Is Cutting Hair With Fire Good?

fire haircut good or not

Is cutting hair with fire good? No, this is not such good idea even though many hairstylists claim this is a better to cut your hair compared to scissors but this might not be ideal for your hair.

Cutting hair with fire is a technique that has been around for a while and it is intended for professional salons only but it can pose some serious risks. Fire haircuts are exactly what they sound like, instead of scissors a hair dress will use fire to cut your hair. The reason this technique is popular is that its promises to do a good job of getting rid of dead ends without burning your hair. The inevitable question is whether fire hair cuts are safe or not.

People choose to get their hair cut with fire rather than scissors when they want to keep their hair long but want to get rid of split ends. It turns out there are different ways cutting hair with fire can be achieved. In addition, you also don’t want to go to bed with wet hair.

Salons are recently offering cutting hair with fire as a way to get rid of split ends instead of giving it the old fashion trim. Experts do advise not to have this done yourself at home and claim it has some advantages over other methods. So here are things you should know before cutting your hair with fire.

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What Is The Purpose Of Cutting Hair With Fire?

Many hairdressers who use fire to cut hair call it a dangerous art but the purpose of doing this is to fire seal the ends of your hair and bond it together. The purpose of fire cutting might not be as great as the process it takes as this can also ruin your hair shaft really fast. It is perfect for trimming your hair without losing your hair length but the additional moisture can cause your hair to break off.

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Is Cutting Hair With Fire Good?

The process of cutting your hair with fire is also called Velatarapia and this refers to cutting your hair with the flame of a candle. The fire cutting technique has been popular in Brazil since the ’60s and the process involves tightly twisting a strand of hair then run a flame over it to burn off the split ends that stick out. The fire haircut is an unusual technique and it is definitely not good for any hair type.

This process might sound like a quick fix for getting rid of split ends but anyone who is educated in the layers of the hair shaft knows very well that it’s not. This can weaken your hair shaft and make expose it to environmental damages.

Final Thoughts

Cutting hair with fire might not only cause damages to your ends but also cause your hair to singe. Your hair texture often determines how this trend might affect it. If you have fine smooth hair, fire cutting will only ruin your hair cuticle. So, your best, safe bet for dry ends is a hair mask and regular deep conditioning. Best to stay away from fire haircut.

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