Are Collagen Supplements Good For Men?

Are Collagen Supplements Good For Men?

Are collagen supplements good for men? Yes! collagen supplements are good for men. Over time, collagen supplements have been projected to be for women alone, however, this isn’t true. This supplement is for both genders.

Collagen supplement is regarded to be only used by women, this is probably because the most mentioned benefits of collagen are that it strengthens the hair, nails, and gives youthful skin.

However, collagen supplements have more benefits throughout the body, asides from beauty. Especially in places like muscles, digestion, joints, etc. which makes collagen suitable for both genders to use. Collagen may even be more beneficial to men than women. In this article, we will be looking at possible ways collagen supplements can benefit men.

Collagen Explained

Collagen is a protein, that is made up of amino acids, it is regarded as the most abundant protein in the body, it is found in many parts of the body, and it is one of the major building blocks of the bones, skin, ligaments, etc. it makes up of one-third of all the protein in the body. It is the protein responsible for skin elasticity, and healthy joints.  

Collagen is naturally produced in the body and its primary source is food, however, as we age, there is a reduction in the production of protein in the body, this often leads to a weak joint, dry skin, wrinkles, etc.

Collagen Supplements Explained

Collagen supplements are proteins manufactured from animal products; fish or bovine connective tissue, through the process of hydrolyzation, which means they have been broken down into peptides, easy for the body to consume. Collagen comes in various forms; powder, tablets, capsules, pills, etc.  

Why Take Collagen Supplements? 

Collagen supplements are used to gain the benefits of collagen.

As a person grows, the collagen level reduces, and at the age of 25 -28, the body will no longer produce the same amount of collagen it used to, at a young age. Collagen production can also be stopped by other factors like sugar, UV Rays, smoking, etc.

Because of the numerous functions of the collagen in the body, when there is a reduction in the production of collagen, there are visible changes, i.e. wrinkles, bone ache, fine lines, etc. at this point, the body requires other means to get collagen in the body. This is where supplements come to play.

Are Collagen Supplements Good For Men? 

Collagen supplements are suitable for both genders. Each gender produces this protein inside of them, both gender age, and the reduction of collagen happens to all, hence the need for a supplement for both. However, there are differences between the collagen in men and the one in women.

Men tend to have a high collagen density than women, this is why women look older than men, even when they’re the same age.

The following are some benefits of collagen supplements in men.

1. Healthy Hair For Men

The protein responsible for the production of hair is known as keratin, however, as we age, keratin reduces, resulting in thinning, hair loss, etc. Proline is one of the major amino acids that make up collagen, and proline is also the main component of keratin. Intake of collagen supplements supplies proline, which boosts keratin which in turn affects our hair growth and strength.

2. Boosts Metabolism

Glycine is one of the major amino acids that make up collagen, it is known for building muscle tissue and it improves its mass, which also turns food into energy, in the body.

3. Joint Health

As we grow, the bones become weaker due to the reduction in collagen. Type II collagen helps in the growth, maintenance, and repair of cartilage tissues.

4. Healthy Skin

As collagen reduces in the body, the skin becomes weak and more susceptible to wrinkles, fine lines, etc. Collagen is found in the dermis of the skin; this is where new cells grow. Intake of collagen supplements can help protect the skin from weakening. It also helps replace old and dead skin.

Types Of Collagen

There are different types of collagen, and this can guide you on the supplement to get i.e. if you are lacking collagen in your joint, knowing the type of collagen that is there will help you buy the right collagen supplement.

  • Type 1 – This is the most common type of collagen that is found in the body. This collagen supports healthy skin.
  • Type 2 – This is the collagen that is found in the cartilage, this collagen helps joint health.
  • Type 3 – This collagen improves skin elasticity or stretchiness and promotes skin health.
  • Type 5 – This collagen may be recommended to pregnant women, to support the growth of the placenta.
  • Type 10 – This is found in the cartilage and can help improve bone health.

How Do You Take Collagen Supplement?

Collagen supplements can be taken whichever way you want. If you have purchased the powdered form, it can be added to coffee, smoothies, and even sweet food, they are usually without flavor or odor. you can also take the pills with water.


Is collagen good for bodybuilding?

Yes! There is evidence that states that collagen supplements can help increase muscle mass in younger healthy-looking people. Collagen plays an active role in improving athletic performance that its ability to build muscle is possible.

Do men really need to take collagen?

No one really needs to take collagen in fact your body doesn’t have to produce collagen but it is important to note that collagen is good for more than youthful skin. Men can benefit lit from this essential structural protein.

How long do you need to take collagen to see results?

For benefits like skin health, studies show that it takes 8 weeks to see results. In general, most people will see improvements after taking 10 grams of collagen peptides every day daily within 4-12 weeks.

Can collagen prevent baldness?

Yes, taking collagen can help prevent baldness since it protects the layer of the skin that contains hair roots. Collagen can help prevent age-related thinning and hair loss.

Do dermatologists recommend collagen for men?

A solid skincare routine is essential for men as well hence dermatologists recommend collagen serum to help prevent sagging skin. Collagen is not just a cosmetic product for women, men can benefit from this essential protein as well.

Is collagen good for men’s hair?

Collage help keep men’s hair follicles strong and supple. Collagen contains a specific hair protein that is responsible for maintaining the hair’s structure and quality.

When should I start taking collagen?

Any time is a good time to start taking collagen. To reap the benefits of collagen early, it is recommended to start taking it in your twenties.

Final Thoughts 

It is now evident that collagen isn’t just for women but for both genders. Knowing what you are using your collagen for, will save you the trouble and stress of trying out several supplements.

You should also consult your doctor before purchasing your supplements, this will guide you on the appropriate product to purchase.

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