What Is A Perm? And How Long Does A Perm Last?

How Long Does A Perm Last?

What is a perm? Perm is the use of chemical treatments to make the hair curly/wavy and also to add volume to the hair.

We cannot deny that the ’80s are fast making a come-back into our world. It’s evident in fashion, beauty, and hairstyle, and care.

Not only are they here but they seem to be giving us a better version of themselves. One popular hair trend that wasn’t left behind in the 80s is the perm, then, perm was used to add volume and texture to the hair.

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What Does Perming Involve?

The term PERM is short for “permanently”. This refers to a process, whereby a chemical treatment is applied to the hair, this alters the structure of the hair strands and this makes the hair curly or wavy permanently, for a while.  

Keratin is a protein that is responsible for hair growth, shape, and strength. when you perm your hair, the chemicals break down the keratin, and when it is fully gone, the stylist can shape the hair whichever way you choose.

Your hair is rolled with curlers and a neutralizer is added, this neutralizer helps the keratin rebuild around the curler. This results in curly/wavy hair.

The hair stays this way for a very long time, and unlike hair dye, it doesn’t wash out or straighten even after washing.

Types Of Perm

There are only two processes used to achieve perms; Digital(hot) and Ceramic(cold).

  • Ceramic (Cold): This is the traditional process used for perming. The dry hair is curled around plastic rods, this is to alter the structure of the hair, and then an alkaline solution is applied to it, to make it curl. This eventually leads to tight and defined curls.
  • Digital (Hot): The hot process is similar to the cold process, the only difference is instead of an alkaline solution, this process makes use of an acidic solution. Resulting in loose and soft curls.

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The Old Perm VS Modern Perm? 

how long does a perm last
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There is not much difference between the perm of the ’80s and the one we do now. The major difference is in the technique. Before now, stylists made use of perm plastic rods. While now, we are open to different and better ways and styles to perm the hair.

Does Perm Damage The Hair?

A lot of people may be skeptical about the use of perm and the damages it may do to the hair. The truth is if your perm is properly done, then you can be sure it will not damage your hair. This is why it is advisable to get your perm professionally done and not by yourself. Your hairstylist knows how to apply it properly to suit your hair type.

Also, if you notice any form of damage or dryness, you can make use of a leave-in-conditioner to protect the hair. You can also deep condition the hair, this replaces moisture and protein.  

Do Perm Work On Every Hair Texture? 

Yes! the thing we love about perm is that it can be done on all hair types, ranging from straight to wavy. Although the process for highly textured hair might be different from that of straight and wavy hair, it is not an impossibility for the hair to be permed.

Regardless of how long or short, your hair is, perming works either way. Your hair just has to be long enough to wrap around the curler or rod. You can check online for styles to choose from for your short hair.

How Long Does Perm Last?

This is one of the most known questions about perm, a lot of people are curious about how long they can keep these curls on. Typically, a perm can last up to 6 months or more. Unlike dye, sperm doesn’t wash out, it only grows out, looking all-natural.

If you want your perm to last, some factors can determine how long your perm lasts. They are as follow;

  1. Perm Technique: How long your curls last, is dependent on the technique used by your hairstylist. A digital perm will result in more defined curls which will last longer, than a cold perm. However, cold perm has its advantages.
  2. Hair Growth Rate: Every man is unique when it comes to hair growth. while some people grow hair fast, some don’t. As new hair grows, your perm begins to look frayed and old.
  3. Your Stylist: As insignificant as it might sound, how long your perm lasts is also based on who does the perming for you. Perm is not like dye, you can confidently dye your hair at home; however, you should not make such a decision with perming.
  4. Hair Condition: If your hair is dry, damaged, you might not enjoy your perms for a long time, also the chemicals might damage your hair more.
  5. Haircare Routine: The right hair care after your hair is permed can help your perms stay for long. You should see to it that your perms are well taken care of and conditioned from time to time. Avoid heat styling, and products that contain alcohol or silicone.  

How To Make Your Perms Last Long?

  • Don’t wash your hair after the treatment, for three days at least.
  • Don’t comb your hair at least 24 hours after getting your perm done.  
  • Make use of a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush.
  • Use a hydrating shampoo and deep conditioning mask to restore moisture.
  • Do not tie hair in ponytails or buns for a long while.
  • If you will use a hairdryer, put it at the lowest temperature to dry your hair.
  • Don’t forget to use heat protectant spray before styling the hair.
  • Do not dry your hair with a regular towel, it may cause tangling.

Final Thoughts

Perms are back and better! if you have ever wanted to have your hair in curls for a long time, then you should try this out.

Apart from getting your hair wavy and curly, getting your hair permed is one way to add volume and texture to your hair. A major way to ensure that your perms last long is to pay attention to your perms care. This will also prevent split ends, dryness, and more.

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