Boiling Orange Peels; Beauty Uses (All You Should Know)

Boiling Orange Peels

Thinking of throwing out your orange peels? Think again. Orange peels are even healthier than orange fruit, they serve several health benefits that make them worth the save.

Orange peels are rich in nutrients that ensure the overall well-being of the body and also serve as a remedy for maintaining great skin.

Boiling your orange peels makes them edible and fit for consumption, it is a natural remedy that can easily be made from the comfort of one’s home and used to enrich the body and prevent certain inflammatory or allergic reactions.

Below is more information on how boiling orange peels are beneficial to your body and environmental health.

What Are Orange Peels?

Orange peels are simply the skin gotten off of the back of an orange. They are known to be very rich in vitamin C, calcium, fiber, vitamin B6, folate, and polyphenols which are plant compounds. Orange peels are antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory in nature.

Benefits of Using Orange Peels

Orange peels may seem like a waste after getting the orange fruit, but surprisingly they have a lot of health benefits to offer, and these include;

1. They prevent allergic reactions

Orange peels are also known to act as a preventive remedy for allergic reactions. They are a great home remedy for curbing allergies when the need arises.

2. They can help whiten the teeth

Orange peels also aid in teeth whitening and reducing oral sensitivity. If you are in need of a DIY method to improve the whiteness of your teeth, some orange peel will do you much good.

3. They are known to boost the immune system

Orange peels being concentrated with body-building vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin A, makes it serve as an immune system booster. It helps to prevent cough, catarrh, and the flu as well as treat them.

4. They are a preventive measure against cancer

Orange peels also have anti-cancerous properties, they can prove effective in the prevention of cancer in the body.

5. They protect the respiratory system

Orange peels also contain beta-cryptoxanthin which is known to protect the respiratory system from lung cancer.

6. They aid digestive health and weight loss

Also, the presence of fiber in orange peels aids better digestion and helps with weight loss because it contains low calories. If you are on a weight loss or weight maintenance/ management journey you should add orange peels to your diet in the form of tea made with boiled orange peels.

Boiling Orange Peels
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7. They promote eye health

Orange peels have decanal, citral, and limonene which are compounds known to promote good eye health. These compounds are also anti-inflammatory and help to enhance vision and combat eye infections.

8. They have anti-inflammatory properties

Orange peels are anti-inflammatory, this is owing to the concentration of flavonoids in them. They serve as a homemade remedy for inflammation and are known to suppress its effects on the body by permeating the membranes.

9. They make the skin glow

Orange peels interestingly have a glowing effect when used directly on the skin. It is effective in getting rid of blackheads, dead skin cells, acne, and blemishes.

What Are The Benefits Of Boiling Orange Peels?

We have gone over the health benefits of orange peels but these benefits do not exactly explain how to make use of the orange peels to derive and enjoy the said benefits.

Boiling of orange peels for consumption or application in the home or on the skin has proven to be an effective means to enjoy some of those benefits previously mentioned. Below are the benefits of boiling orange peels;

1. Tea made from boiled orange peels helps boost the immune system

If having a hot cup of tea every morning has become your daily routine, it would interest you to know that asides from the warmth and refreshing feeling morning tea provide, adding boiled orange peels to your tea could also include amazing health benefits.

Tea made with boiled orange peels is packed with a lot of body-building and revitalizing health benefits. A cup of boiled orange peels as your morning tea serves as a great way to boost your immune system, as the health benefits of orange peels are amazing!

To make this tea, you would need to get fresh orange peels off an orange fruit, store it in a place where it can dry. You can either crush the orange peels in a mortar and pestle before boiling or just boil it without crushing it.

Let the orange peels boil for five to ten minutes so the flavor and nutrients completely settle into the water. You can add cinnamon powder/cinnamon sticks, fresh lemon, or ginger, and honey, or any sweetener of your choice to make it more enjoyable.

