12 Types Of Hair Rollers 2024 (With Images)

12 Types Of Hair Rollers

What type of hair rollers is the best? Hair rollers are part of the beauty trend we can’t get rid of anytime soon and when it comes to curling hair, there are all kinds of hair rollers that can help you to get your cuticles to last for days.

Hair rollers are a lot less damaging and they won’t dry out your hair compared to using direct heat.

Hair rollers are perfect if you are trying to achieve bouncy curls and waves. Hair rollers are not just great for women with straight hair but can be used by girls with curly hair to create a uniform, long-lasting ringlets, and waves.

When it comes to hair rollers and getting curls, it can be really confusing which one to go for. So, if you are looking to find the right hair rollers for your hair, here are 12 types of hair rollers every woman should know.

Different Hair Roller Types For Your Hair

Here are some of the many different types of hair rollers for women’s hair.

1. Flexi Rods Hair Rollers

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The Flexi rods hair rollers are very flexible and they are referred to as bendy rollers as well. These hair rollers have been around for a very long time, they are quite suitable for all hair types, and with the use of Flexi rollers, you can easily create a beautiful style without using direct heat on your hair.

2. Velcro Hair Rollers

The velcro hair rollers are the perfect solution for women who struggle with coarse wavy hair. The hair rollers are designed to curl your locks without causing any damage and they provide the best grip on your hair.

3. Heated/Steam Hair Rollers

Heated/steam hair rollers are great for all hair types plus it’s fast and easy to use is a hot roller. Using steam rollers can really give you a strong set of curls that will last even longer. When your curls are set, just let them loose.

4. Foam Curlers

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Foam curler hair roller is also known as ribbon curlers. The foam curlers may seem a little old school but they are super useful. This curler works a little differently compared to other curlers but they are the only way to well-defined gorgeous ringlets without heating your hair.

5. Brush Hair Rollers

Using brush hair rollers help create lovely bouncy curls, soft waves and adds volume to hair. This is also easier to use and it gives your arm a break from using blow-dry. The hair curlers include bristles on the surface to help lock your hair in and leave you with beautiful curls.

6. Magnetic Rollers

If you have less experience with using hair rollers then magnetic rollers are the best place to start. These rollers are hard plastic cylinders with ventilation holes that are called magnets. So, they can be used to wrap your wet curls without any styling products.

7. Sponge Hair Rollers

The sponge hair rollers are another important hair curler every woman should know. It is the perfect rollers if you want to preserve your curly styles overnight as you can easily sleep with them in your hair. There is a curling method you can use to get your kind of curls with these rollers and they are more comfortable than other curlers.

8. Extra Large Foam Rollers

The extra-large foam rollers are not just perfect but they enable you to create cute spiral curls and volumes. These hair rollers are great for creating large twist-out hairstyles and it is discovered that they work best with oily and fine hair. The more hair you have it the rollers, the looser the curls will be and less hair will give you tighter curls.

9. Ribbon Curlers

Ribbon hair curlers are frankly the modern way to get curls. It gives you spiral-shaped curl ribbons for long hair and it is also easier to use the variation of Flexi rod to create beautiful curls. Simply feed the hook through the center of the ribbon and latch a strand of wet hair near the root, then pull. This should be repeated till all your hair is nicely wrapped in the ribbon.

10. Brush Hair Rollers

Brush hair rollers are another very common type of hair rollers. They are suitable for creating spiral and tiny curls. It is also great for holding your hair in place. These type of rollers is great for thick coarse hair to prevent them from becoming frizzy and tangled.

11. Spoolies

Spoolies go far back as the ’50s and they are used to get the look of pins without using bobby pins. Spoolies are quite easy to use and you just need to wrap a section of your hair around the stem of its cap, fold the top over and repeat till all your hair is neatly tucked away.

12. Jumbo Hot Rollers

Jumbo hot rollers give you bigger and looser curls. Just like the cold rollers, you can create classic curls easily the same way. Your hair has to be straight to create wavy beach curls.

Wrapping It Up

There is always a hair roller for the kind of curls that suits your mood.

Hair rollers are great for all hair types regardless of the type you are using. There are several benefits to using hair rollers however you have to choose the best hair rollers to work with.

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