How to Lighten Your Eyebrows (Complete Guide)

How to Lighten Your Eyebrows

How would it feel to realize that your brows can match your slightly lighter hair tone? The rush of adrenaline that accompanies trying a lighter hair color, can now be doubled with eyebrows that match.

Brow lightening has easily become a beauty trend gaining recognition and being embraced by several women around the world. The natural glow that lighter brows give also offers a little confidence boost in one’s appearance.

Eyebrow lightening is a process through which one’s eyebrow color is altered to appear a few shades lighter. With eyebrow lightening, your brows are tinted to give off a softer tone or look. It can be done using several techniques, and it is a temporary alteration of the eyebrows that can easily be reversed if and, or when the need arises.

It gives the eyebrows a natural and beautiful look as opposed to dyed eyebrows and is more realistic as well.

How To Lighten Your Eyebrows Naturally

The essence of eyebrow lightening is to get a natural and softer look. Lightening the brows has also been proven as a way to achieve an overall facial glow, and who doesn’t want that? It also turns out to be easy enough to be done in this comfort of one’s home.

All the procedures for eyebrow lightening below are cheap, safe, efficient, temporary, and do not take more than 30 minutes to complete except the chamomile tea or in an event where the process needs to be repeated.

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1. Eyebrow Lightening With Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural means to lighten your eyebrows since it does not involve the use of any chemicals, just the juice extracted from the lemon.

A mixture of lemon juice and water in equal amounts is all that would be needed. You can either find a means to spray this mixture onto your eyebrows or use a ball of cotton wool dipped in it to apply it.

For the tightening properties to be activated, you would have to make contact with the sun, try stepping out for a while. Your brows would begin to lighten after you have been out in the sun for a while, you have to constantly check to make sure it does not lighten more than you need it to.

Once you are satisfied with your results, use a wipe or wet cloth to clean the lemon juice off of your brows.

2. Eyebrow Lightening With Honey

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Raw honey possesses great lightening properties for the skin and hair alike. It has to be raw undiluted honey because of the presence of hydrogen peroxide that would still be present and able to activate the lightning properties of honey.

These traces of hydrogen peroxide in honey allow for a gentle and smooth lightening of the brow hairs when it is applied to them. You can use a mascara wand to spread the honey evenly and brush it into your brows.

After 15-20 minutes, wipe the honey off your brows using a wet cloth. If it has not lightened as much as you need, you can repeat the process till you get your desired result.

3. Eyebrow Lightening With Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a natural hair lightener just like honey and lemon juice. You can lighten your eyebrows using chamomile flowers but a strong chamomile tea would be an easier and cheaper option that would serve the same purpose.

Pour ten opened tea bags of chamomile into some boiling water and mix till it’s a paste. Use the mixture on your wet brows and leave it on for hours and clean off with a wet cloth.

You can do it all over again if you want it more lightened than it appeared.

How To Lighten Your Eyebrows With Make-up

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Being able to lighten your eyebrows with makeup makes it possible to include your daily makeup routine. Eyebrow lightning is an easy look to achieve especially using makeup tricks as a means.

1. Brow Trimming and Shaping

An easy way to make your brows appear as though they are lighter before trying on other makeup products is by trimming and shaping them. Trimming and shaping your brows does not involve plucking or waxing them off, it is just an attempt to make your brows look neater and natural.

2. With The Use of Eye Pencils

After trimming and shaping your brows, if you are not satisfied with your results, you can try another eyebrow lightening method that involves makeup. You can opt for using eye pencils to lighten your eyebrows.

Of course, we are used to the idea that eye pencils are meant to darken your brows and make them bolder to match your makeup.

However, in the case of brow lightening, eye pencils are used to do the exact opposite of this. You would need an eye pencil that is a few shades lighter compared to your natural eyebrow tone. Having chosen the eye pencil that suits you and the shade you are going for, fill in your brows with it as much as desired.