2. Boiled orange peels can be used to make candies

This may not necessarily be a health benefit, but it proved that your orange peels can serve more purposes than you give them credit for. And since we can all agree that candy always puts you in a good mood, it counts as a benefit for sure!.

To make candies from orange peels, you would need to cut the orange peels into strip sizes of your choice.

Place these orange peel strips in a large pan and let them boil on high heat. Remove the water after it has boiled, reboil the orange peel strips and drain the water again. Add a mixture of sugar and water to another pot and reduce the heat to medium and let it simmer for about ten minutes.

Next, add the orange peel strips to the sugar and water mixture and let it cook for an hour. After an hour, drain the syrup and let the peels dry out on a rack for five hours then it’s ready to be crunched on, you have a great candy recipe now that can you cut costs on candy.

3. Boiling Orange peels are a great remedy for weight loss

Orange peels when boiled have also proven to serve as a great remedy for weight loss. If you are trying to lose weight and you would like some natural remedies to add to your daily routine, boiled orange peels would be a great choice. For weight loss, the herbal tea made with orange peels would differ from the one previously explained as a tea taken mostly for refreshment.

 For this herbal weight loss tea, you would need your fresh or dry orange peels and water only. If you have chosen to use dry orange peels you can crush them before boiling if you wish to.

Wash the orange peels properly and place them in a pot of water to boil, after it has boiled for at least 10 – 15 minutes, drain the water and let it cool a little before drinking. If you do not like the taste, you can add any sweetener of your choice to make it more enjoyable.

Orange peels have low calories and are rich in fiber, the perfect combination for a person looking to burn some calories because it will aid better metabolism, digestion and not push up your calorie count.

4. Boiling orange peels make your house smell good

Everyone loves a compliment being thrown around about how good their house smells from a guest or a neighbor, it also makes a home a relaxing and refreshing place to look forward to returning to after a long day at work. Artificial scents could sometimes pose hazardous threats in the home so a natural scent is best advised if you are looking to get your home smelling real nice.

Orange peels being boiled to serve as a scent for your home makes the air safer and more refreshing to breathe in.

The best part about using boiled orange peels as a natural scent is that it can be done in the comfort of your home. As a homemade fragrance Orange peels serve as a calming and healthy option that can be used in every room in the home without posing any hazardous threats.

To make your homemade natural scent using orange peels you would only need orange peels, cinnamon sticks, and water. Simply place the orange peels and cinnamon sticks in a pot of water and allow it to boil, after it has boiled you can reduce the heat to medium and let it simmer for about an hour.

Your house would have already begun to smell lovely and refreshing, repeat the process when the smell begins to die down. Natural scents such as these are calming and healthy for everyone.

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5. Boiled Orange peels can be used to make facial sprays

Orange peels are known to have antioxidant and antibacterial properties that make them great for fighting off acne, blemishes, controlling oily skin, and reducing suntan. A facial spray using boiled orange peels is easy to make and can be done at home, yet it is still pretty effective when made use of.

To make a facial spray using orange peels you would need dried orange peels, a spray bottle, purified water, and glycerin.  Begin by boiling the dry orange peels in a pot of water for about ten minutes for the essence and nutrients to dissolve in the water.

After boiling, cover the pot and let it cool off for another ten minutes. Drain the water and add a few drops of glycerin, you can also add any essential oil of your choice if you choose to, pour it into your spray bottle and it is ready for use!


Orange peels are a nutritious and edible food choice that you should begin to take seriously.

They are instrumental in maintaining the immune system, promoting eye and oral health, providing relief for allergic reactions, combating cough and catarrh, providing nourishing vitamins, giving glowing skin, and getting rid of acne/ blemishes, and even aiding in weight loss.

When boiled, orange peels can serve as a natural fragrance for the home, a refreshing and healthy tea choice, herbal tea for weight loss, and a means to keep your skin glowing. Start storing your orange peels in an airtight container for use for any of the benefits that interest you, it will be a great addition to your daily routine.

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