Is Coconut Oil Good For Babies Hair?

Is Coconut Oil Good For Babies Hair?

Is coconut oil good for babies hair? As a mother, making choices of what products you use for your child’s hair and skin is a very important choice to make, it can also be tasking and stressful. You would not want to try out several products on your child, before deciding which one is perfect.

Natural oils are some of the best products to use on your baby, asides from the fact that they are filled with nutrients that are beneficial to your baby’s skin and hair, the most important reason to consider is that they are natural, hence you can be sure that they are no chemicals that can be damaging to your baby’s health, skin or hair, as a child or later.

Coconut oil is a natural oil, that has been known and used for centuries, it is gotten from the fruit of the coconut tree and is 100% healthy fats; saturated fats. Coconut oil has antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that help fight off damages caused by free radicals. It is also filled with nutrients that are very healthy for babies and adult’s hair and skin.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Your Baby

Does this mean coconut oil is safe to use for your baby’s hair? Yes! coconut oil is one of the safest oils to use for your baby’s hair.

1. Cradle Cap Treatment

 Cradle Cap Treatment
Source: Medical News

Cradle cap is an infection that occurs to most babies, it is a cause of worry to many parents, especially when nothing seems to work. The cradle cap forms dry, flaky patches on babies’ scalps or even on their faces. An effective way to get rid of this is to use coconut oil. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer; hence, it hydrates the scalp and prevents it from drying out. Its anti-inflammatory properties also take care of any inflammation that might have occurred.

2. Smoother Hair

A baby’s hair is naturally soft and smooth; however, this is only for a while. As they grow, the hair begins to get rough and hard. Coconut oil helps to naturally smoothen the hair and leave it soft. Coconut oil can be used for them, during their bath and can also be applied to their scalp, to prevent dandruff.

3. Fast Growth

 Coconut oil is filled with essential nutrients that aids growth in the hair. It is one of the oils that penetrate deep into the hair strands, hence when these nutrients get to the root of the hair, it speeds up the growth process of the hair. It also helps your baby’s hair strands get strong, you do not have to worry about hair loss or breakage.

4. Lice Treatment

Lice treatment
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Hair lice can be annoying and can spread fast. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which can be used to get rid of these little unwanted guests. This magic oil makes it hard for any lice to grow or stay in the hair. If you will not like your baby to use any ointment or drug that contains chemicals, then coconut oil is a natural way to get rid of lice.

Is Every Coconut Oil Good For Your Babies? 

Coconut oil is great for your child’s hair; however, you cannot make use of just any coconut oil you see. Coconut oil comes in types, which means there is some coconut oil that is not effective and suitable for your child.

The best form of coconut oil to use is extra virgin coconut oil. This is because your baby’s hair/scalp is very sensitive and making use of an oil that has gone through the refinery stage isn’t safe for your child. The extra virgin oil is without chemicals or harmful agents.

Final Thoughts 

The use of coconut oil for your baby’s skin and hair is endless, coconut oil is one of the best oils for your child’s hair and skin, some skin conditions can be resolved with the use of coconut oil. It can also protect your baby from various infections. You must pay attention to the type of coconut oil you are buying, if the oil is mixed with other chemicals, then it is not suitable for your child. You can also explore the possibilities of cooking with coconut oil.  

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