For an even softer look, you may want to try using an eye shadow shade as light as you desire. You could follow this eyeshadow fill in up with a brow gel to hold it in place, your brow gel should align with the light-colored shades of eye pencil or eye shadow that has been previously applied.

To finish off, simply blend all the products gently using a clean mascara wand to brush your brow hair, this gives a natural finish to the entire process, which was initially the point.

3. Tap into The Power of Concealers

Another method that involves makeup items is the use of concealers to lighten your brows. This is perfect if you are just looking to try how this trend would fit you, or you just want to lighten your eyebrows for a particular makeup are not looking to try anything overboard.

Simply apply a lighter shade of concealer to your eyebrows and brush it in the opposite direction of your brow hair growth. Follow this step by dusting some setting powder onto your brows and it should look great.

How To Lighten Eyebrows With Hydrogen Peroxide

With regards to getting a natural result after eyebrow lightening, a hydrogen peroxide is a perfect option. Hydrogen peroxide is very skin-friendly, it does not lead to skin irritations since it is designed to soothe/heal cuts on the body. It is a cost-effective, safe, convenient, and effective option for brow lightening.

You would need cotton wool, cotton buds, and 3% Hydrogen Peroxide -minimal concentration is important to avoid issues or an undesired result – for this process. All these supplies can be gotten at a pharmacy. After these have been gotten, it’s time to kick off the brow-lightening process.

Begin the process by dipping a cotton bud into the hydrogen peroxide solution and use the cotton bud carefully brush your brows in the direction of its growth.

Now, allow the hydrogen peroxide to sit for five to thirty minutes depending on your preferences and brow type. If you have scanty and light brows which you intend to only lighten a bit, it would take less than thirty minutes to achieve this. If you have fuller and darker brows, it would take a longer period to lighten, when your brows are very dark you would have to re-apply the hydrogen peroxide after thirty minutes.

Hydrogen peroxide is unique and advisable for brow lightening because you can watch it gradually lighten your brows since it is transparent. Once you see that it has lightened as much as you intended it to, use wet cotton wool to clean the rest of the hydrogen peroxide left off of your brows.

Eyebrow Lightning Vs Eyebrow Bleaching

Eyebrow lightening is mild and is a way to achieve a softer and natural look. It is usually done using natural means or simple makeup that can easily be taken off. It lifts the color of the eyebrows some shades lighter than usual depending on the results you’re looking for.

Eye for bleaching on the other hand is bolder and usually gives off an edgy and intense look upon completion. Bleaching involves a chemical process through which dark hair is made to appear lighter, but not softly and naturally as brow lightening does, brow bleaching often leaves the brows looking blonde and bold.

Eyebrow lightning which is done using natural lighteners such as honey, chamomile, and lemon is safe and does not pose any threat to your brows in or after the process is completed. Eyebrow bleaching on the other hand is achieved through the use of hair bleach, which contains a fair amount of chemicals.

These chemicals can damage the bonds of natural pigment present in the brows.

Eyebrow lightening is a safe and preferred option for persons with sensitive skin looking to switch up their appearance without getting skin irritations or reactions in the process. Eyebrow bleaching however is not safe for persons with sensitive be skin as the bleaching agents present in the hair bleach being used could cause adverse skin reactions.

The use of bleach for the brows is dangerous because of how close your eyes are to your brows. You do not want to risk getting chemicals in your eyes as the effects could result in blindness in the worst-case scenario. Brow lightening is not done with chemical-based products so it is safe enough to have close to the eyes, as a simple rinse of this water when there is a mistake that gets anything in your eyes would remedy the situation.

However in both cases, one has to be very careful especially when you are doing either of these -bleaching or lightening – by yourself.


The desire for acquiring a natural yet enhanced look has given life to several new beauty trends. Amongst these is the idea of lightening eyebrows to achieve a simple yet natural look.

Eyebrow lightning is also a way to balance uneven hair and eyebrow shades, some persons have lighter hair and darker eyebrows and with the desire to balance the shades of both their hair and eyebrows, they settle for lightening their eyebrows with either of the above-mentioned techniques.

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