11 Essential Skincare Products And What They Do

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Every skin types need a list of essential ingredients to keep their skin healthy and glowing. The science behind skincare products goes a long way and it’s not just limited to treating skin conditions alone but also for maintaining healthy skin. When it comes to skincare shopping for your skin, it can get overwhelming really quickly which can lead to selecting the fewer quality ones.

No matter what your skin type is, there are a couple of essential products that should be part of your daily skincare regimen. These products can help maintain overall body health, balance the skin and moisturize deeply.

A guide to the best product can come in really useful when addressing skin issues like acne, wrinkles, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation and more. You definitely don’t have the time scrolling or testing lot’s of products to discover which one works hence have rounded up essential products for all skin types and what they do.

11 Essential Skincare Products And What They Do

The first step to healthy skin is to have a couple of skincare products at hand. With so many skincare product s claiming they can help your skin stay hydrated without needing other products however while this might work for normal skin types, it might not for dry and oily skin types. So, we are sharing with you 11 essential skincare products that should be included in your regimen and what they do.

1. Moisturizer

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion | 20 Fl Oz | Instant & Long Lasting 24 Hour Hydrating Moisturizer for All Skin Types | Nourishing Lotion for Sensitive Skin | Non-Greasy | Dermatologist Recommended Brand

A skincare product is tailored according to each person’s individual skin type however when it comes to moisturizer, it is needed by everyone. Finding the right moisturizer is vital for any type of skin, it is a cosmetic preparation used for protecting and soften your skin.

Moisturizers also have ingredients that help nourish the skin with antioxidants, provides minor sunscreen protection and help keep sensitive skin healthy. The benefits of moisturizing every day include having a smooth, soft, glowing, wrinkle-free and reduce dry spot.

What a moisturizer does: A moisturizer works by rehydrating the top layer of your skin cells and seal in moisture. This is one of the best ways to treat extremely dry skin. Applying a moisturizer helps boost hydration in the skin and creates a protective layer of moisture that lasts all through the day.

2. Cleansing Oil

THE FACE SHOP Rice Water Bright Rich Cleansing Light Oil

The oil cleansing method uses good oils to remove the bad oils from your skin. The best oil cleansers contain antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredients hence it is sometimes used in treating acne, and it also is mixed with other skincare products to help maintain a glowing skin.

What a cleansing oil does: A cleansing oil help remove dirt’s and build-ups from the skin without disturbing the natural barrier of your skin. The cleansing oil is another option when removing makeup, when applied, it dissolves the sebum mixed with dirt sweat and makeup and washes everything without drying out your skin.

3. Serum

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The serum is often mixed up with a moisturizer however both have different uses. A serum is a skincare product designed to deliver a high concentration of specific active ingredients to the skin. Serums are often less thick than moisturizers and are clear, gel-based or liquid.

What serum does: Serums are typically applied before a moisturizer to help lock in moisture. If you are looking to amp your skincare game, a serum can provide you with moisture to keep your skin glowing. It is designed to protect, nourish and hydrate your skin.

4. Toner

Thayers Facial Toner, Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera, Rose Petal, 12 Fl Oz

A toner is a fast penetrating liquid that delivers fast hydration to your skin. On days you don’t use makeup removal, wiping your face afterwards can help remove dirt’s and prevent build-ups. The best toner options for sensitive skin types is one with no alcohol. Alcohol-based toner can strip your skin of its natural oiliness and lead to dryness.

What toner does: Toner removes any traces of dirt are on your skin, and when used regularly, it can have a major positive impact on the appearance of your skin. A skin toner can be applied in different ways to your skin, spraying on the face or a cotton round.

5. Sunscreen

CeraVe Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30 | Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen With Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide | Sheer Tint for Healthy Glow | 1.7 Fluid Ounce | Packaging May Vary

Sunscreen is another really essential skin care product that is often neglected. Sunscreen is also known as sunblock or suntan lotion. It helps protect the skin against sunburn and premature ageing such as wrinkles and leathery skin. The active ingredients in sunscreens prevent the skin from UVB damaged.

If you have dry skin, look for moisturizers with at least SPF 30 or hydrating ingredients that protect your skin from ultraviolet hydration.

What sunscreen does: Sunscreen works by blocking and absorbing UV rays and it is important to choose the best sunscreen to avoid getting sunburn. Sunscreen is a must in your skincare regimen. Apply after cleansing in the morning and follow the rest of your skincare routine.

6. Eye Gel

Olay Age Defying Classic Eye Gel, 0.5 oz Packaging may Vary

The delicate skin around your eyes needs moisture too and this is where eye cream comes in. However, applying eye gel requires choosing the best and shouldn’t be applied every day. Olay age defying classic eye gel is a lightweight eye gel that gives your eye the special treatment it requires.

