Does Henna Expire? Here’s How Long Before They Clear

Does Henna Expire

How can you not love henna designs? From the way, they cascade down the skin in a lovely and intricate pattern, to how they make you thrilled to simply have them done.

If you’ve decided to buy some henna powder, it’s normal to ask the question ‘ does henna expire?’

No, henna does not expire since it is a naturally derived skin dye. Henna only loses its intensity over time, but with good preservation, its use can be maximized before it begins to appear faded after use.

With this knowledge, you can get as much henna powder as you desire, store it properly and not have to bother that it might have gone bad when next you need to make use of it.

We will provide more necessary details regarding henna and what people might misunderstand to be expired henna. 

Henna Explained

Henna is a plant-based skin dye that is made from a plant known as the Lawsonia inermis or the henna tree. It is known for its benefits to the hair and the gorgeous patterns with which it is used to design the skin.

It has been used throughout the course of history by different cultures, even as early as ancient Egypt. Today, we have brands that make henna in tubes for easier application since many people have taken an interest in it. 

It is used for celebrations, to come over scars, to bless a new child, as an alternative for a tattoo, as a sunblock, an insect repellant, and a treatment for fungal diseases. 

Does Henna Expire
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Does Henna Expire?

If you’ve ever taken an interest in henna skin paintings, asides from appreciating the creativity with which it is drawn on the skin, you are sure to have other lingering questions especially if you want to try it out yourself.

Amongst these questions, you must be wondering exactly how long it takes for henna to expire and of course, we’ve got the answer you’ve been searching for.

It is important to first of all, take into consideration the fact that henna is a natural herb, you do not need extra additives to form the paste that creates the lovely outlines on your skin.

How Long Henna Stays Up

Being a natural herb, henna does not expire it only loses its intensity over time.

Henna can be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place to preserve for as long as possible which would be as long as three months.

Yes! your henna can stay fresh and true to its vibrant tone for two to three months if it is stored properly.

After three months of proper preservation elapses, when you apply your henna paste to your skin it may appear faded out or almost invisible in some cases. This is a clear sign that you should throw out the henna powder since it can no longer serve you.

It is this faded look or invisible look that henna takes on that makes people assume that it can expire, an expiration would mean that it may cause harm to your skin when used after some time but that is not the case, even when henna has lost its vibrancy it is not harmful to your skin in any way. 

If you apply henna to your skin, it lasts for almost a month and this is only if you shower daily. A daily shower means that you go over your henna designs with a sponge or soap and it fades it out slowly day after day.

Applying henna
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How To Remove Henna From Your Skin

While some people would be excited that their henna designs can last almost a month, some people would prefer to remove the henna designs after an occasion or after a week has gone by. By following these few simple steps you can get henna off your skin from the comfort of your home and feel as good as new ; 

  • Begin by washing your skin with hot water to open up your pores to get the henna out.
  • Apply a whitening toothpaste to the design let it sit on your skin for 10 – 20 minutes till it dries and begins to crack a little.
  • Wash the toothpaste off your skin with warm water, soap, and a sponge.
  • Apply some coconut oil or olive oil to the already faded henna design and leave it on for 10 minutes to penetrate your skin pores and loosen up the henna.
  • Add salt to the oil and wash everything off with warm water and soap. All or most of the henna design should’ve faded out after this, repeat the process if necessary.


Henna is a beautiful and culturally revered skin dye that has made its way into the hearts of many, I know we’ve all watched an Indian woman in a movie get her hands designed with henna or those intriguing clips of people getting henna designs on social media and wished we could take their place because of how fascinating and lovely it always appears.

Now you can make use of your henna paste or oil without the tugging question of whether or not it expires.

Even if henna that has lost its color comes in contact with your skin, it will not result in any damage and all you need to do is simply wash it off. 

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