Can I Slap My Tattoo If It Itches?

Can I Slap My Tattoo If It Itches?

Your first tattoo is a big deal no matter the reasons why you decided to get it, it’s a new and thrilling experience.

Getting a needle pierced into your skin to draw a shape or write a quote? Not everyone is bold enough to sit through that, so it’s only right that you have certain concerns after or before going through it.

Tattoos are bound to get itchy after they are done because they are done using a needle; however, is it advisable to slap your tattoo when it begins to itch you? Let’s find out.

Yes, you can slap your tattoo if it itches but it is not advisable to do this for a tattoo that is still healing. The skin around a new tattoo that has not fully healed is very fragile and prone to infections, so it is best to avoid slapping it. At the same time, when it itches as you could be exposing it to bacterial infections or ruining the tattoo lines after doing it continuously. 

Everyone feels the pain from a first tattoo differently, while some people might only feel a light sting, other persons might feel much more pain as the needle constantly makes contact with their skin. Different persons’ brains interpret the feeling of being drawn on with a needle differently, but the itchy feeling that comes afterward is a common symptom that everyone experiences while their tattoo is in its healing stages. 

Is It Okay to Slap My Tattoo If It Itches? 

A tattoo’s healing process, especially if it’s your first, can be quite confusing for you to figure out without adequate information; well, that’s why we’re here. Tattoos are just like fresh wounds because your skin has been drawn upon using needles, it has bled and it is trying to heal while also accommodating the ink and new patterns. 

As a fresh wound, it is only normal for your tattoo to be itchy and cause you discomfort from time to time while it heals.

However, it is very important to resist the urge to itch it as that would only ruin the ink and worsen the healing injury. Since itching your tattoo is not an option, most people prefer to slap it when the itch feels unbearable and they simply need to relieve the discomfort they feel. 

While slapping your tattoo has its disadvantages, softly patting it when it itches is good enough and should relieve you of the discomfort for a while.

Slapping your tattoo too hard can blur the lines, introduce bacteria to your wound, cause you pain and slow down the healing process. 

Can I Slap My Tattoo If It Itches?

Why Is My Tattoo Itching? 

Even though we have established the fact that everyone is likely to feel an itch when they get a tattoo, the reasons for this itch may vary from one person to another.

While the most common reason for an itch is a healing tattoo, there are other reasons your tattoo could be itching and they are listed below; 

  1. Your tattoo might have been infected during the tattooing process owing to bad ink or unsterilized equipment.
  2. You may have reacted to the type of tattoo ink used on your skin especially if you have sensitive skin.
  3. Your tattoo might be healing poorly due to a skin condition you already have such as eczema.
  4. Your skin might have been tattooed using dirty or contaminated ink.
  5. You could be suffering from a condition that causes inflammation known as sarcoidosis.
  6. You might have exposed your tattoo to the sun earlier than you should and get a sun allergy as a result.

How Can I Make My Tattoo Stop Itching? 

Your tattoo is bound to itch from time to time while it heals and even after healing, slapping your skin can be an unhealthy way to stop the itch, so we have decided to make healthier options available to you.

To completely eliminate the need to slap your tattoo in order to relieve the itchiness, below are some options that you can settle for; 

1. Moisturize your skin 

One of the best ways to relieve an itch caused by a healing tattoo is to moisturize it from time to time. When the skin where your tattoo has been done is dry, it tends to cause itchiness, and a little moisture can fix that.

Make sure that you use only hypoallergenic lotions that are also fragrance-free to avoid causing irritations on your skin after application. You can also speak to your tattoo artist to recommend the best lotions for you based on the type of ink that was used for your tattoo to avoid reactions or allergies when you use the wrong lotion.

2. Use a compress to cool it

Another brilliant way to relieve the itch around or on your tattoo is to cool it using a compress. Just as a cold cloth or compress can provide instant relief for a swelling or injury, it can also provide comfort for your itching tattoo.

You should not use a compress on a fresh tattoo, but if your tattoo has healed a bit, this is a very relaxing option that you should try out whenever it begins to itch.

3. Apply a soothing cream 

While the above options should greatly relieve your itch, you can also purchase a soothing cream for your itching tattoo. However, you should not use over-the-counter creams to rub your tattoo while it is still fresh as that will only slow down the healing process. After it has healed newly, you can apply hydrocortisone cream to soothe the itching.

4. Contact a professional for advice 

There are various reasons why you could be experiencing an itch around or on your tattoo and if it does not land on “healing” as the reason for the itch, your best bet is to contact a professional based on the reason for your itchy tattoo.

If your tattoo is itching and it is unbearable, it could be owing to an underlying skin condition such as psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea and you would need to see a dermatologist to get proper treatment for it.

If your tattoo is itching due to the use of contaminated ink or an infection, you should see a professional tattoo artist for proper treatment and advice on what best to do. 

5. You may have to get the tattoo removed 

In extreme cases of itching and rashes that were caused by an allergy that was triggered by your tattoo, the only option to alleviate the discomfort before it causes you irreparable harm is to get the tattoo removed.

Get in touch with a dermatologist or licensed professional that can help you through the tattoo removal process as soon as possible. It may be time-consuming and costly, but it will save you from unbearable allergies before they become a threat to your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can slapping a tattoo damage it? 

Slapping a tattoo can damage it by blurring the lines between the drawing or infecting the tattoo especially if it is still fresh.

Does tattoo itching mean healing? 

Yes, your tattoo is likely to itch while healing so one might as well acknowledge it as part of the healing process, but you must avoid itching it.

Can I itch my tattoo after a week? 

If the tattoo has not healed, then the answer is No. You should not itch a tattoo that has not healed no matter the time frame, if it is still itching after a week or two and it is not healed you should avoid itching it at all costs as this would cause more harm than good.

Can I wear clothes over my new tattoo? 

Yes, it is completely fine to wear loose clothes over your new tattoo while it is still healing at its own pace. Ensure that you stay away from tight clothes that could cause pressure and blur the ink lines around your fresh tattoo.

Should my tattoo itch after two days? 

The itching pattern for a fresh tattoo is different from one person to another depending on your skin’s sensitivity, the type, and the location of the tattoo. It can begin to itch first between two to four days.

Final Thoughts 

Having an itchy tattoo is a normal thing that everyone with a tattoo is bound to experience,  especially during the healing stage.

However, if this itching persists long after your tattoo has healed you might want to visit a dermatologist or any licensed professional for advice on what the cause could be and how best you can get rid of the itch. 

You can slap your tattoo lightly when it is itching but if your tattoo is still in its healing stages, it is not advisable to slap it each time you need relief from the itch. After it has healed a little, you can use prescribed ointments or creams from your tattoo artist or dermatologist to massage your skin lightly to get rid of the itch without ruining your tattoo.

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