7 Most Beautiful Green Eyeshadow Looks For 2021

green eyeshadow looks

Green eyeshadow was one of the biggest trends in 2019 and seems to make an epic comeback in 2021. Green is the ideal eyeshadow color if you want to stand out at any event, it can go from bold and daring and turn any casual fresh look into a glowing finish worthy of a formal occasion.

Green tones are fitting for any type of the year and all you need is the right inspiration.

Whatever your style or color is, there is always a shade of green eyeshadow to perfectly highlight your features. If you are using green eyeshadow, you should make sure you have the color-matched to your dress shade though, and to intensify the color, all you need is to throw in some black.

When creating an everyday makeup look, green might not typically be the first color on our list or when considering the perfect look for date night yet it has managed to be one of the most iconic looks for celebrities.

7 Most Beautiful Green Eyeshadow Looks For 2021

While neutral colors are the everyday eyeshadow theme, there is something exciting about a pop of color to step things up and it’s no surprise to see green eyeshadow on the list of beautiful looks for 2021. So, below is a list of some of the most beautiful green eyeshadow looks you would love to re-create.

1. Emerald Green Eyeshadow

Emerald Green Eyeshadow
Source: Deepika Padukone

Emerald eyeshadow is a look that can never go wrong on the red carpet, which explains why celebrities love it. Deepika Padukone has it paired with a pretty green dress to make the color pop and look more astonishing and we really think this is a lovely masterpiece and the bold green compliments the skin perfectly.

2. Pastel Green Eyeshadow

Pastel Green Eyeshadow
Source: glaminati.com

Here is the perfect green eyeshadow look if you want to keep things classy and simple. This is quite cute if you do not want to go for boring natural colors, this will complement any flowing dress and make you look like a princess for any occasion.

3. Lime Green Eyeshadow

Lime Green Eyeshadow
Source: Pinterest

The lime green tones are fitting for any time of the year. Very bold but not overly dramatic and the bright tone is striking and memorable. To keep things cool, you can have it highlighted with black.

4. Smoky Green Eye Shadow

Smoky Green Eye Shadow
Source: Bydie

This is just what you need to put a refreshing twist on the green eyeshadow trend. This is one of the easiest ways to wear green eyeshadow, this is great for an everyday look.

5. Classic Gold And Green Eyeshadow Look

Gold And Green Eyeshadow Look
Source: Pinterest

Want to stand out with iconic gold and green eyeshadow look? Here is the perfect inspiration for that. This look makes any eye color pop especially if you have green eyes.

6. Olive Green Eyeshadow

Olive Green Eyeshadow
Source: Bridalmakeup

Here is another great green eyeshadow look, it is super cool and classy. If you want to keep things fancy and get all the attention on your beautiful face then we recommend this simple but exotic look. This is an equally sultry smoky green eye eyeshadow look.

7. Teal Green Eyeshadow

Teal Green Eyeshadow
Source: Pinterest

Teal green is just like getting a simple flush of green to spark up your face and make your makeup pop. It is a great cute eyeshadow option and to make this, all you have to is use teal green as your base and to make it fancy for an event, add a cat eye with green glitter and you can’t go wrong with this look.


Stay on trend with green eyeshadow and you are guaranteed to turn everyone green with envy. Green might not be the first color on your mind when it comes to fancy eyeshadow colors, but recently, it has become a trendy hue, and if you are wondering how to recreate this beautiful shade yourself, all you need are some of the green eyeshadows above and start practicing.

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