The eyes require more special attention since the skin around that area is thinner and using too heavy moisturizer can lead to puffy eyes and other conditions.

What eye cream does: A lightweight eye cream will naturally hydrate the skin around your eyes preventing dark circles. It is a targeted moisturizer for the eye area and it helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

7. Facial Mask

Aloe Mask, Aloe Vera Peel Off Blackhead Remover Mask -Facial Mask- Peel off Face Masks-Aloe Vera Extract Facial Mask- Oil Control - Facial Moisturizing - Moisture Skin

A facial mask is another essential product that needs to be included in every skin care regimen. A facial mask can be a fantastic tool for every skin type. It is an effective way to deliver an intensive burst of nourishment to your skin.

What facial mask does: Facial masks helps hydrate your skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of pores. A facial mask can provide you with a spa-like experience at home.

8. Cream

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream | 20 Oz | Hydrating Moisturizer For Dry To Very Dry, Sensitive Skin | Body Cream Completely Restores Skin Barrier | Fragrance Free | Non-Greasy | Dermatologist Recommended

You need a cream to make sure your skin retains moisture all day long. Dehydrated skin can easily look dull and dry which is why the cream is an essential skin care product to help keep your skin sleek and well hydrated. A pea-size amount of cream is all that you need, dab a little on your forehead, chins, cheeks and neck, massage in gently.

What cream does: Cream shouldn’t be kipped in your skincare routine as it generally hydrates the skin. Choose a cream that works best for your skin and contains antioxidants as part of its ingredients.

9. Exfoliator

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub Tropical Mango, 18oz, Ultra Hydrating and Exfoliating Scrub for Nourishing Essential Body Care

It’s important to exfoliate at least 1-2 times a week and avoid exfoliating your skin too much or not enough. Exfoliating twice a week with a chemical exfoliator if you have a normal skin type however if you have sensitive skin or have an exfoliator that contains salicylic acid or lactic acid then we recommend limiting exfoliation to once a week.

What exfoliator does: An exfoliator mattifies, exfoliates and draws out excess oil in the skin and it ensures dead skin doesn’t build up on the surface of the skin.

10. Retinol

The Ordinary Retinol 0.5% in Squalane - 30ml, reduce the appearances of fine lines

Although retinol is not skincare essential but can come in really handy for some skin conditions. Retinol can be a backbone to maintaining a healthy skin care regimen. It is often used to treat signs of ageing and acne. Retinol is a type of retinoid made from vitamin A.

What retinol does: It helps revitalizes free radicals to boost the production of elastin and collagen. Retinol helps creates a plumping effect that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores.

11. Face Wash

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover with Glycerin, Oil-, Soap- & Alcohol-Free Daily Face Wash Removes Dirt, Oil & Waterproof Makeup, Non-Comedogenic, 9.6 fl. oz

Washing your face may be the most basic skincare steps. A face wash should be right next to your oil cleanser as an essential skincare product. A face wash also cleans dirt and makeup residue just like a cleanser oil. A cleanser oil is formulated to purify, hydrate and soothe your skin while a face wash is made to clean your pores more deeply.

What a face wash does: A face wash is the first step in any essential skincare. It is important to find a face wash that keeps your skin smooth and clean without drying it out. It is recommended to go for a gentle face wash. Neutrogena Facial cleanser absorbs more easily and’s made to clean your pores more deeply.


Do I need both serum and moisturizer?

Yes, you can use a serum and a moisturizer together especially if you have really dry skin. A serum uses its active ingredients to restore and repair the skin while a moisturizer can prevent the evaporation of moisture.

Why is skincare so important?

Skincare is important if you want to maintain healthy skin. Following good care, routine help your skin stay in good condition and an effective skincare routine can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles and keep your skin healthy.

How do I pick a skincare product?

According to a dermatologist, the first step to picking the right skincare product is to know your skin type. Pay attention to the order of the ingredients in the product and always do a patch test to know what ingredient to avoid.

How often should I moisturize?

If you do have dry skin then professionals suggest moisturizing twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. While people with naturally oily skin might need to use them less often. A great place to start is moisturizing once a day.

Is a simple skincare routine better?

Professional dermatologists recommend keeping your skincare routine simple. While 12 step routines are very popular, they may not work any better than the simple skincare routine. The goal of any skincare routine is healthy skin so if simple works for you then it’s a good place to start.


When you think of a skincare routine, think of it as consisting of three main steps which are cleansing-washing your face. Toning-Balancing the skin. Moisturizing-Hydrating and softening the skin. A step by step skincare regimen is the best way to build and maintain healthy skin. Essential skin care products can help make a huge difference in the appearance and the ageing of your skin.

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