Are Exfoliating Gloves Bad For Your Skin?

Are Exfoliating Gloves Bad For Your Skin?

As we grow, there are several things that we would have ignored that we tend to grow conscious of. One of these things is the overall appearance of our skin, everything in our body matures and our skin becomes a huge concern all of a sudden.

Being skin-conscious means that you base your feelings on how your skin looks on some days.

Whenever your skin looks bad from an acne breakout or any sort of inflammation, you would feel less confident and unsure of yourself, while on the days where your skin looks clear and feels refreshing, you tend to feel more confident and in control of everything that concerns you.

With skin consciousness, the need to adopt skincare routines that help you maintain the tone, texture, and appearance of your skin becomes a necessity.

You start worrying about how to make sure your aging process is not evident on your skin and you are concerned with how best you can get younger, glowing, healthy, and clear skin.

Your skin becomes a priority and you have to make a conscious effort to ensure that you avoid frequent acne breakouts and dry or flaky skin. Exfoliating gloves have proven to be reliable & effective in improving your skin’s appearance, but is it bad for your skin or not? 

Are Exfoliating Gloves Bad For Your Skin?

Exfoliation happens to be one of the best ways to take excellent care of your skin, your face and body improve beautifully when you develop a habit of exfoliating often.

Keeping your skin clean and moisturized can be achieved by proper and continuous exfoliation with the right skincare tools or products.

Exfoliating gloves are one of the skincare tools used for exfoliating the skin, they have a foreign feel on the skin for people that are used to sponges, and they reach deeper into the pores than sponges would.

Benefits Of Using Exfoliating Gloves For Your Skin

Benefits Of Exfoliating Gloves For Your Skin
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Not everyone is familiar with the concept or the need to exfoliate often, and the need to use exfoliating gloves also causes more questions to arise such as whether exfoliating gloves are good for the skin or not. Below are reasons why exfoliating gloves are good for your skin; 

1. Exfoliating Gloves Help Get Glowing And Healthier Skin

The primary purpose of exfoliating is to get rid of dead skin cells, excess oil lodged in the skin pores, and any other dirt on your skin.

Washing your body clean with a sponge or cleansing your face with skincare products may be somewhat effective for this purpose, but exfoliating is sure to rid your skin of all the aforementioned that could be stuck in your pores.

This leaves you feeling refreshed, your skin looking healthier, and your complexion appearing radiant, and healthy skin means a happy person.

2. Exfoliating Gloves Makes Applying Makeup Easier

Most people are used to easing their faces and using a cleanser before wearing makeup so that it goes on smoothly, even after this, the makeup process may not be as easygoing as was expected because there might still be dirt, oil, and dead skin cells clogging the skin pores.

When using exfoliating gloves to exfoliate, does not only cause your skin to appear radiant, but it also succeeds at evening out your skin texture.

An even skin texture makes the application of makeup products easier, blending your foundation and concealer becomes a seamless and simpler process than when it is done without proper exfoliation.

Using exfoliating gloves
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3. Prepares The Skin For Self Tanning

Self-tanning is an unbelievable chore when your pores are clogged and your skin texture is uneven. Instead of an easy self-tan chore, you will notice that you will wind up having streaks of tan that are unpleasant and the entire coverage with tan will be uneven.

When you use exfoliating gloves to properly massage your skin before self-tanning, you will notice the obvious difference in the end results. Your tan will be more even and satisfying if you exfoliate first.

4. Unclogs Your Skin Pores

When most people think of means to clear impurities or remove excess oil from their skin, they usually think of using facial cleansers for body scrubs.

As much as these can give some good results, for long-term and satisfactory results it is best to use exfoliating gloves as a means to unclog your skin pores and rid them completely of any type of dirt.

Unclogging your skin pores makes it easier for moisture and any other skin products you use to penetrate your skin and yield results. The problem might be that your skin pores are clogged and need to be opened up to allow moisture and other products in.

When your skin pores are clogged, you are likely to suffer from breakouts and dry, flaky skin and if you have been wondering why your skincare products have not been working, you should give exfoliating a chance.

5. Exfoliating Gives You Even Skin Tone

With every use of your exfoliating gloves, it seems as though your skin has been revived and is new, this is owing to the loss of dead skin cells and the presence of new healthy skin cells.

Using exfoliating gloves often results in an even and lovely skin tone especially when it is just right. Your skin will feel and appear healthy with the revitalization gotten from exfoliation.


 Exfoliating gloves are great for your skin! Even after your first use, you can confess it makes you feel great. Exfoliating gloves only result in itching, redness, or any negative effect when they are used on the skin roughly or a person exfoliates more times than is necessary using them.

As long as they are used properly, and they are used only two to three times weekly, they will not cause any harm to your skin, instead, they will prove beneficial to it.

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