17 Most Beautiful Glitter Eyeshadow Looks For 2021

glitter eyeshadow looks

One word that always pops into mind when we think of glitter eyeshadow is fancy. Glitter eyeshadows, you either love it or you hate and this is because it can be a bit of a tricky one and you can be quite confused if it’s suitable for everyday wear. There is really no wrong or right way to wear this shimmery eye makeup and recently, it has found its way back into mainstream beauty look.

Glitter eyeshadow is one eyeshadow look you want to be careful with when applying, too much can become sticky and uncomfortable to wear but after some careful consideration, we have concluded that glitter eyeshadow can be used without looking terrible, and in fact, it could turn out really great.

If you are tired of your neutral palette look and need something to shake things up then a glitter eyeshadow might be perfect. So here are 7 of the most beautiful glitter eyeshadow looks in 2021 to inspire you.

1. Bold Brown Glitter

Bold Brown Glitter
Source: quaeen.com

Glitters are fun however you might want to keep it really simple and classy. Brow eyeshadow glitter gives your makeup the edge it needs without looking too much or less fancy.

2. Unicorn Eyeshadow

Unicorn Eyeshadow
Source: Pinterest

Here is another classy way to add glitters to your eyeshadow especially if you are trying to create a shimmery makeup. This is a really fun makeup worth trying.

3. Sunset Glitter

Sunbeam Pigment
Source: Glitters

The sunset eyeshadow glitter is one of the most popular makeup. You do not need to have your face doused in glitters to make this look really polish and outstanding.

4. Teal Green Eyeshadow Glitter

Teal Eyeshadow
Source: Makeup/ideas

If you are in for a bit of sass and class then here is the kind of glitter you should go for. Green eyeshadow has become a trendy makeup recently and we must say, it’s a look worth recreating.

5. Pink Eyeshadow Look

Pink Eyeshadow Makeup
Source: Pinterest

Pink is that color you can’t help but love. If you are up for ways to spruce up your eyeshadow then here si a look worth going for.

6. Shimmery Eyeshadow Makeup

Colourful Glitters
Source: Pinterest

A shimmery eye makeup is as old as makeup itself and it goes nicely on any skin color.

7. Red Eyeshadow Glitter

Red Eyeshadow Glitter
Source: Fashionisers

Go for the full lid glitter for a more glamourous look. A bold red glitter eyeshadow is perfect for fancy events and weddings.

8. Orange And Gold Glitter Eyeshadow

Orange And Gold Eyeshadow
Source: Pinterest

Gold and orange are quite an amazing combination and it’s worth trying for any kind of fancy event.

9. Smokey Eyeshadow Glitter

Smokey eyeshadow makeup
Source: Pinterest

Whenever you need a striking makeup look with less fuss and drama, go for a smokey eyeshadow glitter.

10. Subtle Green Glitter Eyeshadow

Subtle Green Glitter Eyeshadow
Source: Pinterest

Keep it simple but sassy.

11. Orange Glitter Eyeshadow

7 Most Beautiful Glitter Eyeshadow Looks For 2021
Source: Pinterest

Orange glitter eyeshadow is perfect for a stunning and glamorous look. It can make an impact on your face without having to go overboard with the glitters. This might look complex but it’s actually easy to replicate and perfect if you are not afraid of something sultry and bold.

12. Bold Glitter Eyeshadow

Bold Glitter Eyeshadow
Source: Styles

You can’t go wrong with a smoky eye and if you want something more classy and bold then here is an astonishing look you should try. A smoky eye can seem a little bit overwhelming too much at times so you can pop it with some glitter and finish with some nude lipstick.

13. Simple Gold Glitters

Simple Gold Glitters
Source: Glitterideas

Simple gold glitters keep things cool and less dramatic although you can make it bold with more glitters. To get the perfect dramatic look with this gold glitter eyeshadow, finish the look with some natural or colorful lipstick.

14. Glitter Cut Crease

Glitter Cut Crease
Source: Pinterest

Still undecided on your choice of glitters? Try this awesome glitter cut crease, you can easily have this done yourself as it’s all about the dramatic effect. This glistening look is really beautiful on-screen and in person.

15. Pink Eyeshadow Glitter

Pink Eyeshadow Glitter
Source: Montse

If you want to keep your glitter eyeshadow stunning and sparkling then pink glitter si the perfect trendy glitter especially if you don’t like purple. The neutral colors in this makeup allow you to embrace and simply highlight your natural look without being too dramatic.\

16. Blue Glitter Gel Eyeshadow

Blue Glitter Gel Eyeshadow
Source: Womens Style

Blue can’t go wrong with glitters and we love this shimmery look. This has been carefully applied without it being too uncomfortable. it’s quite beautiful and you should love this recreated for fancy occasions.

17. Green Glitter Eyeshadow

Green Glitter Eyeshadow
Source: Byrdie

Gren glitter eyeshadow is one of the most common ways to create a fun look without looking too sparkling or dramatic. All colors are blendable but green might be a bit difficult to blend hence why it has been kept simple in the makeup look above.


Smearing the face with glitters can be really fun and perfect for fancy events. But one thing most people try to avoid is the sticky, goopy, and uncomfortable feeling that too much of it can give you which is why above is a list of cool glitter eyeshadows that will leave your eyes glimmering like a disco ball without irritation.

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