Does TikTok Silk Exfoliating Gloves Work?

Does TikTok Silk Exfoliating Gloves Work?

Who doesn’t want younger, glowing & healthy skin? Well, a person that doesn’t have exfoliation added to their skincare routine doesn’t – it’s as simple as that.

Exfoliation is a must if you would like to have your skin give off a natural glow, curb frequent acne breakouts, get rid of black spots, and have an even and beautiful skin tone.

Silk exfoliating gloves hit the beauty market and people began to wonder if something that soft and light would be a suitable tool for deep and result-bearing exfoliation.

Without letting more questions float in our heads, we’re going to find out if exfoliation needs to be somewhat rough to be effective or not, with facts backing it up.

What Are Silk Exfoliating Gloves? 

Silk exfoliating gloves are simply a new type of exfoliating gloves that are made from silk, a much softer and skin-friendly material than others.

Silk exfoliating gloves are 100% silk and not tempered with chemicals or other abrasive materials. Some of them resemble mittens because of how soft and smooth they are made to appear. 

Do Silk Exfoliating Gloves Work?

Can You Use Exfoliating Gloves On Your Face?
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Everything new sparks curious stares and questions until answers are provided. In this case, it’s a question of whether silk exfoliating gloves really work. It’s an easy answer with the unrivaled benefits of silk exfoliating gloves to back it up.

Yes, silk exfoliating gloves work, and below are the benefits they offer

1. Silk Exfoliating gloves are void of harsh chemicals

There are some types of exfoliating gloves that are laced with chemicals, these chemicals are usually added so that one does not need to pair the exfoliating gloves with another skincare product to get rid of stretch marks and black spots.

Silk exfoliating gloves are safer and healthier for us because they do not contain any of these chemicals. Silk exfoliating gloves work expertly by simply using water and your shower gel paired with them to massage your skin at least twice a week. 

2. Silk exfoliating gloves are very gentle on the skin

Being made from a natural and smooth fiber- which is silk- silk exfoliating gloves are much gentler on the skin than other types of exfoliating gloves.

The skin is naturally brought relief when it makes contact with silk, silk exfoliating gloves reduce the loss of moisture from the skin because of how gentle and soothing they are. Silk is an age-long remedy for skin irritations, allergies, and other skin conditions.

For this reason, silk exfoliating gloves are suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin that requires gentle and non-irritating exfoliation.

Exfoliating Gloves Benefits
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3. Silk exfoliating gloves are great for deep exfoliation

Silk exfoliating gloves provide deep exfoliation by cleaning your pores and getting rid of the oil and dead skin cells lodged in them. When you don’t exfoliate properly, your skin becomes dry, flaky, dehydrated, and you realize that you get acne breakouts often.

But with silk exfoliating gloves and their ability to deeply exfoliate, your skin stays moisturized, void of excess oil, and your pores are unclogged.

With consistent deep exfoliation, you can fight and get rid of acne breakouts, remove dead skin cells, combat the appearance of blackheads, dark spots & ingrown hairs.

4. Silk exfoliating gloves are reliable for anti-aging and skin regeneration

If your skincare routine is centered around anti-aging, then exfoliation using silk exfoliating gloves is compulsory.

The mere mention that exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells to reveal new & healthy skin, softens the skin, and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines suggests that it is instrumental in giving the skin a young glow that slows down the aging process physically.

Skin regeneration is also an evident benefit of using silk exfoliating gloves, as the dead skin cells are gotten rid of after exfoliation, new and healthy skin cell tissues replace them.

Silk exfoliating gloves also stimulate the body’s production of elastin & collagen for healthy, glowing, and younger skin

How to Use Exfoliating Gloves
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5. Silk exfoliating gloves promote lymphatic drainage

By massaging your skin often using silk exfoliating gloves, you stimulate lymphatic drainage. This is great for your body as the lymph is encouraged and given a much-needed push to get rid of its waste contents and this ensures your heart stays healthy and in check.

Lymphatic drainage encouraged by these exfoliating gloves also helps one fight off inflammation of the skin. By massaging your skin is soft and gentle circular motions, you also stimulate blood circulation.

Blood circulation is critical for healthy and refreshing skin, it keeps you feeling strong and in good shape. Cultivating the habit of using silk gloves would turn out to be beneficial to your overall health and not just the look of your skin.

6. Silk exfoliating gloves balances the skin tone & texture

In several cases, the reason for your uneven skin could be the constant build-up of dead skin cells on your face and body.

Being suitable for exfoliation of the face and body, you can use your silk exfoliating gloves often as a means to even out your skin tone. Naturally, with dead skin cells & excess oil being gotten rid of, your skin begins to feel and appear softer than usual.

Consistent or routine use of silk exfoliating gloves can also lessen the formation or appearance of spots and scars on your skin. It also works for getting rid of fake tans that make your skin look uneven and unattractive, it does this naturally and evens out your skin tone in the process.

7. Silk exfoliating gloves allow for deeper penetration of skin products

If you’ve used skincare products that several people have used and had great results but they seem to not be working for you, it may be that your pores are clogged by dead skin cells, dirt, or excess oil and you need to exfoliate first.

In an instance like this, silk exfoliating gloves will prove very helpful and the results from the next use of those products will prove it.

After exfoliating, your pores will be unclogged and the skincare products you use afterward will be able to penetrate & work on your skin as they should. 


Is your shopping cart full? Adding a pair of silk exfoliating gloves sounds like an amazing idea after uncovering the benefits they offer.

They are particularly great because they are suitable for use on all skin types, if you had been feeling left out of the exfoliation rave because you have sensitive skin or some skin allergies, it’s safe to say that you can jump on the wagon by getting a pair of silk exfoliating gloves.

Say Goodbye to dry, flaky, clogged, and unhealthy skin.

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