Japanese Facial Exercises: Everything You Should Know

Japanse Facial Exercises

What if I told you, that the reduction in the production of collagen isn’t the only cause of sagginess on the face. It is true that less collagen is a major cause of wrinkles and saggy skin, however, it is not the only reason for a saggy face.

The Japanese facial exercises, also known as the “KORUGI” was made popular by Koko Hayashi, a facial yoga expert, who was born and raised in Hokkaido, Japan.  According to her, “humans use about only 30% of the entire facial muscles, through regular expressions like smiling and frowning”.

The face has over 50 different muscles, and because these muscles are rarely used, the face begins to sag and look old.  Stimulating and putting these muscles to work will not just circulate blood flow around the face, it also helps maintain elasticity and prevents the face from aging. How then do you put the muscles to work? Facial exercise.

What Are Facial Exercises?

Basically, facial exercises, has no deeper meaning than it sounds, as workout is to the body, so are facial exercises, they involve making expressions and movements around the face to stimulate and build muscles.

Performing the facial exercises frequently will keep the face fit, improve the blood flow, and this in turn supply nutrients to the skin cells. Celebrities like Meghan Markle have sworn that performing the facial exercises contribute greatly to her young look.

“Facial exercise involves waking up your sleeping muscles in your face and relaxing the overworked muscles which cause wrinkles.” She also said, “The korugi is a natural solution to regain your youthful appearance, and a great alternative to Botox and plastic surgery”.

The korugi massage is known for providing a more youthful appearance and for giving the face and chin the V shape. The main focus of the korugi is the muscles and not the skin as many believe. The Korugi releases tension in the facial muscles and allows the muscle to relax, bringing it back to its original state.

Benefits of the Japanese facial exercise

Although the benefits of korugi haven’t been scientifically studied, from experience, it is said to do the following;

  • It removes dark circles and signs of tiredness around the eyes
  • It improves the blood circulation around the face
  • It moisturizes the skin and makes it softer
  • It leaves the facial muscles relaxed.

These and many more are the benefits of the Japanese facial exercise.

Types Of Korugi Exercises

There are different routines to be done while performing the korugi exercise.

1. Cheek Lift

To do the cheek lift routine, you need to sit in front of a table, clench your fist and rest your elbow on the table. relax your facial muscles and push your cheeks upward with your fists. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and do the routine for 5 minutes.

2. Forehead Smoothing

Clench your hands into a fist, and placed them against the line of your eyebrows. Slide your knuckles upward from your eyebrows to your hairline, slide them down and sideways and back to the eyebrows, go in circles until you have covered your entire forehead. Continue the routine for 5 minutes.

3. Chin Lift

For a chin lift, keep your right hand in a fist, then slide your knuckles, around your chin, do this routine 8 times for the right hand and right side and also 8 times for the left hand and chin.

4. Cheek work

A cheek work is considered to be simple and effective. Simple kick your hands together, with your thumbs up, place the tip of your thumbs below the corner of your eyes, the part close to your nose, and slide your thumb down to your ear, repeat this routine 2 more times and do the same for your left eyes.

5. Eye Rubbing

Make your hands into a fist, with your thumb and index finger a little out, relax your eyebrows and rub your brows with them.

Pulling up the lower parts: make your hands into a fist, with your thumb and two other fingers slightly out, relax your jawline and use the two slightly out fingers to press and pull the chin up to your temples, try not to make it painful. Repeat 6-8 times.

Finishing touch: Your palms and let both hands meet on your forehead, smoothly slide your hands down to your neck and your collar bone, repeat until your face feels relaxed.

Does the Japanese facial exercise really work?

As stated earlier, there is no scientific research or study to prove the authenticity of the korugi, however, the Korugi is known to have been practiced for decades by the Japanese where Koko Hayashi is from. Koko Hayashi has also practiced the korugi for over a decade after she had plastic surgery that went wrong.

From the experience of Koko Hayashi and many women who have participated in the Japanese facial exercise, including Kim Kardashian, the Japanese facial exercise has been proved to circulate blood, keep the skin tighten, reduce face sagginess and make the face look younger.

How often should I do the Japanese facial exercises?

One of the questions that come with facial exercises is the question of how often? The answer to this question is highly dependent on your skin condition, treatments, and many other factors. However, on average, you can massage your face daily for 4-5 minutes, and seek professional facial exercise once a month.

Does the Japanese facial exercise work for sagging jowl?

A sagging jowl happens when the skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity over time. It can be caused by stress, heredity, lifestyle, etc. while all of these are causes of sagging jowl, the most likely cause is old age, this is because as the skin ages, it losses fats, collagen, and elasticity which are the basic things that keep it in shape.

Some researches indicate that facial exercises can reduce the appearance of sagging jowls by strengthening the jaw, face, and neck muscles to get back in shape. Basically, any exercise that puts the muscles to work and stretches the facial muscles, like the Japanese facial exercise, without stressing them can help reduce jowls.

Can the Japanese facial exercise change your face shape?

The korugi technique is known to give the face the V shape that is really coveted in Asia and some other parts of the world.  The v-shaped face is also known as a v-line, it is a slim, oval face that ends in a well-defined jawline, man covets the V-shaped face because it gives a more youthful look, and makes a face more notable.

The v-line face is known as the most attractive face shape. While many resorts to surgery to get the v-shaped face, the Korugi is an excellent technique that has been used for decades in Japan to achieve a youthful face.

Wrapping it up

The Japanese facial exercise can be done in your home and by yourself, you don’t have to visit a professional to get a facial exercise. 

Also, while the korugi can work for anyone, if you have some health issues, like, ENT disease, lymphatic system disorders, chronic skin conditions, or facial wounds, then the korugi isn’t for you, this is because the korugi massage is a bit intense, although not painful, it involves the use of tension.

It is important to consult with your health practitioner before you begin the Japanese facial exercises.

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