Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

A skincare routine for combination skin can help keep a perfect balance. Combination skin can be quite frustrating to maintain, it just means your skin displaying characteristics of more than one skin type. We have four main skin types that are formally acknowledged oily, dry, normal, and combination.

This can make things challenging, as you may have to try more than one skin care product before you find a solution that works. Combination skin encompasses people who have two of the other skin types both present on their face, it can be oily in some areas like the T-zone or butterfly zone and dry in other areas like the mouth, which is common due to the lack of oil glands on our lips, which contributes to dryness around the mouth.

Most people who suffer from acne will have overactive sebaceous glands only on certain regions of their face, while the other areas don’t really produce excess oil but are also not quite dry, so they’re normal. The goal of any skincare routine is to tune up your complexion so it’s functioning at its best, and also troubleshoot or target any areas you want to work on.

How Do You Know If You Have Combination skin?

You’ll know you have combination skin when you feel like you’re dealing with two different skin types at the same time. When you have oily skin, you can expect to deal with a greasy-looking complexion all over your face. You can also likely expect blackheads and pimples to become a factor.

With dry skin, you can experience patches of dryness and even flaking. When you have combination skin your cheeks, temples, and eye area are dull and dry, while other parts of your face are oily, especially around the T-zone area (the central part of your face, including your forehead, nose, and chin).

Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

When your skin type is combination skin, it means you have to build a beauty regimen that addresses more than one issue at a time. Finding the happy medium between an oily skincare routine and a skin routine for dry skin is vital. So, here is a simple skincare routine for keeping a healthy combination skin type.

1. Use A Gentle Cleanser

The skin’s surface becomes covered with dirt, excess oils, and impurities throughout the day. Make sure to use a facial cleanser that will help mattify your oily T-zone without over-drying your cheeks and under-eye area and don’t be tempted to use harsh cleansers. Products you use on your face can influence your skin type, be careful not to use any harsh cleanser on your face.

A foaming cleanser is a good choice, as are gel cleansers. Cream cleansers or a cleansing lotion works exceptionally well for combination skin types. Consider trying one that’s water-soluble for optimal results. 

2. Stop Touching Your Face

To be honest, this sounds so easy to do but it is easier said than done. One thing most people forget is that your hands carry a lot of invisible dirt (amongst other things), and you don’t want to transfer that to your face, as it could end up clogging your pores.

3. Make Use Of Eye Cream

Eye cream on the other hand help to minimize the appearance of dark circles or under-eye bags, it best to apply it morning and night. The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and vulnerable to damage. Eye cream is essential in delivering nourishment and hydration to reduce the signs of fine lines and aging, as well as prevent dehydration and dark, unsightly circles.

You don’t have to use a lot and you shouldn’t rub too hard when you’re applying it, but it’s a step you don’t want to skip if you want to maintain a fresh, youthful look. 

4. Make Use Of Sunshade

You need to intentionally make use of a sunshade. I mean every single day. This is to help protect your skin from wrinkles, sun spots, cancer, and all the damage UV rays cause. Kindly note that Protecting yourself from sun damage helps to slow down signs of aging. Think of it as a preventative measure, while you can’t stop aging.

In Conclusion

Do well to follow the simple steps that have been listed above if you have combination skin, it will help you look younger, the glow you want you will get it. As you can see a combination skin is tricky to treat, being aware of the common causes of combination skin will help you get the best outcome for your skin, simply because we are all so metabolically different.

No two skin types are the same, so look out for ingredients that balance your skin naturally; sometimes less is best, so a skincare routine with fewer, gentler products, could be the beauty solution your skin needs. Following these four steps regularly will protect the skin’s barrier function, which promotes overall hydration and supports the skin’s natural process of cellular renewal.

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