How to Make Industrial Piercing Heal Faster

Make Industrial Piercing Heal Faster

The piercing that is equivalent to the words bold, edgy and daring is an industrial piercing. Even the jewelry type and designs for an industrial piercing scream those words as well. If you ever need to portray yourself as edgy, bold, or daring, an industrial piercing is your best bet.

The most important phase of a fresh piercing is the healing phase. The healing time for an industrial piercing is one of the longest, it takes about 8 months to 1 year for it to completely heal.

Naturally, this could discourage some persons and they would wonder how to quicken the healing process, lets find out if that is possible or not.

7 Ways to Make Industrial Piercing Heal Faster

It’s completely fine to wish your industrial piercing would heal a little faster so that you can get to switching jewelry often and flaunting it as you’d please but the price to pay for that is patience.

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Being a cartilage and two-in-one piercing, an industrial piercing will definitely take longer than other piercings to heal and you can not rush it. You can only make sure that it heals in due time and does not encounter any complications to increase its healing time.

Below are some tips to ensure your industrial piercing heals properly and in due time;

1. Get your industrial piercing done by a professional piercer

 One of the best things you can do for yourself towards ensuring that your industrial piercing heals faster or at least normally is to make sure that your industrial piercing is done by a professional & licensed piercer.

Any mistakes made or any necessary steps that are neglected when your industrial piercing is done will cause an infection or a rejection instead of ensuring that your healing phase is faster or at a normal pace.

Do not try to cut costs by using a cheaper and less experienced piercer because industrial piercings are complicated and your health is more important than a couple of extra bucks.

2. Choose suitable jewelry for your industrial piercing

An important factor to be considered when getting an industrial piercing is that you choose the right jewelry for it.

Often time, a reason for a slowed-down healing process and a cause for irritations, while your piercing is healing, is that you chose the wrong jewelry for your piercing. Low-quality jewelry might be cheaper but they are not worth the risk.

You need to choose jewelry with the right gauge size, hypoallergenic qualities, and nickel-free composition. You can get jewelry that is made of surgical stainless steel, titanium, 14k gold, platinum, or niobium.

Also when your jewelry is long enough, it allows the piercing more space to swell at first and this reduces the pain field, and it does not add pressure to the piercing while it heals.

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3. Make sure you adjust your sleeping position to avoid complications

Being an ear-piercing, an industrial piercing will affect your sleeping position while it heals.

Any type of pressure mounted on your piercing will cause you discomfort and irritations that is why you must avoid resting on your ear where the piercing is located while you sleep. If just one side of your ear is pierced, you can rest on the side of the ear that is not pierced instead.

The pressure being added to your industrial piercing might shift your jewelry and cause it to scar your ears. This would not allow for faster or smooth healing as any complication encountered will only slow down the healing phase.

4. Brush your hair down carefully

Ear piercings are likely to come in contact with the hair often especially if your hair is long and let down often.

You would need to be cautious when combing your hair because the barbell jewelry an industrial piercing carries can easily get snagged and pulled on when your brush or hair gets stuck in it while your hair is being brushed.

If you need to go to the salon while your industrial piercing is healing you would also need to inform them to be cautious and careful not to pull on your jewelry and cause a complication.

It might be best if you wear your hair up more often or tuck it securely and carefully behind your ears to avoid it getting snagged on your jewelry.

5. Make use of earbuds or AirPods instead of an earpiece while your piercing heals

Earphones or headphones might be your favorite way to listen to music while working, walking, or exercising but you might have to give that up for a while if you want your piercings to heal without any delay.

You do not completely have to give up the feeling of listening to music and having a concert-like experience in your head, you can get earbuds or AirPods instead.

Earphones might get tangled on your jewelry while putting them on or taking them off and headphones could mount unwanted pressure on your piercing, these are things you should be consciously avoiding so it would be best to make use of wireless headphones for the first 2 – 3 months.

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6. Wash your hair with a natural shampoo

With reference to how close the ears are to the hair and how this closure means certain things done to your hair might have a negative effect on your industrial piercing, you would also need to change your shampoo.

Shampoos with chemical components should be avoided while your piercing is healing, when these come in contact with your piercing it would cause pain or irritations that would slow down the healing process of your piercing.

This doesn’t mean you can no longer wash your hair, it only implies that you would have to settle for shampoos with only natural ingredients as those are gentle on your skin and piercing when it comes in contact with it.

7. Religiously follow your aftercare routine

As cartilage and double piercing, industrial piercings are more prone to infections than other piercings so you must consciously perform your aftercare routine requirements without fail every day.

The best way to ensure a piercing heals properly is by caring for it daily without fail, this keeps infections at bay and makes sure you do not experience rejection.

No matter how tiring it may get, you have to keep taking care of your piercing, missing days or some steps only exposes you to risks that would cause you complications and a prolonged healing time.


If you’re looking to speed up your healing time for an industrial piercing, you should be thinking differently.

You should make sure you abide by some simple tips instead to make sure that the healing time is not prolonged and that it heals perfectly well.

You would need to get your piercing done by a professional piercer, get the right jewelry, avoid sleeping on your piercing, brush your hair carefully, use wireless earphones, wash your hair with natural shampoo, and follow your aftercare routine for timely and healthy healing.

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