Is It Better to Use Collagen In The Morning Or At Night?

Is It Better to Use Collagen In The Morning Or At Night?

When it comes to using supplements, either for the hair or for the body. Some questions ought to be asked and while these questions are asked. Several opinions will pose as the perfect answer. While some may be true, others are not.

Taking collagen has great benefits for the body; it helps our body from aging on time, hair, and nail growth. The truth is, as we age, the production of collagen in the body reduces. While this is normal, the body still needs collagen especially after much exposure to environmental factors.

What exactly is collagen? Collagen is a body of protein; collagen makes up 30% of all the proteins in the body. These proteins are produced by the fusion of some amino acids. Some of the nutrients that aid the production of collagen in the body are; vitamin C, proline, glycine, and many more.

If collagen production reduces as we age, how then is our body supposed to fight illnesses, skin diseases, hair loss, etc? While the body produces collagen by itself at an early age, it’s amazing to know that as the body reduces its production of collagen, there are foods that are rich in nutrients that produce collagen.

These foods, when added to one’s diet, will give us the right amount of collagen that the body needs and everything is back to how it was; like a child’s body.

When in need of collagen, the first thing you should consider is to change your diet to food that is rich in nutrients that supplies collagen. There are also supplements to use to aid the production of collagen in the body.

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A major question that arises from people who are looking to use the supplement is:

When is the best time to take collagen?

Is there a right time to use collagen for it to be effective? Is there such a thing as a wrong time to use collagen? There are opinions from various sources when it comes to when to use collagen.

Taking collagen on an empty stomach

Some think that collagen should be used on an empty stomach. People who do this believe that they need the stomach acid to digest proteins, so, taking collagen on empty stomach guarantees that the body will break the supplement better.

With the morning coffee

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Some people also believe that you should use the collagen supplement with your coffee in the morning. This is because collagen supplement comes in the hydrolyzed form. This means that it has been broken down into a smaller, easy to process particle.

This makes it so much easier to take with your coffee. Because the collagen supplement has a chalky taste, coffee masks it nicely. However, the taste or smell of your coffee remains the same.

Collagen with Food by mid-day

Contrary to those who believe collagen should be taken on an empty stomach, some people think that collagen should be taken with food. It is believed that collagen should be taken with food by mid-day.

Collagen with Vitamin C

It is known that vitamin C is an important nutrient in the production of collagen, some people use their Collagen supplement with vitamin C or Fruits rich in vitamin C.

Collagen at Night

Finally, some people believe collagen should be taken at night, before going to bed, they back their belief with the claims that the body naturally heals while we sleep, so using collagen before bed will hasten its effectiveness.

While there are several opinions as stated earlier, it has been proven by a lot of medical personnel that there is no perfect time to take collagen.

Collagen can be taken at any time of the day and with anything. Although there are also claims that collagen intake and time should be according to your purpose for using collagen. I.e if you are using collagen for your skin, hair, and nails then you take it in the morning. If you are using it for your joints, you should use it at night.

All of these claims are not medically or scientifically proven to be effective. The best opinion is to use collagen when it suits you, the most important thing is to make it daily.

Is It Better to Use Collagen In The Morning Or At Night?

So whether you use your collagen in the morning; on an empty stomach or with coffee, or at night, or midday with food or you take them with vitamin C. Collagen supplements work effectively either way. As stated earlier, there are no medical reports to back up any of these claims.

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