from the flame can cause scalp burns which happens when the hair follicles become inflamed and you get a burning and itching scalp. Scalp burns can cause pain and significant blistering can occur from this. This can even be worse for folks showing signs of mature hairline problems.

2. Searing Too Much Of Your Hair

The fire hair cutting technique can sear too much of your hair by mistake. If this isn’t done by a professional, then you can easily have a large amount of your hair singed and seared which is one of the most common side effects of fire cutting technique.

3. Skin Burns

Yes! you can get skin burns from fire cutting especially around your necks, ears, and shoulders. If your skin gets burn during this process then the treatment needs to be stopped immediately and place cool compresses on the affected area or seek your doctor’s attention immediately if there are signs of blistering and inflammation.

4. Ruin Your Hair Cuticle

Fire cutting can easily ruin your hair cuticle and clear coat of your protection which leaves your hair more vulnerable to damages. It weakens your hair and exposes your cortex layer to the environment.

In Conclusion

Fire cutting technique has been on the top of beauty trends for Brazilians for a very long time and it is regarded as a quick fix for split ends. Unfortunately, the only way to completely get rid of split ends is to cut them and fire haircuts might not be ideal for your hair type. It can be tempting to try the fire cutting method for your ends but the risk may be too great. Hence you should talk to a professional and never try fire cutting at home yourself.

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