5 Tricks to Fix Uneven Eyebrows – Guaranteed

How to fix uneven eyebrows

The eyebrows are one of the first things you notice when you look at a person’s face, so how it looks is likely to leave an impression. Eyebrows are a definitive feature that can change a person’s look depending on how they appear or are modified.

Naturally, no one has perfectly even eyebrows because all faces are asymmetrical. The bone structure of the face, as well as the muscles on the forehead, vary in strength and visibility on both sides of the face, which is perfectly normal.

This is however not a cause for alarm, as in most cases it is not considered a defect.

However, when uneven brows are a result of an illness or a modification with unfavorable side effects, correcting uneven brows becomes necessary.

What Causes Uneven Eyebrows?

Why are your brows uneven? If you recently began paying more attention to your facial features for whatever reason, you may begin to ask questions about why certain features appear to be a certain way.

If uneven brows bother you and you wonder what may be the cause, the reasons explained below might serve as the answer to your question.

1. Congenital Facial Bony Asymmetry

The congenital facial bony asymmetry is a condition where one side of a person’s face is smaller than the other side. This imbalance in the sides of the face, in turn, results in uneven eyebrows as the brow on the smaller side of the face will appear lower than the brow on the larger side. This is however not a deformity, almost everybody has a smaller and larger side of their face, but in some persons, it is more obvious thereby resulting in uneven eyebrows.

2. Genetics

Uneven eyebrows can also be a result of certain genetic factors. You might notice that members of your family have asymmetric eyebrows, in this case, you are right in concluding that genetics is indeed the reason for your uneven eyebrows. This should not raise a cause for alarm, it is still not seen as a deformity neither does it have any health effects.

3. Over Plucking Your Eyebrows

If you are familiar with grooming your brows constantly using methods such as tweezing, threading, waxing, or plucking, your uneven brows may be as a result of these. When you pluck your brows or use any of the earlier mentioned brow grooming methods, you may end up with uneven brows and not be satisfied with your result especially when you’re doing it yourself.

4. Hair Loss

Illnesses such as alopecia that lead to hair loss do not only affect the hair on your head, it also leads to hair loss on the eyebrows as well. This leaves the eyebrows looking mismatched, patchy, and uneven.

How to fix uneven eyebrows

5. Previous Botox Usage

Botox injections taken to smoothen forehead wrinkles or smile lines (also known as crow’s feet) end up having an unusual side effect. These Botox injections are injected into the muscles in the forehead and one muscle ends up absorbing more of the contents than the other muscle. This may cause uneven brows as one side of the forehead is more raised than the other because it came out smoother.

How To Fix Uneven Eyebrows

After determining the possible or obvious cause of your uneven brows, the next step would be to source ways to fix them. Brows do not need to be identical and in most cases even after using some of the methods mentioned below, your brows would at best look like biological sisters instead of far cousins, which is still great though.

1. Measuring Your Eyebrows

One of the best ways to make sure your brows come out even or at least almost identical is by measuring them before undergoing any brow grooming process. Measurements help you know where each brow begins and ends, as well as where your natural arch is located. This puts you on the right track while grooming and helps you avoid the mistakes that would result in uneven brows.

Your brow length is the same as your nose length, you can measure from the bridge of your nose and point straight up, this would show where your brows begin. From the outer bridge of your nose and at a 45-degree angle facing your outer eye, you should be able to ascertain how long your brows are.

To figure out the arch of your brow, you would simply need to locate the highest point of your brows. Knowing each of these from the brow’s beginning, its shape, natural arch to where it ends will give a better guide and guarantee a better result when grooming the eyebrows.

2. Allowing Your Brows Grow Back

The most natural way to get your uneven brows back in the right shape is to patiently let them grow back in. This is especially advised if the reason they were uneven was as a result of over-plucking.

Eyebrows would take a period of four to six weeks to grow back, avoid grooming them until they have completed a new growth cycle to avoid worsening the appearance of your brows. There are eyebrow growth serums that can be used to nurse your brows back to normal.

3. Applying Eyebrow Makeup

Makeup comes in handy when seeking to temporarily cover up uneven eyebrows. For persons hoping to allow their brows to grow back instead of opting for options such as a brow lift or medications, the eyebrows could take over a month to fill in the gaps it left that made the brows appear uneven.

While waiting for regrowth, such persons might have official or special events to attend and would need a temporary cover-up, makeup is the best bet in such situations.

Using a powder shade that matches that of your eyebrows is one of the ways to fill in your brows. Powders might be tricky to use because they tend to get all over the place, but they give a natural finishing especially when touched up with brow gel after application.

The most popular makeup option for fixing uneven brows is however with the use or an eye pencil. With proper knowledge of where your brow begins, arches, and ends, you can use an eye pencil to trace even brow shapes and then fill them in by coloring with the eye pencil. To have it looking neat and well defined, you can brush through with brow gel or use a concealer to trace the shape you have drawn over your brows.

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Where the reason you seek to fix your uneven brows is not as a result of alopecia, botox injections, or over-plucking, but a case of insecurity from your naturally asymmetric brows, make up being a temporary and consequence-free option should be your first option, it is not advisable to make a hasty decision to undergo a brow lift surgery as it has its negative effects.

4. Exploring Surgical Options

Surgery is a great way to fix uneven brows especially if they are uneven owing to previous Botox injections that had side effects leaving the brows uneven. The surgical procedure that would be needed in this situation is a brow lift.

A brow lift as the name suggests is a medical procedure that is undertaken to elevate the brows and align them in a symmetric or even manner. A brow lift is not a permanent solution to uneven brows, factors such as aging and skin dropping due to it’s exposure to the sun can reverse the effects.

A brow lift can have side effects such as scarring, a temporary or permanent numbness on the forehead, hair loss at the incision sites, facial nerve injury, elevated hairline, or swelling. You have to carefully consider the risks and seek medical advice before undergoing brow lift surgery.

5. Medications

Medications sufficing as a means of fixing uneven brows is only an option because alopecia was mentioned earlier as a cause of eyebrow loss and uneven brows. Your doctor might prescribe a hair gel, foam, or oral treatment to remedy the falling hair from your scalp and eyebrows.


A person’s eyebrows are believed to make a statement that could determine a certain look, this is made possible with several make-up techniques to fit different looks for several occasions. Also, in the case of uneven brows, it could end up ruining a person’s desired look. This is usually the case when the uneven brows are glaring and hard to miss on a person’s face.

Uneven eyebrows could be caused by certain genetic makeup, an incident or more of over-plucking one’s eyebrows, congenital facial bony asymmetry, hair loss from medical conditions lower alopecia, or a side effect of forehead Botox injections.

In a bid to remedy this situation, five effective tricks to fix uneven eyebrows have been discussed above. Making a conscious effort to know your brow measurements helps you avoid over-plucking or brow grooming in ways that would cause uneven brows.

You can decide to patiently wait for your eyebrows to grow back and possibly use some booster while you wait, resist the urge to pluck or trim it once new hair starts popping up, you can use brow make-up when the need arises though. A brow lift surgery would also impressively fix uneven eyebrows.

For alopecia, whether gels or creams your dermatologist or a licensed medical practitioner approved will do.

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